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plane sunset.jpgOur plane took off for its four-hour flight back to Utah just hours before Atlanta’s second snowstorm of the month was expected to hit.  Granted, the wet snow turns to sheer ice on the roads in the south.  But Blake and I were laughing this morning when the hotel concierge and taxi drivers asked us if we are prepared for the snow and referred to the snowstorm as a “state of emergency”.  In the south (which is unprepared for snow removal), snow shuts the entire city down.  In Utah, school doesn’t even get cancelled unless there is literally NO way to get to school.  In Utah, that means it would take a storm that dumped at least three feet of snow; in a short enough amount of time that the snow plows couldn’t get it cleared, for school to be cancelled.  It is snowy 7 months out of the year in many places in Utah and I can remember only three days in my entire school career when school was cancelled on account of it.  People there are so desensitized to snow that you see them piloting their little two wheel drive cars at 60 miles an hour through the snow.  

I’m one of those people who always “opts out” when I am going through the security checkpoint at the airport.  That means, instead of going through the security scanner, a person escorts me to an area where they pat me down from head to toe.  Being extrasensory, I’m able to see the energy fields (highly discordant ones) that are projected by the scanning devices.  Our science has a very minimal grasp on what is and isn’t ok for the human body.  The security professionals, who have been trained by the TSA, will tell you that they are no more harmful than an X ray machine etc.  But X ray machines are harmful and besides that, even the scanners that don’t compare to the harm of X ray machines are often projecting these discordant energy fields in a 11-20 feet radius.  I can visually see that when people walk through them, the fields cause upsets in the rhythm and function of all of the processes taking place deep within people’s cells; especially organ cells and gland cells.  It’s almost as if they have been hit with a stun gun.

security check.jpgI started “opting out” because of how harmful the scanner machines are, but what I found out is that there is another good reason to opt out… personal interaction.  There are exceptions to this rule, but in general, airport security personnel behave in such an unfriendly manner that I like to joke that part of the qualifications for becoming an airline security professional, is passing an “I’m a complete asshole test”.  Some of them get off on the miniscule taste of dictatorship they get when they are ordering people around.  Anyway, opting out forces you and them into a situation where the security personnel have to connect with you instead of shoo you through like cattle.  I used to be a very anxious flyer.  That anxiety was greatly increased by the nature of the security screening process.  I found that deliberately being patted down by someone prior to flying, sedated my nervous system and reassured me.  People are reassured by personal contact.  I have only had two security personnel in the whole of my travels that were mean and cold during the pat down process.  Every other time, they have been grateful to get a break from the routine of herding people through lines and gates and they have been very kind.  What’s more than that, some complimented my tattoos or clothing, some have told jokes, and others have been genuinely interested to learn about why I wanted to opt out.

There is a heavy carpet of bubbling clouds underneath us, there has been for the entire flight so far.  I’m seated right over the wing (my favorite place to be in a plane).  Blake and I have been re-assessing the workshop, which is what we usually do on flights back home.  After the events that transpired during this trip, the team has been decided that we have to be much more serious about the security aspect of future workshops.  Not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of many attendees as well.  I did not have the chance to meet half of the people I wanted to meet one on one this time as the result of a major security breach.  We had been trying to avoid that aspect of public appearances, due to not wanting to “put off” people who are attending.  It is crucial to me that I remain accessible to the people who allow themselves to be so vulnerably open to me and the material I produce.  

ukulele.jpgIn the airport leaving Atlanta, there were two old pacific islanders sitting in chairs at the gate.  One was playing a ukulele as both of them sang a famous song I can’t remember the name to, but the main chorus goes “I love you”.  People around them began to pitch in and when the song ended, nearly everyone at the gate clapped their hands.  I saw smiles erupt on so many faces.  I felt my heart open in the painful way it does when you simultaneously recognize something of beauty and something of pain.  The pain was the separation from each other and anxiety we all feel when we rush from place to place in our modern society, the beauty was the way that song united everyone and set them at ease. It was a great reminder that there is nothing I love more in this life than the work I have chosen to be my profession.  It was a great reminder that we all have the power to wake other people up out of the trance of pain that they are living in.

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