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Welina, Hele Aku... Hawaii

lava-3605_640.jpgThe austere lava rock that covers this island adds a severity that contrasts with the generous fertile energy of the vegetation.  The people here mirror this contrast in the landscape.  Where I am, the ocean is gentle.  It collides with the rock slowly in a way where the ocean spray looks more like play than war.  

Hawaii is the most isolated population center on the earth.  It is surrounded by so much ocean on all sides, it is a wonder that any life exists here.  Hawaii is 2,390 miles from the coast of California, 3,850 miles from the coast of Japan, 4,900 miles from the coast of China and 5,280 miles from the coast of the Philippines.  And being here, you can really, really feel it.  It is an isolated ecosystem, which makes it feel like another world unto itself.  It is mind blowing what people can accomplish and how drastically they change environments to suit their needs (both positively and negatively) when you realize that every car here and stock animal was brought here originally on a ship or a plane.  As were so many of the building materials that make up the infrastructure of the human architecture covering the island now.                   

hawaii-425755_640.jpgFor an extrasensory, this island is like a curry to the senses.  It is so complex on a non-physical and metaphysical level, that the physical aspect of the island itself is like a tip of an iceberg.  The various different consciousnesses that inherently belong to the ‘ecosystem of consciousness’ that is Hawaii, have collaborated (and in some cases combined) with the thought forms created by the Hawaiian natives to form what can only be compared to a pantheon…  A pantheon of nature spirits.  As a result, the specific places, vegetation, animals, rocks and water that these nature spirits precede over have adopted a much more human like consciousness than usual.  This means to people, they feel more alive and aware.  In many places here, the plants watch you like people watching you.  The ceremonies done by the native Hawaiian people and reinforced by hundreds of years of repetition have embedded spells in the rock.  Some of them are blessings and some of them are curses. They are so strong; especially the protection/no trespassing spells, that some are actually dangerous to the human body.  For those who are sensitive enough to perceive these spells, some parts of Hawaii are like sacred places of revival and others are impossible to visit.

water-767242_640.jpgWater is a keeper of memory.  To drink water in a location is to open a library to the memory of a place.  Hawaii has one of the purest and most concentrated waters in terms of memory that I have ever interacted with.  It is undiluted and thick with memory pertaining to this place and this place alone.  It is much like opening a library that has been closed to the public and closed in a tomb for thousands of years. 

The exact opposite of this kind of water, is the water of London.  Being a metropolitan world hub, London water contains the memories of so many different people from so many different walks of life that it does not have a defined energetic signature anymore.  It has also been diluted for centuries by imported water and foods coming from so many different places on earth.  It contains the memory from the lands that those imported foods and waters come from as well.  It is hard to find the memories of England specifically unless you are in certain areas of the city or outside the city entirely.  An extraterrestrial would want to sample London water to learn what is happening and what has happened in the consciousness of modern man in general on earth.  London water, like in other metropolitan cities in the world has also been abused.  The people in charge of the water system do not understand water’s energetic properties and as a result have put it through harsh pipes and chemical treatment and do not revere it in any way.  For this reason, I will only drink the water in London if I specifically want to know something and I know the water contains that information because it is not in a state where it adds to health.  It is in need of rehabilitation.    

The water of Hawaii on the other hand for the most part feels revered.  It has so little influence from the outside world because it is so isolated and has remained isolated for so long.  But a funny thing has happened.  The island itself as an entity consciousness has the perception that everywhere else is bad/stressful because so many of the people who come here are coming for vacation.  When people visit this island and pee, they release stress from their pee.  Their pee is in fact structurized by the thoughts of all the pressures of their daily lives somewhere else in the world.  When they come here and let go and relax, it is as if they have been let out of a jail of pressure.  So the island itself has the perception that it wants to stay isolated because the message it keeps getting when people do this is that the rest of the places in the world are so unwanted and not nice to live in. 

Human consciousness has a big impact on Hawaii itself.  It is a very two-way relationship between human consciousness and the consciousness of the rest of nature here.  In so many places in the world, the human world and human consciousness is in a parallel reality from the consciousness of the nature surrounding it.  One has to actually re-connect and pierce the membrane between the two separate worlds.  This is not the case in Hawaii.  In my opinion, it is important to know that before going to Hawaii so we can maintain that open communication and symbiosis.  Also, Hawaii is one location where the consequences of not doing so could be quite dangerous for the inhabitants of Hawaii.        

water-3266211_640.jpgHaving been around the vacationers in Hawaii, something of interest has come to my awareness that most people have not thought about yet.  Vacation is a tool that can be healthy.  It is also a tool that can be unhealthy.  A healthy vacation is a temporary time where you remove yourself from something that you once occupied, such as a location or a job or a situation.  When most people do this, they choose to instead occupy a location or situation that offers leisure and enjoyable recreation.  If this is done to assist in one’s current expansion, then it is healthy.  For example, one could take a vacation so as to re-evaluate their life and change things once they get back.  Or one could practice the frequency of relaxation, which the body needs.  When vacation becomes unhealthy is when it is used as a form of escape or when it is used as a tool to enable your lack of expansion.  Predominantly people who are visiting this island on vacation are using vacation as an unhealthy enabling tool.  They have lives in other parts of the world that they dislike.  They have relationships that are painful.  They come here to let off that pressure so that going back to that pressure is bearable.  But doing this actually makes it so they don’t make changes that they need to make to their daily lives.  Essentially, the vacation acts as a pain killer pill so they can keep doing the thing that is causing the pain.  But universally speaking they are meant to realize that the pain is an indication that they should stop doing the thing that is causing them pain.  It is important for people to be honest with themselves about why they are taking a vacation and about whether that is preventing personal expansion and wellbeing or assisting it. 

As you know, when I visit a place for the first time, I always do an “energetic diagnosis” for the public where I reveal the dominant negative and dominant positive vibration of the place.  The people in certain areas are more open to seeing themselves, being seen and being analyzed in this way than in other places.  And the people of Hawaii are not amenable in this way.  It is a fiercely proud culture.  This means, they did not ask for self awareness.  The rest of the people on earth asked for awareness about them.  Flattery is the only acceptable currency between people here.  There is an attitude of “recognize me and also this place as amazing and in fact superior then ‘Welina’ (Welcome).  But if you don’t, screw you and “Hele Aku” (Go Away).  So it feels a bit like I am walking myself into trouble and being drastically misunderstood by writing this blog.  If you are identified with Hawaii and do not want to look at your shadow, you will be offended by this blog.  I would like people to understand that criticism is not the intention of my diagnosis blogs, awareness is.  Awareness is something that is a ‘give’ to the people and for the people, not a rejection of whatever you are raising awareness about.                     

right-2620946_640.jpgThe dominant negative vibration of Hawaii is:  Exclude.  This vibration is part of the consciousness of Hawaii (the natural place itself) and also the inhabitants.  To comprehend this energy, imagine a person sitting at a table who does not trust or even particularly like other people.  Based on how people act, they will do one of two things:  1. Accept for them to sit down at the table and put up with their presence as long as they don’t do anything unwanted.  2. Aggressively and defensively tell them they are not wanted and will not be included and to get away from the table.  If someone proves their alliance and respect long enough, this person may be included in a kind of belonging with them, at which point, like the table, they too will be aggressively defended.  Hawaii is one of the most territorial places in the modern world.

As far as the people are concerned, I want you to consider that the people who come here to live that are not Hawaiian natives, as well as the vacationers, are still a perfect vibrational match to this frequency.  Most, if they are honest with themselves, come here to push something unwanted (that exists elsewhere in the world) away.  For example, coming to Hawaii to push the hectic life in the rest of the world away.  It is the rejection and exclusion of something that determines the choice to come here.  It is the pushing away of the unwanted that creates the “isolation” and “cliques” here. 

It is not politically correct in America to say anything negative whatsoever about native cultures because of the amount of utter atrocity that was done to them by colonizing cultures.  It was bad enough that if you are white, you had better shut your mouth and bow in reverence and also beg for forgiveness, which you will also never deserve.  Each person born into native blood carries with them the genetic memory of these atrocities and most are then programmed into the identification with being victimized in this way.  Most are programmed to see the populous that put them in that position (as well as their progeny) as the enemy forever that must now make amends for their forefathers.  Though this resentment and deep wounding is 100% valid, deliberately maintaining this exclusionary and resistant state of being will not benefit the native cultures in the long run.  It does not assist them to maintain their beneficial traditions and cultures, which is where the real focus needs to be placed.  There is an attitude of “If we could have just killed them all off when they came, instead of included them in any way, our entire culture wouldn’t have been destroyed.”  Without going into the atrocity of what happened to the natives here, I will simply say that this energy is so thick in the consciousness of the native people of Hawaii.  It is now a clique.  The tension between the natives and non natives is very, very high.    

waikiki-beach-581102_640.jpgTo generalize, the people of Hawaii (natives as well as people who move to Hawaii) see themselves as superior and special as opposed to others.  They are friendly at a distance.  What I mean by this is, they are easygoing, relaxed and tolerant and maybe even friendly on a surface level as long as you don’t encroach on them in any way by doing anything unwanted.  When people sit on a designated beach and take ‘selfies’ all day long, it isn’t a threat.  And if it brings in money, then it is a beneficial arrangement.  They can remain checked out from real emotional investment in other people and coexist side by side in an enjoyable way.  Flattery allows you to remain in these good graces.  But if you cross that line by doing or saying something unwanted, that easygoing and allowing nature is gone.  In general, the people of Hawaii are quite disconnected from reality and disconnected from the reality of the rest of the world.  They can coast through life not really in reality.  There are plenty of distractions and island life makes coasting easy.  Also, when they are honest, they do not really want to relate to people who are in the “outsiders/I don’t want you near me for X reason” camp.  I would want anyone who calls Hawaii home to see if you can recognize this shadow of exclusion within yourself. 

hawaii-1438855_640.jpgThe dominant positive vibration of Hawaii is actually a natural one.  It is Blossom.  After seeing this dominant positive vibration, I now think it is perfectly fitting that Hawaii has chosen certain flowers like the pua mao hau hele (hibiscus) as such an iconic representation of itself.  The state of blossom is a state of flowering.  When something flowers, it is in the full expression of itself.  Its life force energy and beauty is projecting outwards to the world and is becoming more.  It is reproducing.  This is why there is a bountiful, sexual, beauty about Hawaii.  Hawaii itself has blossomed from the depths of the sea.  And all the life here has blossomed on top of that.  It is an expression of earth’s bounty.  It is as if each island that is part of the state of Hawaii is in and of itself a flower in a Lei...  Some above water and some below. 

Volcanoes are like pressure valves where vast energy can be released from the earth as a being.  Lava is like the physical manifestation of kundalini energy for the earth.  Hawaii is essentially a volcano in and of itself projecting from the ocean to the sky.  The specific energy that is being released through the volcano of Hawaii is reproductive energy.  When many female animal species on earth go into heat or estrus, (meaning they become willing to breed because they are fertile), they leak blood.  Instead of a violent and destructive energy, the energy of the lava in Hawaii is like the blood that accompanies estrus.  When this volcano erupts, it is like the earth going into estrus and as a result, life springs up all around it.  This makes Hawaii an incredible place to heal issues related to conception, fertility, creativity, lack of abundance, stuck-ness, birth and rebirth…  Which is why I decided to hold a retreat here specifically.  But this also makes Hawaii as a place (as well as the people) very energetically confusing.  If you have ever watched an animal in estrus, you will have noticed that they invite but then reject most of those interested in union with them.  Hawaii is a real contrast of two energies.  The state of bountiful, generous, invitation and the state of territorial, disconnected and even aggressive exclusion.

sunset-81728_640.jpgWhen the sun rises and sets, you can see long outrigger canoes being propelled through the water by determined rowers far offshore.  It is one of those iconic images that you associate with Hawaii, but assume you will not see because it is a thing of Hawaii’s past.  Just like you will not see a bunch of cowboys herding cattle in most of the western United States.  But low and behold, there they are.  As if keeping tradition alive at the same time as the understanding of what can be achieved if people with a common goal unite together to move in one direction.  I am sitting with my monocular, watching them row against the feral pink of the sky. The sting of a faint sunburn is palpable on my skin.  The taste of pineapple juice is on my lips.  There is no dilution to this place.  This is uniquely and fully Hawaii.        


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