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The Rat Cage

donald-trump-2005343_640.pngIn all of the workshops I have held here in Europe after the USA election of Trump, people have been voicing how terrified and powerless they feel.  This November, we, as Americans had to choose between 1. More of the same that we hate but that is uncomfortably familiar and 2. Radical change in favor of the new no matter the cost. 

As many people will attest to, I never agreed with my spiritual colleagues who thought that Hillary would win the election because of the inevitability of the rising of the divine feminine. Unfortunately, because of my familiarity with the human shadow, I predicted Trump would win from the start.  I predicted it because since the moment he decided to run, the world has literally been blanketed in the vibration of Trump and all of the spirit guides and angels were in fact in favor of Trump.  For him not to win would have meant that our universe no longer operated according to the law of mirroring.  At first, I was dumbfounded.  In general, non-physical beings are beyond 'liberal' in their perspectives.  But all of these beings were in favor “wiping the slate clean”.  All of these beings were in favor of the “mass awakening”.  Those of us who understand awakening know just what that entails.  Like nearly every person on earth, they too were in favor government upheval.  They too were in favor of authenticity, no matter how ugly that authenticity is.   

free.jpgWhether a person physically wrote Trump down on that slip of voting paper or not, they voted for him subconsciously through their desire for the current corrupt system to end. Think about it this way, every time you had to pay taxes, every time you had to go to work when you didn’t want to, every time you watched the corruption in the world, every time authority made you feel like breaking free, every time you wanted to be authentic but couldn’t for fear of consequences, you desired to be free from the system.  Every time you felt like your life was a rat cage, you wanted out of the rat cage.  But because of the strength of the rat cage, the bills to pay, mouths to feed, reputation to uphold, people to not let down, you stayed stuck while desiring freedom.  And so the universe heard the call to be set free. 

forest-fire-432870_640.jpgWhen a person really desires a radical restructuring, they want a fresh new start.  Not an alteration of what currently exists.  So, you can consider what is coming to be like a forest fire that cleans the earth so something radically new will take its place.  It does no good to send you into denial by promising you only good things.  It also does no good to tell you that sitting down and sending love will alter the course of history.  There is a point where positive focus is a wonderful tool for creation and there is a point where it is nothing more than a mechanism of denial.  The momentum of manifestation going into this one has made it absolutely unavoidable.  If you are really honest with yourself, you know in your heart where this is heading already.  You don’t need me to come right out and say it.  But what you do need to know is that any part of you that is attached to the current system in place will be in pain when the current system collapses.    

rat-4075128_640.jpgI am going to tell you that the very best thing you can do right now is to think about what you have been desiring that is “outside your own personal rat cage.” And do not put it off for one more second. Do it before the rat cage collapses around you.  Do not let the universe have an excuse to crash it for you.  Think of it this way, if there is no rat cage in your life, there will be nothing for the universe to crash and nothing for it to burn down. I have been saying it for a while now.  Awakening is no longer a luxury for us on planet Earth. It is a necessity. And we are headed for a cleansing of the collective human shadow. We will all be made aware of it so we will have to face it head on.  This is already starting to happen with the racial attacks taking place around the country.  It’s not that this stuff is new.  Any person who isn’t white will tell you that.  It’s been going on in a hidden way forever.  But now it has been given permission to come to the surface and into plain view. 

architecture-3173357_640.jpgMost people find awakening through suffering.  Look at your own life.   You know this is true for you. Most people have to be abused or lose someone they love, or get cancer, or whack a tree at 70 miles an hour to “awaken”.  This is true for the collective consciousness as well. Donald Trump is not the problem.  He is (and will continue to be) merely the reflection of human shadow. The true shadow, the true problem, is the conditions that put people in a such a state that they would feel so powerless and desperate in their rat cage that they would vote for him in the 1st place.

What is coming in the short term will be the opposite of the loving, 5-D Utopia that most conscious people have in mind for this earth. But what is coming will be the thing that awakens ‘the majority’.  So that in the long term that loving united, conscious new earth can be built from the fertile soil that eventually exists as a result of the forest fire. If you are already conscious, let the rat cage be smashed and do not cling to it.  Do not try to preserve it.  Do not put your energy into fighting against what has happened either.  You will be going up against the universe at large by doing so.  Instead, throw all of your energy into creating what you wish to replace the old system with.  Put all of your energy into what makes your heart sing and to the places that call to you.  Take responsibility for your on life by paying very close attention to the guidance you receive directly from your own intuition.  Follow it whenever it tells you to do something different or to go somewhere different.

slave.jpgDon’t do this for the sake of safety alone.  Don’t do it because of what pain you wish to avoid.  Do this for the sake of a fully lived life that is free.  This is after all what you’ve always wanted instead. If you let your heart lead you and let your mind serve your hearts direction, it will matter less to you to fight against the flames. 

If you want to help other people lovingly (not desperately), help them recognize their own personal rat cage and how to dis-identify with it.  Ultimately you will not be able to make them awaken or make them leave the rat cage. Perhaps you may find that certain people in your life are the bars of your own rat cage. Set yourself free so that the universe at large has nothing left to set you free from. For this reason, I invite you to ask, What do you want the very most and what is preventing you from that? That, which prevents you from anything you want, is the rat cage of your life.  So, what is your own personal rat cage?


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On that note... I also believe that the collapse will first happen in the mind.  And a collapse on the spiritual level Even More So then it already has.  

Higher beings are not only for the collapse, they are for the rising of the spirit.  The creation of a new world.  And not just any, the rise of The Divine Plan.  The Master Plan.   The return of "Christ Consciousness".  These higher beings are sending us the blueprint.  And it is up to us... the received the plan (much like a download) and build it!    

We, as architects of the new world, must be here to alter, not just the physical, but also the consciousness.  To orchestrate new Collective Beliefs.  Somehow I feel as if there is something I must do...  yet, I fear crucifixion.   And I fear that I would present it wrong... or that people would interpret it as evil.   Ultimately I must somehow remove my ego, and allow higher power to use me as the mouthpiece.  

The Bible is being rewritten.  Or shall I say... Remembered.   The story of The Holy Mother is coming back.  And somehow this will bring balance back to the universe 

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What teal is saying is tt trump's ascension to presidency is the mirror to ppl's suffering and their wish for a quick fix. They think tt even though trump is an asshole, so long he understands my wishes, he will fulfill it. This is poor judgement and desperation. The other cause of ppl's suffering is because the republicians are controlling the house, so obama has difficulty in getting things done.

The following is a case study of trump's destruction in scotland:



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I tend to agree with on many things Teal but: I watched on youtube her workshop segment on the Trump question, and she said we elected a racist asshole. Asshole Trump may be, but racist he isn't. Deep down you know this. It was a narrative invented by the Clinton-friendly media, drawing from the fact that some of his supporters are racist. If Trump is not a racist, then Teal is wrong in her understanding of the Trump phenomenon, and this makes me question Teal's entire prediction of the forest fire.


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Hi Teal, 

I, for one, AM scared of what's coming.  Maybe I'm dumb, but would you specify what exactly you mean by 'forest fire' and 'collapse of the system' and that we're returning to the Great Depression. I'm not sure I can survive that. What can I do other than quit my job I don't love. Will the Government collapse?  The dollar be worth nothing? If I can't pay my mortgage payment, and the system collapses....will they repossess - will there be anyone there to repossess it?  Just trying to figure out where I should live.  I'm an introvert. I'm not a commune type person. Will we have to Trade for food? 

You mentioned in a Youtube video the US is heading towards a Civil War.  But seems to me this time it won't be divided so neatly geographically. It'll be everywhere - whichever side you're on.  What exactly will the sides be?  Or will it just be anger lashing out from all sides?  I see evidence of this in the news daily.  Plus, it seems like the people For the Hate don't even recognize the hate (evidenced by the comment prior to this one.)

Crazy. I'm a Love not a Hater, but I feel like I should buy a gun to arm myself for protection. Idk. 

If I could i'd buy a spot of land next to a would be ideal....BUT I feel compelled to stay city bound to look after my aging dad.  

Seriously scared. Can you please elaborate on the life paths you see for us in detail?  Can you please clarify what we can do to prepare and also prevent?  I like how in Aikido they use the force of energy of the opponents momentum and re-direct it.  Can we re-direct this huge momentum of the Shadow we all created?  How? 

Thank you for spelling it out for me.  



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I really like my life, I actually have undergone what is a essentially a "life makeover" over the past three years and am thrilled with the results so my question for you is, what can people in my situation --who really like the lives they have created for themselves---do during this time of tension? Lead by example? Motivate others to take bold actions to cultivate the lives of their dreams? 



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I couldn't agree more about trump being a reflection of the human shadow being shown to bring down the current system, although I do want a fresh start from this system I also want a fresh start within myself so empty my pain and be filled with love but I only seem to be able to cry for a few minutes at a time by myself and it's only scratching the surface, if only I had someone to be present with me and help me navigate it, someone I trust, someone with experience 

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