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Sex that is nourished by love is an alchemical phenomenon.  This is why it creates life.  Over the past two weeks, I have heard the saying again and again “be like water”.  It has followed me around.  It has caused me to think about water itself as an element.  Water, is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen.  As the two kiss, a third element is made, an element, which sustains all life.  The thirst of all beings on this earth is satiated by it and sustained by it. 

water drop.jpgI had a full day of one on one therapy sessions with my clients yesterday.  And the overwhelming theme of the day was sex.  Client after client came to me with a slightly different version of the same story.  That story is that somewhere over the course of their lives, the idea of sex had been corrupted by their parents or by society at large into something that is laced in shame, misunderstanding and confusion.  Now, in their relationships, they suffer.  The gift of the pure, unobstructed alignment that sex is, though offered, is not recognized as a result of all of the damaging thoughts that they hold about sex.  It is painful to me that people have corrupted and tried to control perhaps the purest expression of unity we experience in our physical lives.  But it makes sense doesn’t it?  If those who seek to control others and make them powerless ultimately live by the creed “divide and conquer, because together they are strong”, it would make perfect sense to disrupt an act of pure unity.  It makes sense to make it into an offense, unless it is being used to propagate life (create more people to ultimately control and use to your own devices).

Religion is (as usual) at the front and center of this corruption.  Religion was designed not as an expression of God’s voice, but as an expression of man’s voice.  It is nothing more than spiritual truth laced with justification upon justification for one person’s or many people’s self centered desires to dictate how other people should and shouldn’t behave.  They reflect societal beliefs that were in practice thousands upon thousands of years ago, in a day and age where it was common practice to stone people to death.  I will use the bible for an example, which is only one of many outdated religious texts.  If we were to adhere to the bible exactly, we could not play football without committing a sin before god (Tim Tebow gasps in shock).  Traditional footballs are made of pigskin.  Leviticus 11:8, when discussing pigs states “You shall not eat of their flesh or touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you”.  You could not wear polyester or any other fabric that is a blend of two materials.  Leviticus 19:19 reads: “You are to keep my statutes.  You shall not breed together two kinds of cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”  You could not get a divorce.  Mark 10:11-12 states “And he has said to them, ‘whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman, commits adultery against her; and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery’.” Add to that Deuteronomy 22:22 “if a man is found lying with the wife of another man, both of them shall die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman.  So you shall purge the evil from Israel.”  I find it an absolute travesty that we choose to keep so many of the archaic and damaging beliefs alive that are offered by the very same ancient texts that so obviously state rules that are ludicrous to us based on our modern understanding.  We have kept so many of the beliefs about sex alive that were offered by the same people who think that it’s good and fair justice to stone their wives to death.  

We are threatened by our sexual feelings and by our sexual natures and so, we shame our children when they are coming into their age of sexual curiosity.  It is as simple as saying “no-no” when they are exploring their sexual organs at age 3.  We set them up to believe that there is something unnatural about part of their body, something frightening and unacceptable about their sexuality.  We build them a solid foundation of sexual dysfunction before they have ever had feelings towards another boy or girl.  And then we wonder why sex has become such a source of pain in the world.  We wonder why rape and sexual abuse is rampant.  We wonder why porn addiction is everywhere and we wonder why we can’t orgasm with our partners.  Is it really a wonder?


Copy-of-D9C93501.jpgFor years, like so many other women, I was shamed for my sexual energy.  Over the course of my life, I have been told that it is evidence of my impurity and evil and that it is my fault that men have hurt me in the past because my sexual energy “eggs them on and invites them to attack me”.  I could not switch it off because it is part of my essence.  

Sexuality is at the core of everyone’s essence.  The only thing that sets us apart is that some people suppress it and some people express it.  It is at the core of everyone’s essence because oneness is at the core of everyone’s essence.  Inherently, we all possess the same desire to find unity and the same desire for creation, not only in and of ourselves, but also in and of each other.  Sexuality is not evidence of our evil.  It is evidence of our inherent goodness.  It is evidence of the purity of our desire for harmony and creation and for love.  

We cannot condemn sexuality without condemning ourselves at our deepest, most intangible levels.  We cannot condemn sex without waging war with ourselves and with each other.  We cannot condemn sex and ever hope for sex to become a healthy, healing part of our society.   If we condemn sex, we are condemning our most sacred spiritual act to the dark and often sadistic world that exists behind the curtain of the “18 and older” signs we post on the wall.  All we will know is the temporary adrenaline high of mutual masturbation.  Our souls will forget how to touch one another through the unification of our bodies.


attachment-couple-dark-41068.jpgEvery person on earth deserves to know the rapture of sex that is fueled by love.  Every person on earth deserves for love to open him or her to a world where no boundaries exist; to the act of sex in its most exalted form.  It is possible to find enlightenment through sex, because the very nature of sex dissolves the ego.  The ego cannot exist in its light.  You cannot tell the difference between yourself and your lover.  Death means nothing to the man or woman who lives in a state of love and love’s various natural expressions.

Love is the universal language.  All beings in existence understand it.  And sex, is the body’s response to that understanding.  We are compelled to combine ourselves with one another.  We are compelled to touch eternity through one another through sex.  And what a sweet taste it is, when in every inch of your lover’s body and in every glance that passes between you, genesis is spun.  How sweet it is to allow yourself to open up to the degree that you can feel the earth rotate beneath you, when the whole of existence has stopped and the present moment is the only moment.  Their skin in a pervasive slide over yours, learning the notes to a melody of flesh, hunting the nectar that is lying beneath the surface of your ability to control; your bodies arcing into one another, desiring to conceive of the feeling of union, writhing to the pulse of two unified heartbeats.  You are not even two people anymore.  You are one.




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Teal -

I am 28 and just experienced my first orgasm with a partner, something I never thought would be able to happen due to the intense "numbness" I've felt during and about sex.

I watched how to heal the emotional body, and thought, maybe there's something going on around the idea of "sex" that needs to be experienced and healed.

So, in the act with my partner, instead of detaching from pleasure, I leaned into it and said to it "I am here with you now". I felt shame going back to childhood. I imagined a pure being of energy there in the dream saying "It's ok. Be free. Let go of your shame." I brought that being into every memory that sprang up in that moment. And it resulted in the first orgasm I've ever had with another person.

I just want to thank you for being part of that healing for me. It really was an intense spiritual experience and I look forward to feeling more of this connection to another person. 

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Thanks Teal,  

•   The way you have articulated this critical subject here could not have been better said. The whole world has been damaged by this cancer of sexual distortion made by control mongers.  

•   Millenia of obfuscation about sex is not an accident. Warmongering religious cults, id est, all of them, know well that when you can make people frightened of sex, feeling, birth, death, life, orgasm, thinking, all methods of communication including reading, the arts art and any and all of a human’s creative expression you effectively lobotomise them and make them into dumb, superstitious believing, faithful slave followers who will then willing to go into pillaging, thieving, murdering wars for them as mindless automaton thugs believing the “righteous” propaganda spun to this end, and commit endless atrocities for purposes of theft on behalf of those sociopaths believing themselves to be overlords of some kind.

  •   Everyone loses war. Everyone is victim. Both those perpetrators venting on the unsuspecting, under resourced victims who lose their life and the survivors, their “soul” through trauma that results and when they wake up too late that they have been duped into committing criminal acts. If they wake up at all. This planet is a battle of minds and souls and this technique of enslavement has been exploited for at least the last ten thousand years, if not more.  

•   The hippy, “make love not war” was far closer to fact than even they understood, and that, more than ganja was the reason automatons in uniform were assigned to beat them up.  

•   Sex is the creative force of the universe in a human.   More correctly, what humans experience as sex is the creative force of the universe expressing through a human entity.

•   When allowed to unfold naturally, without abuse, the neurons of brain, gut and nervous system throughout the body come alive, complement the opposite energies and vivify the whole person to function more fully than the current average of less than 1% consciousness.  

•   Clearing the nadis is part of the enlightenment process. Fear fucks it up. Nothing clears the nadis and flushes/reboots the CNS like loving allowance during intense orgasm. Intensity and intense life experience awakens a human being's potential. Not merely reading or watching movies about intense situations.  

•   And yet, the very ones who demonise sex are the worst perpetrators of sexual crimes.   Interesting that.

•   On this basis all the worlds major religions, empires, subsidiary cults and petty disgraceful hidden ones are, ipso facto satanic cults existing for the manipulation of, and theft of energy of some kind. That’s why the oppressors, “prefer children” to abuse, since, aside from being cowards and bullies preferring defenseless targets, new young lives are a reservoir of cosmic power, a battery charged up to last a long fulfilled, creative life (more so without these mosquitoes sucking their blood).  

•   Awakened, empowered individuals are not predisposed to becoming "followers." Instead they co create , think lucidly and empowered, tend to mutually empower. This is seen as a threat to the soulless, empty ones, spiritual dwarves, who, like the wizard of oz, having nothing, have only manipulation, the illusion of, “power” (over others). A "power"  that they do not really have, but requires, well wrought lies, “belief”, “faith” and trauma to make their destructive, unjust profiteering, warmongering sinking ship temporarily appear to float.  Another reason to damage and brainwash the young in their formative stages.

•   We as species have been haltingly emerging from this mind crippling tactic for too long.

•   However it is a mystery of nature that a species becomes inoculated over time as a survival mechanism. So the trash is ultimately acting as fertilizer making each surviving generation stronger. Each attack, over time, becomes useless, eg vaccines, war, sexual abuse, toxic food additives, hazardous chemicals, airborne pollution, water pollution and all the rest. We mutate, not ideal but that's all that nature has got for now.

•   Earth can be a kindergarten of the soul, and teachers who simply tell the truth, as it is, and foster questioning and discovery enable fearless self mastery.  When you assimilate experience of life rather than clinging to beliefs.

•   So called religions could be a beginner guide, but because they, without exception are riddled with these same damaged perverts, soul sucking thieves, sociopaths and perpetrators of, more than anything else, sexual crimes, where they misuse the creative force in themselves and work hard to bend it in their human victims, it then delays those not strong enough to recover.  

•   Teal, thank you for as usual, telling it as it is, openly, honestly and respectfully.  

•   I salute you and your work.

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Wow, that is so deep! And is true that sex is still a taboo subject even if at school kids learn about reproduction from plants ,bids to the  animals they don’t have a proper sexual education of human beings like is something so natural and beautiful….. they learn from the beginning of their journey of self discovery that is something “bad” or “dirty”, and that is shameful to talk about it…. That is so sad , they will grow with this perception and will become adults full of frustrations and suppressed feelings…..not able to give and receive the essence of love ..

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 The one and only time the goddess ever spoke to me was while I was having a drug Induced masturbation marathon in My late 20s,   I asked her why (years ago) did she choose me to trigger the kundalini in me,  It was a nightmarish experience, back then there was no internet, I wasn't into spirituality at the time, it just seemed to happen out of nowhere,  I was only 19, I wasn't able to survive it which eventually led to my substance abuse, anyways, what she said to me, she said out loud, I heard her voice, she said 2 things that have stuck with me for 27 years, ...why did you do this me? she answered' ORIGINAL SIN AND WOMEN WERE TO BLAMED FOR THE DOWNFALL OF MAN. Teal swan, you are the only person I'm not ashamed to tell that story to.



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