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The Caucus

sun-3130638_640.jpgThe third energy body (what many people call the sixth dimension) draws you in like a vacuum.  Often times, you are blinded and surrounded by a dense and radiant light.  Within the sixth dimension, you can visit multiple realities and multiple timelines in this universe.  These realities and timelines are separated (as all things in the universe are) by vibration.  This vibrational difference is interpreted upon return to the third dimensional mind like an “energy veil”.  When a person is not accustomed to phasing the focus of their consciousness with the frequency of their higher dimensional self (which is interpreted as many selves) this light is not easy to acclimate to.  When I bring people out of body with me, they often experience this light as an overpowering radiation.  It is so intense, that newcomers feel like whole parts of their being are being burned away and incinerated by the light.  This perception of being “burned away” is the mind’s translation of the soul being identified or attached to aspects of one’s multi dimensional self that hold too low a frequency to remain an aspect of the soul in the sixth dimension.  The only way to remain a match to the sixth dimension and continue is to surrender to it; by surrender I mean transition into a complete state of allowing.  The minute one does this, the offense of the radiation no longer occurs.  You have phased and so the light feels like it is enveloping you.  It permeates your mind and energy body like the light itself is a warm liquid.  In truth, this kind of entrance into other dimensions is common when we transition into nearly all dimensions beyond the fourth; and the higher you go in vibration, the more intense the experience.  The more you go out of body and the quicker you begin to phase, the less you have these kinds of transitional experiences.  It is more like closing your eyes to one dimension and opening them in the dimension above.

The dimensional realities within one universe contain both individual reality constructs and “consensus” reality constructs.  In other words, co-created environments (that are designed by multiple perspectives agreeing on one creation) and individual created environments (that are designed by one perspective).  An example of an individual reality within THIS universe would be the fifth or sixth dimensional thought scapes that are created by your day-to-day thoughts.  This is the highly symbolic environment most of us are interacting with when we dream at night.  An example of a consensus reality within THIS universe would be the fifth or sixth dimensional thought scapes that are created by the subconscious mind of mankind.  Earth itself is a third dimensional consensus environment.  But we are experiencing this consensus environment by virtue of our individual perspective/reality.  We are individually agreeing to adopt certain thoughts and vibrations in order to participate in this third dimensional earth reality.  To explain the universe (even this one we are a part of) would be impossible because we are only seeing this universe through the lens of third dimensional language when I write these words to you now.  So it must be understood that these words only serve as a bridge that to the true experience of the multidimensional nature of our universe and other universes.

Every cell in your body is an individual perspective within the unified consciousness that we call source or god.  And so, every cell in your body has multi dimensional aspects and every cell in your body creates multi dimensional realities.  Play that out in your mind for a minute.  There are more realities in this universe (and multi dimensional ones at that), than a human mind could ever conceive of, because that is not the job of the human mind.  The job of the human mind is to manage the human perspective.

The thought scape realities (consensus environments) that are created by mankind’s subconscious are some of my favorite “places” to visit within this universe.  Some however (like hell or heaven, which is merely a consensus environment created by the subconscious and conscious thoughts of mankind and does not exist past the seventh dimension) are the most violent and abhorrent realities in any universe.  The realities created by mankind, reflect our species perfectly.  They are a dichotomy, complete with such beauty and such ugliness.

The sixth dimension is as far as we can go in our universe without including other universes that operate according to other laws into our perspective.  You can think of the sixth dimension as containing all possible thoughts, potentials, timelines and realities that correspond vibrationally to THIS universe.  This, sixth dimensional perspective is the perspective that I hold unless I consciously focus into this third dimensional perspective.  And for the sake of being honest, I must tell you that it is very hard to focus, phase and operate in the third dimension when your perspective is operating in the sixth dimension.  It is as hard for me to do this, as it is for some people to get out of body and consciously operate in the sixth dimension.  A good way of understanding this is to think of my participation in the third dimension as my “second language” haha.

beast-1296506_640.pngThroughout history, the collective conscious and subconscious of mankind has given rise to many things.  We observe the world (reality) that we have already agreed upon, then we observe what is wanted and what is unwanted.  This causes us to give birth to new ideas and new desires.  And those desires percolate in non-physical realities until they become part of our physical consensus environment and we, as individuals choose whether to focus on those new creations and make them a part of our individual realities or not.  It’s like an existential version of choosing food off of a buffet table.  Dragons are an example of one such being, which was created by the collective conscious and subconscious of mankind.  Once something is created in the collective subconscious or conscious, it can then be channeled and perceived by other people’s minds.  And so, for example as you observe history, you see depictions of dragons pop up all over the world such as China, Europe, the Middle East.

There is a being, which exists in a sixth dimensional construct, which was created by the collective subconscious of mankind.  It is called a Caucus.  The Caucus are now a collection of fully conscious beings, which were first the by-product of the consciousness of the people of Eurasia.  The people of that area once felt great spiritual connection to a mountain there called Mount Elbrus.  Because of the biodiversity of the area and the spiritual connection people felt with the area, myths were born about the mountain range including myths of animals that lived there in secret.  The Caucus is one of these animals.  They are one of my absolute favorite beings to visit out of body.

I went to see the Caucus today in the sixth dimensional scape of those mountains that divide the Black and the Caspian seas.  The dreamy panorama of the landscape there is enigmatic.  Its mystery has a shadowy feel, like you are being watched at all moments.  The air is thick, like a dry mist that reflects colors as it moves through the trees.  Through the dimness of the twilight hours, you can see the caucus grazing.  Their heads and bodies like a mix of deer and horse, the feathery hair on their chins and fetlocks responding to their movements.  The moss covered ground, making a hallow sound as their cloven hoofs step across it.  They stand about 4½ to 5 ½ feet tall in the center of their backs.  Their fur is thin and silky and looks as if it has been splashed with blue and purple watercolor paint, with pearl white patches and dots interspersed amidst the color.  The fur on their bellies and the underside of their necks is also pearl white.  It shines bright enough in direct light to make them appear metallic.  The males (unlike the females) are born with a spiral pattern in the fur on their hips.  Their coloring in general is more vivid and is usually darker.  The Caucus tails are like lion’s tails.  They are long and strong with a tuft of hair at the end of them.  Their manes (mostly purple in color), cascade like horse manes across the sinewy muscles in their neck.  And from the forehead of each animal, projects a colossal spiral horn.  When they are born, they do not have this horn.  It grows by spiraling outward throughout their lifetime.  It resembles mother of pearl or some other type of translucent, white shell but feels as hard to the touch and as heavy as steel.

The Caucus are jittery creatures, attuned to the slightest disruption in their environment.  I remember visiting them first when I (this Teal incarnation) was four years old.  I became aware of them by happenstance while I was helping a man from a Russian town called Kislovodsk, exit the world (die).  Upon his exit out of the third dimension, he expressed his desire to visit these beings.  And so, I followed him.  I have been returning to spend time with them ever since.  For many years, I kept my distance so they could get used to me.  And to my surprise when I first made contact, they did not react in fear.  The first time I touched one; I remember thinking that the fur was so delicate, it might melt into my hand.  The first time I rode one; I was so exhilarated that I couldn’t function.  I laid on the ground for what seemed like hours after they thundered off as a herd and was afraid that I would return to a much older version of myself here as Teal.  I am now quite at home with them.  When I return now, they greet me by tossing their heads in little circles, a body language gesture that is meant to communicate excitement.  And then, their friendly social noises diffuse throughout the group.  The noises they make are like a clickier, higher pitched version of a horse’s nicker.  And they have a delicate strength to them, more like the deer of our time space reality.  It is an endearing energy.  You can’t see them without falling in love with the very essence of them.  Their affectionate and playful nature, tames the intensity of their own wild nature.  And their eyes seem to always hold an expression of worry, even when they are as calm as can be.  Their eyes are as black as obsidian; a bit like deep, dark alchemical pools.

Today, I rode a new one that had joined the particular herd that I like to visit and re visit.  I resonated with her the minute that I noticed her.  She did not stop grazing when I hopped onto her back and it took a bit of coaxing to convince her to travel with me.  But once she agreed, it was wonderful.  It was a heart stirring experience to ride her.  There was nothing between us and mile upon mile of untouched acres, daring to be run through.  Land under hooves, newly condensed with the tears of spring.  Heaven and hell could have mixed and spun, as our pace made time and space seem void.  Pressed up against her withers, her breath boiling upwards, through my hips.  We made imprints upon a field, which while galloping, moved like the sea.  Her coat grabbing at the fragile shade cast off under my legs as if it were tightly knit webbing between us.  All the matter in the living air took breaths as one, and I listened to her so as to let my joy climb up the sound of her inhalation.  I wish you could know what it is like to feel that feeling.  But you never know, perhaps you will ride with me one day.

I drew a meager picture of them for you when I came back from the ride this morning:


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