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The Lights on The Tree

Today has ushered in Christmas.  In the cusp of a blizzard, I warmed oat milk over the stovetop with Celtic Christmas music playing in the background.  We pulled out all of the boxes of Christmas decorations from the garage and unwrapped the items one by one.  The Christmas tree was re assembled, we strung lights across the branches and as we hung the ornaments waves of nostalgia flushed up my chest and neck.  It’s lovely how we can become attached and sentimental about certain Christmas ornaments.  The sight of them brings forth a flood of positive memories and emotions; the last remnants of previous Christmases already lived.

christmas tree.jpgWhen I decided that I was in a place to create a home life stable enough to develop actual traditions, I decided that my Christmas tree would be themed.  The theme I chose was food.  Every ornament on my tree is a food ornament.  Instead of ball ornaments, I have cupcake ornaments.  Candy canes serve as a platform for decorative continuity and I have ornaments of nearly every food you can imagine.  I have ornaments of sushi, cookies, french-fries, beer, wine, fruits, vegetables, pie, cake, noodle dishes, pizza, etc.  Looking at it makes me happy.  I love to sit in the dark and watch the Christmas lights reflect off of the various angles of the ornaments.  It feels as if the Christmas spirit comes to life in the perfection of the slow glitter of the Christmas tree at nighttime.  It makes my house feel warmer.  I can’t get over watching Winter (my son) lay under the tree looking up into it with that look of wonder and anticipation.  I used to do the exact same thing when I was little.  December is my favorite month of the year, because of the way that the feeling of Christmas writes itself across the month.




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