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The Positive Completion Process

As most of you know I have created a process called The Completion Process.  I have written a book detailing this process and how to use it in your daily life.  Just like the process itself, this book is titled: The Completion Process.  If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest learning this process which is designed to heal the aspects of the past that are causing you pain in your current life. But something you don’t know and something I didn’t write about in the book is that you can also use it to amplify positive memories and therefore their positive effect on your current and future life.  This process is extremely beneficial if we chronically struggle to feel positive emotions.

To do the process this way, we use positive emotions instead of negative ones.  When we feel a positive emotion, no matter how small it may be, we follow these steps:

  1. We close our eyes and sink into the feeling.  We familiarize ourselves with the unique sensations or “feeling flavor” of that positive feeling.  We are unconditionally with that feeling experiencing and observing it without needing it to change.  After a time, we see if we can name the feeling. 
  2. We give the emotion or feeling the message that we are completely with it, that we see it as valid, that we care about it and that we are ready to and want to know what it has to say.  We are open to fully receiving it.
  3. We use the sensations of the feeling “flavor” like a rope connecting us to the origin or causation of that very feeling.  We ask, “When was the first time I felt this feeling?”  And instead of mentally chasing the answer, we let our being offer it up to us, like a bubble floating up from the depths of the ocean, in whatever form it comes.
  4. If/when a memory surfaces, we observe and experience the memory in whatever way it comes to us.  We take time to be present with the intensity of the feeling of the memory.  We emotionally re-experience it. 
  5. When we feel that we have fully experienced the emotion as it occurred in the past, we ask ourselves how we could make the situation taking place in the memory feel even better and we imagine taking that action to create that enhancement.  This is where creativity and individuality is key. We will know that it is working based on the fact that the positive feeling will amplify. 
  6. We imagine the child or younger version of ourselves giving us that enhanced experience and intense positive emotion to our current self in any way that intuitively comes to us. 
  7. We take time to consciously own that new, enhanced positive experience and feeling as our own and to take it into every cell of our body and into our mind.  We spend as much time as we want to soaking in this new vibrational state.
  8. We take at least a few deep breaths as we bring our consciousness back to our perspective in real time.


For a great many of us, positive emotions are not safe because there was a consequence that came with them.  If we had a parent that had no tolerance for our enthusiasm or joy, we may have learned that those feelings are unsafe.  Or if we experienced disappointments after feeling good, we may not let ourselves feel good to prevent ourselves from getting hurt in some way.  When this is the case, there is another variation of the process that we can use that will help us to amplify positive emotions.

If we have experienced this kind of trauma involving positive emotions, positive emotions will come with fear or some other negative emotion. It will be a mixed feeling.  We drop our consciousness down into that mixed feeling and we ask ourselves relative to the specific emotion we are having, “What is keeping me from the highest excitement ever”.  Or “What is keeping me from the most joyous joy.”  When we feel the feeling that comes up in response to this feeling, we familiarize ourselves with the unique sensations or “feeling flavor” of that feeling.  We are unconditionally with that feeling experiencing and observing it without needing it to change.  And when we feel like we are allowing it, we ask ourselves “When was the first time I learned it wasn’t ok?”  Or “When was the first time I learned it wasn’t ok to feel the highest joy or the highest excitement?”  We then approach this memory in the same way we normally would using The Completion Process, making sure that we take time to actually resource the positive emotion of the improvement/resolution. 

In a universe that essentially functions as a mirror hologram, when you focus on those feeling states that feel the closest to what you want to experience, you are a match to them being mirrored in your reality.  In other words, the more intensely I imagine the joy of a success, the more experiences that mirror and reflect and match the vibration of that amplified success come to me and thus, the better I feel and the better I feel, the more experiences that feel like success happen to me.  This is a universe created for the sake of expansion.  This means something that is great, can always be even greater.  There is no limit to how good it can be.


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