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It is Thanksgiving Day, a harvest festival.  Thanksgiving is Blake’s favorite holiday.  He looks forward to it every year.  It is amusing to watch him.  He starts making plans for it months in advance and anticipates it like a child anticipates Christmas.  Thanksgiving is a holiday with protestant roots traditionally designed to give thanks for the harvest of the preceding year.  The pilgrims and puritans brought this holiday to New England (USA) from England as part of a tradition that started during the English reformation called “days of fasting and days of thanksgiving”. It was not celebrated on the same day by all us citizens until 1863 when President Lincoln officially proclaimed the holiday to be the last Thursday in November as an attempt to create a sense of unity in America between the Southern and Northern states.  Today, Thanksgiving is a holiday where we celebrate that sense of unity (usually within the family) and we eat a feast.  It is a difficult holiday for people who don’t have family and it is a difficult holiday for people who don’t enjoy their families.

Today, I am going to the gym with all the girls in the community.  We are running around the track and doing some plyometric training to jump-start the morning.  Then, I’m going grocery shopping.  I am usually the one who cooks the entire thanksgiving meal.  But we decided this year that our intentional community is going to do a potluck thanksgiving, where everyone brings a dish.  I am bringing two pumpkin pies; blanched green beans dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and roasted almonds, a rustic red potato salad and boiled asparagus.  Later tonight, at 6:00pm Mountain Standard time, we are going to do an uplifting, positive focus thanksgiving shadow house episode.  It was our idea that because it is a day of unity, we wanted to extend that connection to “our people” around the globe… Our real family.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, true gratitude is an interesting thing.  True gratitude is one of the highest vibrations in existence.  But the word gratitude has been corrupted.  To many of us, it implies a subservient sense of thanks when one believes they are not worthy of what they receive.  It also implies to many of us that we do not create our reality and thus are blessed by an external god when we experience something that pleases us.  This association that we have with the world gratitude, makes it a “mixed” vibration.  For this reason, appreciation is a much more pure version of gratitude.  To have appreciation means to have pure positive focus towards something.  By having pure positive focus towards something, your vibration raises.  You become a match to more things that inspire appreciation. In other words, things that create positive emotion within you begin popping up in your experience.  This is why it has been said that the best way to manifest things into your experience that are wanted is to get into an “attitude of gratitude”.

The brain is normally oriented towards what is unwanted.  It’s common to go about your day fixated on what you don’t like about yourself or your environment or your life etc.  You notice that you don’t feel emotionally good, but you don’t really attribute that feeling to the things you have been focusing on.  It is only when you begin to focus on the things that feel good to think about and look at that you realize how much effect focus has on the way you feel.  For this reason, as spirituality 101 as it may be, writing a gratitude list is the best ways to find relief and improve your vibration.

So, it appears that the time has come to start the day.  I hope you join us if you’re free for tonight’s shadow house.  You never know what’s going to happen at this house, and so what happens is usually highly entertaining.  I wish I could fit all of you at my table.  Happy Thanksgiving.



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