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The Harry Potter Phenomena

castle-1176423_640.jpgRows of needle sharp, gothic spires pierce the sky, which always looks like a painting.  A cobblestone path winds up the cliffs and into the castle.  Hovering above the pathway in levitation is a line of beeswax candles.  They stay aglow no matter whether there is wind or not.  They light the way, both day and night for the witches and wizards that meander up and down the pathway in their cloaks.  Occasionally one of them stops to acknowledge another.  A herd of hippogriffs fly like buzzards in the sky, surveying the fjord below them.  I am at home here.  I feel like I belong.  Because of that belonging, I do not feel compelled to ever leave. 

cd-cover-2969102_1280.jpgMind creates reality.  It is easy to think of thought as if it is an abstraction.  However, you are in fact a thought.  You are a thought that was thought by Source (the larger part of you, that united consciousness which many call God).  Our thoughts shape our 3-D reality.  But what most people don’t know is that the ‘reality’ we live here on earth is in fact a consensus reality.  It is a time-space construct, which is a co-creation.  There are other time-space constructs that are not consensus realities.  They are entirely individual in nature.  Upon coming into this human life, you opt into certain constructs that have been agreed to by consensus, such as ‘the law of attraction’ and ‘the human body’ and ‘gravity’ and ‘the perception of time’ for example.  You can think of it like choosing to play a game and by choosing to play that game, agreeing to certain rules.  Outside this dimension, those same rules that you opted into, no longer apply. 

angel-2883188_640.jpgBefore going on, I must say that over time the belief in the solid truth of the particular consensus reality we are living in, makes us less and less capable of both imagining and therefore creating anything outside this reality.  We become boxed in by the very ‘rules’ that we originally agreed to.  This is why children are so much better at creating original dimensional time-space constructs.  A child can create terrifyingly fast because they have no opposing thoughts to their imagination.  For example, they do not counter the thought of a unicorn which the thought “unicorns don’t exist”.     

When you are living your life, the thoughts that are generated as a result of your desires and beliefs and experiences here are capable of creating entire time space realities in this universe outside the 3rd dimension.  The best way to wrap your head around this is to think about your dreams.  Have you ever had a place in your dreams that you keep going back to over and over again?  When you get there, you already know the place even though you have never been there in this life?  Perhaps the same people keep showing up there, as if they belong to the place?  If this is the case, the chances are highest (unless you are a conscious out of body traveller) that it is a ‘dimensional reality’ that has been created by you.  And at night, you are in fact visiting this reality construct out of body.  Other beings in the universe may or may not be participating in that construct as well.  I pierce through the veil of these kinds of reality constructs often in order to communicate with people.  It is one of the main reasons why people ‘dream’ about me so often.  It is also one reason why it is so easy for me to completely understand each person’s subconscious mind.       

hell-735995_640.jpgThe more thought and energy that goes into something, the more power and substance there is behind the manifestation of that thing.  We manifest both wonderful and awful things.  When people began to conceptualize of punishment and reward and started to control society with that concept, the idea of hell and heaven came into being.  For thousands of years, perhaps the two largest human created reality constructs outside this dimension were heaven and hell.  Some of the most powerful and pervasive thought forms belonged to either; beings like angels or demons.  Think of all of the millions and millions of people who have fed their energy and thought into this idea.  That energy and thought did not go ‘nowhere’.  It actually created opposing 7th dimensional time-space reality constructs that permeated all the way through the 4th dimension and even on occasion into the 3rd dimension.  The people, who feed these reality constructs in life, pass through them when they withdraw from this life and return back to source in death.  Even though many of the demonic possessions that occur are in fact simply a misinterpretation of dissociative identity disorder (as a result of trauma), some of them were in fact thought inter-dimensional thought forms penetrating our dimension.

book-1740512_640.pngIn 1997 a phenomena occurred.  A woman published a book…  A book that made its way into the hands of many, many children across the globe.  This book was a particular favorite amongst children who had poor self esteem and who did not fit in.  This book was about a place where their unique significance would be recognized.  This book was about a place where they had the power to effect and control their reality.  This book was about a place where they could belong, a place far, far away from the ordinary world.  This book was about a place where they had support from people who could understand them and where the people who ‘just didn’t understand them’ could never go.  This book touched every single missing emotional need that a child could have.  As a result, this book became an escape for millions of children.  But as they read the book, their thoughts began to feed the original 6th dimensional time-space construct that was created by the author herself.  Some years later, the books were turned into movies.  Beginning in 2001 and spanning 10 years… Which reached the entire world.  The construct began to expand and expand, become more and more manifested and some children in fact split their consciousness so as to be able to live there instead of here.  This time space reality became manifested within the universe to the degree that it became the third largest human co-created extra dimensional construct in existence.  The time-space constructs created as a result of movies such as Star Wars and video games such as World Of War Craft were insignificant compared to the magnitude and complexity and gravity of it.

beats-design-fantasy-1005012.jpgThe author was J.K. Rowling.  The book was Harry Potter.  And chances are, I don’t need to say more because you already know what it is.  A ‘reality’ that penetrated the consciousness of all people on the globe, regardless of their nationality, race, creed or religion. 

As an out of body traveller, I first became aware of Harry Potter when I ended up piercing the veil of this time-space reality from the 6th dimension.  I was 15 at the time.  It was my brother who pulled me there the first time.  I followed his consciousness when he fell asleep.  He was reading the books at the time.  I was already too old for the books to appeal to me.  I was consumed instead with Romeo and Juliet and Titanic (essentially the promise of all consuming love). 

hogwarts-2404006_640.jpgLong story short, I followed him up a hill and let him disappear towards Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I stood motionless, mesmerized by a colossal tree that stood before me.  It was aware of my presence.  Everything in this place seemed alive and full of magic, every person, every creature and every object.  The tree creaked and moaned as if it were a cranky old man.  I had no idea what I was standing below until much later.  It was the Whomping Willow.  Since that day, I have spent what seems like an eternity exploring this time-space reality.  Two years ago, after an integration session in which I rescued my own 11 year old self from the feeling of not belonging, I even took my 11-year-old self (the age students are officially allowed to enter Hogwarts) to be sorted by the Sorting Hat in a ceremony.  I was sorted into the Slytherin house.  The next year, I discovered that Rowling had created an entire online reality called where the programmers had found a way to sort its users into whatever house they belonged to.  I was curious if the programmers would be accurate.  It turns out that they were.  I was also sorted into Slytherin by the computer software.  Are we really so surprised? Haha

the-john-rylands-library-3537566_640.jpgI love the time space reality created by the phenomena called ‘Harry Potter’.  I am jealous sometimes that I did not have this construct to cope with back when I was suffering from all of the abuse taking place in my childhood.  Let’s face it, most of Teal Tribe, myself included, is a collection of people who would all belong at Hogwarts better than we belong here on earth.  When I am doing soul retrieval work with people under a certain age, I end up having to go to this time-space construct to retrieve soul fragments at least 70% of the time.  People even end up there on medicine journeys sometimes.  And the construct is littered with people who are dreaming.  I followed one of the members of my own community there (Gabi) just last week.

harry-potter-975362_640.jpgSomething that took me a year or so to figure out about this time-space reality created by the focus on Harry Potter is that it is a consensus reality that behaves like an individual reality.  Meaning, there is a ‘rule’ that is a consensus rule that trumps experiencing the reality construct as a consensus reality.  The rule is that the time-space reality will reflect you, yourself, individually.  For example, the weather and seasons change according to the mood you are in when you enter.  Some children who are particularly lonely and isolated are not a vibrational match to an animal familiar once they enter (I was one of these).  And very few people experience Harry Potter himself as the chosen one, but instead experience themselves as the chosen one while they are there.  In fact the original characters, such as Harry and Hermione and Ron rarely appear in anyone’s experience of this time space reality.  All characters in the construct in fact support or antagonize your mission and purpose there. 

harry-potter-2240526_640.jpgYou have to exit your own perceptual bubble within the time space construct itself in order to see what other people are perceiving while their consciousness is focused there.  Otherwise, like an empty hologram, they will only appear as actors in your own play there and you will only appear as an actor in theirs.  When I was first performing soul retrievals from this construct, it was impossible to get people to come back to their adult lives on earth with me because when I tried to from within my own perceptual experience of Hogwarts, their own perceptual bubble would distort me into one of Lord Voldemort’s chosen ones so they could experience themselves as the hero by virtue of resisting me.

mathematics-1453828_640.jpgBesides the absolute genius wonder of the actual dimensional construct created by Harry Potter, what I love the most is that Rowling managed to reach an entire generation of people who might have switched off their ‘spirituality’ as young teens as a result of investing their being in 3-D existence and instead caused them to keep it switched on.  As a result a whole wave of spiritual beings are entering adulthood now.  These are people who by nature of this influence and the positive association they have with magic are able to think beyond the limiting societal constructs this world is built on.  It makes you think… We ought to be very, very deliberate about what entertainment we are feeding the world, especially our youth.

I can hear the rumble of the train in the distance.  The occasional screech of the metal wheels against the track.  It exhales its steam as it approached Hogsmeade village.  The Alp-like mountains hug the place, but not with softness.  Occasionally, their peaks turn pink by virtue of reflecting an Aurora that wanders around the landscape like an apparition.  I am wearing a black velvet cloak.  I am on my way to teach a class on shadow work (hacking the subconscious mind).  I am holding a phoenix feather instead of a wand.  I do not have to enter the main corridor of the castle.  I place the feather on the glassy surface of a gray, marble birdbath that is filled with ink black water.  When it touches the water, the water turns solid like Obsidian.  A heavy crack echoes below my feet, like a chamber cracking open for the first time in a hundred years.  I step backwards to allow the granite gray stones of the courtyard to re-arrange themselves into a spiral staircase that goes down, instead of up.


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