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Sedona to Phoenix

The minute you open the door, the heat antagonizes you.  It picks on you like a mean older sibling that throws you to the floor and sits on top of you motionless while you writhe around underneath it.  The heat is so heavy it is crushing.  It literally preys on your energy.  

11734903_300x300.jpgI have come here in response to the invitation to attend the Illuminate Film Festival.  The documentary by the Italian director Paola Marino (which was made about my life) made its first appearance in the world as a ‘work in progress’ here at the festival.  It was greeted by two completely sold out audiences.  I had not seen any of the footage before sitting in front of it myself in the first showing.  It was much more intense than I had anticipated.  It is very different to live my life in my skin and to see my life from the outside.  Watching this film allowed me to see myself and my life as if I were on the outside looking in.  The film creates such a mix of emotions; from despair to shock to awe to total inspiration.  Seeing this version made me very excited for the official full version, which is being submitted to film festivals around the world this fall. 

13315294_1036536243062947_193952838016521010_n.jpgAfter each showing, Paola, Blake and I got up with Sheron Foster (the lead programmer for the film festival), to answer questions the audience had about the film.  After the Q and A, working with the raw emotional state that the film leaves you in, I offered a 50 minute long supplementary healing experience for the audience.  It was an awesome idea proposed by the festival organizers called “reel healing”.  That is just one example of the awesome things that happen at this film festival, which I have fallen in love with.  The Illuminate Film Festival is amazing.  It is a film festival for awakening and transformation.  It is a film festival for conscious media.  They select the best of the films and documentaries that feed body, mind and soul.  The film festival creates its own kind of vortex drawing forth the most amazing people, information, projects and products.  It feels a bit like an atom bomb of progression.  I am so looking forward to coming to it again.

sedona-4213069_640.jpgSedona, like the film festival that calls it home, is intense.  There is no in-between to Sedona.  Sedona either claims you so you can’t leave or tries to spit you out, making your stay here super uncomfortable.  Synchronicity is amplified here; both positive synchronicity and negative synchronicity.  Sedona isn’t just home to several vortexes.  It literally is a vortex.  It is a vortex in the middle of a barren Arizona desert, cradled by mystical red rock monuments.  It is full to the brim with people whose life experience had made it so they simply could not make it work in the mainstream world.  The concentration of them has made Sedona an alternate new age reality.  People here are awake.  They are engaged in all kinds of methods of escaping, but they are awake.  Awake people are always more intense than those who are asleep.  I feel welcomed here.  I have yet to make an outing into town where I am not recognized by the majority of the people instead of the minority.  And what has struck me is that when they come up to say hi, they reveal to me that their interest in my material is not recent.  I have not met one person walking around the city who has been watching me for less than three years.  I do not belong in Sedona myself.  It is not my ‘home’.  But I feel welcome and wanted here. 

freedom-864401_640.jpgThe dominant negative vibration in Sedona is: Shirking.  To shirk is to avoid or neglect something that one considers to be a duty or responsibility.  And Sedona is absolutely teeming with people for whom moving here is a part of avoiding a sense of responsibility and duty.  Sedona is like the unofficial new age/modern hippie capital of the world.  Obviously, there are so many things I love about the new age community.  It is the community I resonate with the very most.  But like everything, there are shadows inherent in the new age community as well.  One of those shadows is shirking.  In general new age people want freedom of spirit and free agency more than anything else.  They tend to be hypersensitive to anything that feels like a restriction such as a perceived burden or commitment.  Their spiritual beliefs have become a way to justify avoiding anything that makes them feel restricted, whether or not that restriction is in fact ‘real’.  This creates a situation where all the responsibility inevitably falls on someone else’s shoulders.

fractal-14680_640.jpgThe dominant positive vibration in Sedona is: Vortex.  With regards to the positive vibration in Sedona, a vortex is essentially a place that is irresistibly engulfing.  It draws to its center all that surrounds it.  Energy is amplified in a vortex.  The law of attraction functions much more intensely in a vortex.  It acts as a way to draw to you, all you have been subconsciously asking for and all you are a match to.  Every unresolved thing in your life will blow up in your face in a vortex.  It will instantly manifest.  The things you have been trying to manifest, to no avail, manifest in a vortex.  This makes for a superbly intense place.  Don’t let the serene scenery fool you.  There is nothing peaceful about the energy in Sedona.  Acclimatizing to it is bound to make you feel dizzy for days.  The only hope of finding peace in a place as energetically intense as Sedona, is to fall in love with the intensity and allow it to do whatever it wants to with you.  Sedona is home to a collection of some of the most active vortexes on the planet.

phoenix-az-1443337_640.jpgDuring this trip, I also held a synchronization workshop in Phoenix.  I drove the nearly two hour drive through the arid desert between Phoenix and Sedona back and forth 4 times during the trip.  It's hard to believe that anyone could live in Phoenix.  I can honor the fact that some people love the desert.  I have found a beauty in deserts as well.  In fact, I was born in one.  But this desert is the kind that evokes images of starvation and isolation.  Being there feels like being incarcerated via banishment into the Sonoran desert.  Two of the days I spent there, it was 116 degrees F.  It nearly killed me.  For those of you who only understand the metric system, that’s 46.7 degrees C.  The emotional conditions of the city are a perfect match to those geographical and weather conditions.

The dominant negative vibration of Phoenix is: Coping.  At first when I arrived to phoenix and began observing the general population there, I immediately noticed the dominance of purposelessness in the collective energy field.  It felt like the ‘land of spinning wheels’.  I knew that finding purpose would be a dominant theme for the workshop.  But as I observed the general demographic in the city, I realized that the lack of purpose most people felt had something else underneath it.  That thing was coping.  In general, the people of Phoenix are all just coping with the conditions of their life.  To cope is to deal effectively with something that is difficult.  When all of your energy is focused on coping, there is no space to really find your joy and passion so as to move forward in a different direction.  When I told the group of people I was with about this ‘diagnosis’ they reminded me that the people here even have to cope with the heat.  I cracked up laughing…  How true!

upper-body-944557_640.jpgAnother thing I noticed that stood out like a sore thumb in Phoenix was that so, so many of the people in phoenix had lungs with an energy field that glowed in an unhealthy way.  At first, I thought it may be the result of a bacteria or virus.  But when I got closer, I realized that the vibration was actually fungus.  I do not know whether this fungus is growing in the air conditioning units that everyone is using to stay alive in the city, or whether it is the result of breathing in the desert dust.  But the condition is so widespread it could be called an epidemic.  The immune system in the average phoenix citizen is absolutely preoccupied with their chest and skin.  For an extrasensory like myself it makes for an interesting visual appearance.  It looks like a war going on inside nearly everyone between the bright, white energy of the human immune system and the many ‘irritants’ that make life in phoenix difficult.  It is wearing the people of Phoenix down.

out-of-bounds-628669_640.jpgThe dominant positive vibration of Phoenix is: Modification.  Ironically, this dominant positive vibration is a split off of the dominant negative vibration.  When we must cope with something difficult, we are forced to get creative.  We are forced to make changes.  We are forced to adapt or create adaptations in ways that improve our situation.  To modify is to make minor changes that improve something or make it less extreme.  And I did not see a single person in phoenix who has not mastered this vibration.  Even the young children have mastered this vibration.  Phoenicians do not make radical changes.  The stay in situations where they have to continue to cope.  But they cope well by modifying themselves and the world around them to decrease the discomfort they experience.  Just like the plethora of desert animals and plants around them, they modify themselves to survive.  Modification is the heart of entrepreneurship as well.  So it is no surprise that Phoenix is such a hub for entrepreneurs.

I was able to bring both Winter (my son) and Mark with myself and the team on this trip.  Mark is Winter’s daddy (my ex husband).  I had an official entourage.  It was really wonderful to experience a new place all together.  Usually, when I leave everyone at home and travel, I feel pulled in two different directions.  Mark is a bit of a recluse.  He and Winter have been the two most anonymous members of the community.  It was ironic that on the very week that the documentary first aired, (which featured them both), they also both made their first physical appearance in my work sphere.  I love the fact that as a group our intentional community represents what is possible if people are willing to be conscious enough and work through conflict together.  Relationships change over time.  We are a group of people whose relationships have all evolved into what they are today.  A tribe, an intentional family that is integrated.  We support each other.  We love each other.  We have been through so much pain and joy over the years together.  Our mutual conscious care for one another and interdependence creates a secure nest for the child who has come to us.  It will serve as the fertilizer which will allow him to fully actualize his potential.  It is the foundation for what he intended for this life, whatever that may be.  It is what I would wish for every child.


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Hello Teal,

I really enjoyed reading your article.  Your descriptions of Phoenix and Sedona were spot on.  You are correct about the lungs of people in Phoenix and it is a fungus.  It lives in the soil here and travels airborn in the dust.  It is commonly known as Valley Fever.  The medical term is Coccidioidomycosis. Many people that live here for any length of time contract it. It is usually asymptomatic but it can also be debilitating and crippling. Dogs get it as well and it can be fatal to them.  Here is a link for you that gives some good information on it:

Hope this was helpful. Thank you for all you do.

Blessings always,

Bob Baxter

Goodyear, Arizona


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Teal, thank you for the synchronization workshop last Saturday. I'm still processing all that was shared, it had a profound affect on me. It came at the perfect time in my life, such a beautiful gift?

I find your insights on the dominant vibrations here in Phoenix, validating and clarifying to what I have experienced since moving here from Colorado 2 years ago. Within a few months of moving to Phoenix, I began developing respiratory and skin allergies that I never experienced in the mountains of Colorado. An allergist tested me and confirmed I'm highly allergic to all weeds, grasses, trees in the area. I have developed eczema for the first time in my life at 46 yrs old. 

Coping is the perfect description...coping with the heat, the allergies, the lack of nature, the desolate landscape...yep! I moved here to be with my boyfriend...for Love. When his youngest son graduates in 6 years, we plan to move to Colorado. 

~ Shannon Brown

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Firstly, what a lovely new website layout. It is more intuitive and fresh on the eyes. I hope it is what you like, too! 

I hope to attend a synchronicity workshop in the future, but until that time I am a fan and a supporter. When you express the traits or vibrations of different locations and people it is so fascinating to me. In a way it sparks curiosity in me. Is that strange? o.O


 Please visit Virginia some day! At the very least I'd hope to attend via live stream. Ive never participated in anything like one of your workshops so unless it's written in the stars I will most likely be too shy/nervous to be there in person. xD


Have a great day!

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Teal, I relate.  Your writing helps me be real about what I feel in different places.  

I have spent time in Sedona at the Sedona School of Temple Arts in large gatherings of sexual 'healers'.  It was a potent experience, clearly intensified by the vortex energy. 

The fire energy was out of control, and for me, coming from Nova Scotia, Canada, I felt like the water-bearer.  When I went hiking with a group of these people, I was truly scared for my life, aware so deeply, that this fire and desert can take you.  There were a few moments where we lost our way and I realized I did not really know the people in the group very well and actually did not trust most of them. Yikes!

It paralleled the experience at the temple where there were play parties where people were, by choice, meeting as a large group to explore sexually together.

There seemed to be this openness about sharing intimacy and energy together that I had never, ever witnessed before. 

And for me, I learned, it felt dangerous.

I will never forget sitting in on Michael Mirdad's talk as he called people into integrity around how they were using their sexuality.  I stood up at the end of his talk literally shaking with resonance.  He was inviting people into responsibility.

I wonder if you met him on your visit?

Thank you for your honest sharing. I was going to say daring also...but somehow I feel like it isn't dating for you.  It is totally natural.  There is no other choice but to be true. And I suppose the daring comes in facing the responses to what you share, because you likely trigger and rattle many who are in deep denial and prefer the comfort of remaining asleep.

And to their credit, somehow, they wound up reading your article, sitting in your talk.....

May your day be blest!


Sarah McClure


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Thank you!

I'd been considering moving to Sedona for the past couple of years, however a deep feeling kept stopping me.  Sedona is one of my favorite places in the world, however I haven't been there since this body was smaller.  Reading this helped me to pinpoint where this feeling that kept keeping me from moving there was coming from.  This one has been stagnant for a bit too long, and moving there would only prolong my progress.  

I also agree with what you had to say about the energy of Phoenix.  You hit it dead on (as you always do).  

Sending Love & Light always and all ways,


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Hi Teal, 

Congrats on the new site.  I have been stuck on it for hours.  I been stuck in a negative vibration and couldn't figure out why.  I recall seeing your video on YouTube about F$&k law of attraction.  I thought I understood it the first time but something told me to go back to it and watch it again.  After the 3rd, 4th, 7th time watching it, I realized how off I was from the first time I watched it.  I kept having to go back and soak in what you were talking about.  It's a really deep and in debt breakdown of law of attraction explanation.  I will have to keep watching it until it is understood subconsciously.  I want to thank you so much for making that video.  It gave me a HUGE step into understand what I was doing wrong.  Anyone not awake will be scratching their head after watching it, but I get the feeling it's perfect that way.  They have to start with baby steps of awakening process and as they progress, it will make it that much more meaningful at the right moment.  Well at lease it was for me.  I just felt I had to share this for some reason.  Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  BLESSING YOU WITH LOVE AND LIGHT!  NAMASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for your insights on Phoenix and Sedona. I have been a resident of Phoenix for many years and visited Sedona many times. I trust your sensing of these two areas and am currently processing it. Coping would ring true for Phoenix given the extreme atmospheric conditions which prevail here in the summer months. I also find interesting your feel for Sedona being that of "shirking."  I also find interesting the fact that you sense in the Phoenix area a vibe of 'fungus,' and the possible reason it exists. So called, 'experts' attribute it as being present in the soil.

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Hi Teal,

I enjoyed your ws last Saturday.  It really did hit home.

It may be time for me to leave Phoenix. I have lived here for a decade now, drawn here because of spiritual group and work transfer.

Looking forward towards reading and applying The Completion Process.

God bless,


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   I came back 4 a reason & Sedona & my Rainbow Tribe was just that. Just missed u but I m not allowed 2 drive. Blessing in all ways from this desert rat/dragon. Perspectives r finally altering, may goodness b...???✌?️ <3>

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A creation/Sabbatical in the higher country from July-Sept. A lasso snaps ? It is a wordier our area in the Red Rocks. Such a beautiful nature resides. Blessings in all ways ✌?️

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Nailed it 100%!

I grew up in Phoenix. I felt incarcerated by having to black out my room to keep it cool and never go out doors unless necessary. I suffered with painful eczema all 26 years of living there. Shortly after moving the hell out of there I discovered I had Valley Fever, the fungus you saw, and through muscle testing revealed I had contracted it as a child. Coping is the perfect word short of just outright suffering. I never knew joy or even knew that I liked to be outside living there. 

My jaw about dropped when I read acclimating to Sedona will leave you dizzy for days. The last time I drove up there from Phoenix to spend the afternoon I got so so dizzy being up there. Unreal. Though breathtaking, I'm not sure how anyone can live up there either. The energy is definitely intense. 

Great diagnosis!

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An answer to your diagnosis of PHX lung issues is right on. A friend who grew up there told me that there was a long-term effect from all the people with TB who went to PHX to recover. PHX is particularly hot (coping) because it sits in a bowl, geographically. This person told me that because of that, evidently the air doesn't circulate well there to clear out the TB. She said that for a time, and maybe even now, there was public medical assistance for anyone who comes down with TB in Phoenix.

I was very interested in this as I lived in Tucson, AZ for 3 years. I loved it there - sense of peace, but it was peace in spite of all hell breaking lose! Funny, because I was thinking how grateful I was to be going through what I was going through in such a peaceful place. LOL

Enjoyed this a lot and appreciate your authenticity.

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