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The Great British Brexit

Last night was one of the most intense out of body experiences I have spontaneously had in years.  The collective distress that called me out of body was something I usually experience in conjunction with a natural disaster or a war.  But low and behold, it was in fact related to the debate happening in Great Britain involving whether or not Great Britain would stay in the European Union or leave the European Union.  Living in America, these kinds of foreign decisions feel worlds away.  America in general is self-interested and the average citizen is unaware of foreign affairs.  But in the collective unconscious, it is as if the world knows that this will have an impact not just on Europe, but also on the rest of the world.
brexit-1491370_640.jpgThis debate is not a small debate.  It is a debate that is so polarized that people have sided in an extreme way.  From the fifth dimension it is clear that people either feel separating from the EU will be nothing short of either a brilliant new age or utter catastrophe.  And the people campaigning on both sides have fueled this polarization by doing what campaigners do… distorting facts and oversimplifying and fear mongering and playing on prejudices to the point where it shows up as a crisis in the collective human energy field.  The side that has contributed the most fear to the collective is the side in favor of leaving the EU.  They have caused a very interesting reaction in people.  They have caused people to shut down and close up.  When people feel threatened enough by others, they go into a ‘selfish’ mode.  People close the openness of their boundaries and close to the flow of energy both in and out.  And regardless of what the future will see as a result of this change, this is what Great Britain (as a reflection of its people) has done today.  It is similar energy to a turtle going into its shell but with an attitude of “now I’m free from everyone else outside me that poses a threat".

brexit-4175466_640.jpgWe all know what ultimately did happen.  Despite the polarization, one side did prevail.  It was the side in favor of leaving.  Great Britain is leaving the EU.  And as a result, their Prime Minister has resigned.  The news had great impact for me, not just because of the experience I had before waking, but also because I have spend time in London often for my career.  Everything feels more personal when you have some kind of relationship with a place (regardless of whether that relationship is positive or negative).  The economy will absolutely see an impact.  The trade will absolutely see an impact.  All of this will impact the rest of the world.  And the impact is not something that either side is fully aware of.  It’s one of those situations where the collective will simply be able to see the impact in retrospect.  But I have to tell you that from the perspective I gained in the out of body observation I did last night, the aspect of collective conscious that has me the most worried as a result of this decision to leave, is the aspect related to immigration.

Whether or not Europe (especially Great Britain) is aware of it yet or not on a conscious level, this decision to leave the EU has upset immigrant populations.  It has upset the people who could freely live and work in England without being blocked by red tape.  But even more importantly, it has severely effected non EU immigrants.  Those who come from outside the EU, especially the Muslim population. 

smilies-1607164_640.jpgRegardless of whether or not the actual issue of immigration relative to the decision to leave is overblown, it is now very real.  Perception is reality.  And the perception people have is one that deeply concerns me.  This decision has made many immigrants feel unwanted, unconsidered, turned against and like outsiders.  They feel scorned.  This has caused them to start severing their emotional connection to the rest of the British people.  And it has given rise to a ‘me vs. them’ mentality.  And that mentality is VERY, VERY dangerous.  When I see this mentality spike in the collective, it often leads to bloodshed.  Some will simply keep this hurt inside.  Others will not.  But one thing is for sure, peace does not belong to Great Britain right now.  The country has chosen in favor of conflict. 

Not all conflict is bad.  Sometimes conflict must occur to get to something better.  But sometimes, when we look back, it becomes obvious that what we gained wasn’t worth the price.  Polarized decisions like this that are made from a space of being triggered, decisions that are made without a genuine awareness of the impact of the decision, make me very nervous.  Awareness only reveals itself in retrospect in these situations.  And it is almost always a harsh wake up call. 

euro-96598_640.jpgI have a very different perspective than most people because my vantage point is different.  It is not a third dimensional perspective.  That being said, I have to admit that I love the golden age vision that many supporters of 'leaving' have for the country.  But based on my own rather ‘outside the box’ vantage point about the actual impact the decision will have on people, I was not for Great Britain leaving the EU.  I was in favor of them staying.  I feel a bit anxious and disheartened over the decision that was made.  There is a genuine uncertainty in the collective consciousness of the world, and especially Europe now.  It is ‘up in the air’ for most people what will actually happen.  Uncertainty is torment for the human mind.  That uncertainty is rippling outwards.  It is affecting me as an extrasensory intensely today.

question-2736480_640.jpgBecause what we have in the world today (as a result of this decision being made) is nothing but ‘potentials’, uncertainty is the very thing that needs to be directly addressed.  There are people in this world who feel awesome about the decision.  They feel nothing but a positive future awaiting.  But others feel the exact opposite.  They feel nothing but an uncertain future full of potential negatives. 

When something is not known or not decided relative to a circumstance that causes you stress or pain, you feel vulnerable.  There is no sense of resolution. This lack of resolve in and of itself adds to the distress you feel.  There is no relief.  It feels like you are stuck in a powerless place with no sense of control and completely at the mercy of the world.  So, if this is how you are feeling today, this is for you:


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