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The brain can be compared to a biological transfer device between non-physical consciousness and the physical body. 



What is to follow is a translation accomplished by a third dimensional brain of an experience that occurred in much higher dimensions. If you find the vibrational edge between the eleventh dimension and the twelfth dimension, you can observe the folding of separation into unification and the unfolding of unification into separation. It is almost like sitting on the edge of a comforting black hole. I imagine that it would feel very much like being a tiny baby, being cherished and cradled against the breast of their perfect and unconditionally loving mother. The eleventh dimension is the final dimension before all separation ceases to exist. And at the highest vibration of the eleventh dimension, you can observe the “place” (which is really a non-place) where all dimensions of energy simultaneously originate from, but also collapse into.

Last night, I passed through the vibrational stage of going out of body. My entire body, starting at the base of my skull and spreading outwards, was consumed by a continually intensifying buzzing sensation. Even my teeth buzzed. This stage usually frightens people, who are new to out of body experiences, back into their body. It sounded like I was inside a tornado. As the energy of my consciousness achieved a high enough vibration to no longer be a match to my physical brain (it separates from the pineal gland), I heard a loud pop, sort of like a gun had been shot off. This is also very common during the separation phase of an out of body experience. I tripped upon this place by accident in a previous earth incarnation during a particularly meditative prayer ceremony in the late 1600s. It’s been a personal favorite escape of mine ever since. To go there, you are first sucked into an energetic vacuum within yourself. It is disconcerting at first, when you are not familiar with that kind of movement. The vacuum seems infinite. You just implode and keep on imploding into yourself until you release total resistance to the movement and then the vacuum slows and you are on the edge of source. There is no need to turn your head. You can see in 360 degrees, your being is without form or substance. You can see every possible timeline for every universe from that dimension. You can conceive of it all at once with no effort. But observing one thing, such as a single being’s life in one of those universes and timelines is only a matter of focus.

There are multiple dimensions of non-physical energy within this universe. And you have an aspect of your consciousness, also called “an energy body” in and of each of those dimensions. They are interrelated and connected. In the space between the eleventh and twelfth dimension, your entire being is immersed in and of an infinite ocean of safety and unconditional love. The light in this dimension is alive. And so is the darkness. Like a married couple, they play into each other, one projecting forth energy, one drawing it in. Both are equally pure. You exist for a time at this edge, watching this immense sphere of dark energy and the light that it emits. It is complete relief. The life you left in order to visit there is stripped from you. It feels like you have dropped a weight from your being.

Today, I’m trying to be in the present moment. I went on a walk with the girls in the community this morning and looked for things on the walk to appreciate. The frost on the leaves, the smell of the mud, the beautiful fur on my brindle great dane; the fact that I’m surrounded by strong, compassionate women. Seeking joy is the most difficult thing to do in the world when you are in a vibration that is nowhere near joy. You can’t jump the gap. Part of the path of seeking joy, is to pass through the more unsavory vibrations, such as revenge, anger, overwhelment, and pessimism. But…

It is not he, who walks on his knees for miles across the desert, repenting.
It is not he, who clings to his proud titles of accomplishment, boasting,
That finds his place in the family of things and himself with it.
Instead it is he, who is brave enough to seek joy.
But to seek does not mean to
be someone else, go somewhere else or do something else.
It means instead…to see.
To see that the world offers itself to the man who stops looking for more.
To see that when you stop trying to
be someone else, get somewhere else and do something else,
You arrive at the final destination,
Which is right here and now.


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