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The energy in the desert is hurried today.  The wind is blowing in frenetic patterns across the sandstone and through the juniper trees, making it hard to relax.  I took this two-day vacation to disconnect from my life.  But my mind has taken my life with me.  I tried to take a bath and drink some tea and instead of enjoying it, I spent the entire time reminding myself to focus on the bath and the tea.  At times like this, rather than resist your mind, it is best to just let it run where it wants to and wait for it to tire itself out (which it inevitably will).  Blake isn’t doing much better than I am.  We were laughing about it a minute ago.  We are both so engrossed and in love with our projects that we can think of nothing else.  Today, vacation time feels like wasted time or lost momentum.

Someone asked me on a radio show last week what I would be doing if I had all the money in the world and never had to worry about a thing.  I sat there and thought about it and I realized that if I had all the money in the world, I would wake up in the morning.  I would paint frequencies.  I would write to the world about my greatest passions.  I would create videos that I would offer for free so that anyone, anywhere who is looking for help (or answers) could see them.  I would fly around the world to unite strangers with one another.  I would build a family of people who share my vision for this world.  I would share any and all information I had in the hopes that my perspective may benefit someone.  I would start a movement of positive world change.  Wait…  Do you know what this means?  I am already doing what I would be doing if I had all the money in the world and never had to do a thing.  And it is the best feeling in the world.  It is the feeling we all came here for.

From the second you were born (and every second in between), you have deserved to be doing that thing that makes your life make sense.  The thing that makes hours go by in a second.  Some people say that I suffer from delusions of grandeur.  But I say, if delusions of grandeur can make life as beautiful and as meaningful as this… then bring them on.

We protect ourselves by being skeptical.  We are skeptical because we think the truth will keep us safe. But just like every other form of protection, the safety soon turns into prison walls.  Follow the path of a skeptic, and all you are led to is pain.  A tedious, limited world without any magic or mystery.

Some time ago in human history, we decided that we would all feel better if we knew “the truth”.  So we all scattered in search of it.  But the downfall of the human heart came when we started to care more about truth than we cared about feeling good.  We waged wars (and still do) because we disagreed about our sacred truths.  We could not understand that what we call truth is simply a reflection; a reflection of only our current thoughts.  But our thoughts are ever changing, and so our truth is ever changing.  You cannot hold on to it.  And you cannot sleep under it like a blanket at night.

And so, since there is no such thing as a wrong answer...

What would you be doing if you had all the money in the world and never had to worry about a thing?

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