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Vancouver, BC

Vancouver-copy.jpgSeagulls fly with labored strokes between the towering, grey residential buildings with no particular aim.  The building windows are the color of green sea foam.  Their reflection holds steady against the sky.  Staring out towards the bay at the endless stream of seaplanes landing and taking off and sailboats coming and going, they seem to be waiting for something; something that may never come.  Like eager witnesses, they watch the steady but erogenous coupling between earth and water.

 The place I was supposed to stay in Vancouver fell through at the last minute, leaving myself and my workshop team in a small hotel room downtown.  Which was a ‘downer’ for half of a second until I realized that the enormous sliding glass doors open wide to a balcony railing that comes right up to the window.  I threw them open and pushed the roll in bed they brought us all the way against the window.  I have been able to craft a glorious balcony bed.  I can sit in the sunlight, with the sea breeze streaming in over the angelic feel of downy, white sheets.  This balcony bed is where I am crafting this blog from today.  Only today, the sun has sunken behind a boiling, grey sky.

baby-1606572_640.jpg.c12902d1d9f78acd5b2097ead638d158.jpgI have had two days (longer than usual) to visit the various areas of the city and assess the energy of Vancouver.  And I have arrived at my diagnosis.  The dominant negative vibration of Vancouver is “Timidity”.  I must say that timidity is the exact opposite vibration I was expecting to find in a major metropolitan city.  But the dominant collective shadow here is a lack of self-assurance and a deficit of courage.  This timidity leads to a particular breed of shyness which can make it feel like no one wants to connect with you, when in fact they really, really do.  This particular breed of fear makes for a very unusual city.  The usual ‘dog eat dog’ feel of cities is absent from Vancouver.  It is this timidity that causes the loneliness amongst the people in this city.  It is this timidity that makes it so people here rarely get outside their comfort zone enough to experience what they are really hoping and wanting for.  Let’s call it ‘total fulfillment’.  This city is not an unhappy city.  The people here enjoy a very good quality of life.  It is a high vibrational city.  But I have yet to pass a person who is daring enough to ‘let go of the railing’ and reach past their timidity to grasp the life they really want.  I suspect this will be a theme in tomorrow’s workshop.

vancouver-988944_640.jpg.470b8c61ee0afb74c5c82c841737a946.jpgThe dominant positive vibration of Vancouver is “Splendor”.  There is a grand and impressive beauty that this city (and the landscape that cradles it) possesses.  And everyone who lives here knows it.  The people, who live here, do not have pride in this place as much as they admire it with adoring awe.  And this frequency adorns this city like an unseen (to most) nebulous mist.  At times, I swear it even gives the air in the city a pinkish hue.  You do not have to look hard for things to adore in this city, because beauty is everywhere.  And I will tell you that the people who are drawn to this land and the people, who are born here, have internal landscapes and features that match.  In other words, the splendor is not only external in Vancouver.  It is internal.  The timidity of the people here is a grand façade.  On the surface, it says “I’m nothing much”.  But underneath that timidity, are grandiose and unique inner worlds and dimensions to the personality structures of the people here.  And I would go so far as to say that like worship, the external adoration the people here display, is a projection of the suppressed and unrecognized splendor within themselves.  I suspect this will also be a theme in tomorrow’s workshop.

rainforest-2048447_640.jpg.d7ae5d8a1c5093d0902dc562065fb367.jpgIf it were possible to conceive a child between three energies, Vancouver would be the offspring of Asia, Alaska and Great Britain.  Those of you who have been here or who live here, know exactly what that means.  And I must say that to my delight, Vancouver is a “food city”.  So far, the restaurants here have been amazing.  But best of all is the nature here.  Yesterday, I decided to go for a run in the morning into the nearby Stanley Park.  Zach and Blake said they wanted to come too, so we all set off in the early hours of sunlight.  Blake designated himself to the position of guide, which usually means we are in for a seriously unexpected journey.  This time was no exception.  We cut off into the forest, and were stopped in our tracks by the beauty of the place.  It is the kind of beauty that overwhelms the senses and throws the body into a kind of catharsis where tears form and the heart swells and the body gets chills.  The forests here are so glorious, they are unreal.  There is a vicious grace to this place where the ocean meets the steepness of the mountains, and the lush trees reach so tall, they close out the sky.  Ferns grow on the forest floor, in a blanket of fallen conifer needles.  Tiny shafts of sunlight cut their way through the shadow beneath the tree leaves.  Every step we took, was like walking through a three dimensional picture on a National Geographic magazine cover.  We were so seduced by the beauty, we ended up getting lost.  It was magic.  Basically, I think it is a sin for people who love nature to not visit British Columbia. Today, I am spending my hours out on the town again.  I want to see what kind of mischief I can get myself (and the rest of my team) into in this city of splendor.  And in recognition of the collective struggle of the people of this city, I am going to cap this blog entry off with a final message (in the form of a video).  That in essence says, acknowledge your timidity and then… GO FOR IT ANYWAY!

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