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Promise me now,
Promise me always

Even as they strike you down with a myriad of hatred and violence,
Even as they dismember and destroy you that no man can ever be your enemy.

The only thing worth anything is love;
Unconditional, invincible, limitless love.

One day when you face this world
Unburdened by the tyranny of fear and hate and greed
Your fellow men will behold you.

Across a thousand cycles of living and dying in full bloom
Your joy will become eternal.

No sun or moon that ever rises,
will ever see it fade.


hh 02.jpgTake my hands and hold them.  I have come here to be with you.  I have come to weep with you for our shattered world and broken lives.  Your tears are my tears.  We may be left at times with only grief and pain but take my hands and hold them.  They have bled on the frets that all too often accompany love.  They are your hands.  In this world-weary illusion, it is all too easy to forget that we are one.  We are one.  Remember that and the breath of love will be breathed back into your lungs.  Everything you have thought you lost cannot be gone.  A smile will spread across your lips, a smile that does not recognize birth or death.  Your loneliness will fade away.  No matter what separation seems to exist between us, it is a myth.  No matter what separation seems to exist between people, people will always seek to close the distance between each other.

I spent a long time out of body last night; mostly in response to a massive amount of suffering that cropped up in the Ukraine.  For reasons that are unknown to me at this point, the feeling of powerlessness has risen in that country astronomically in the last month.  As usual, what arises from powerlessness is the birth of a revolution.  It looked very much (from a fourth dimensional perspective at least) like a revolution has begun.  An enormous amount of contrast in Ukraine has made it a “hot spot” of expansion.  When “hot spots” of human suffering crop up, I often find myself unintentionally drawn out of body to assist.  At first, I do not understand many of the conflicts in a worldly way when this happens.  But I understand them deeply on a personal level as it applies to people’s happiness and sense of freedom.  What never ceases to amaze me when I am inserted into a conflict (like last night) is how people are at their very best when things are at their worst.  When people feel powerless levels of fear, they give rise instantly to intense levels of desire for empowerment and love.  As a result, they gather together and unity is evident in their every thought and gesture.  People remember their commonality when they are united against something.  In the future of this world, we will not need such an excuse to experience oneness.  That will be a beautiful world to be a part of.  It reminds me of a clip I saw once which was about unity in a round about way. It was a clip that moved me to tears when I first saw it.  I think I will end this blog post with that very same clip today.  And… with the simple message that I love you.


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