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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 hall-1929422_640.jpgThe dilapidated buildings stand against the rain.  Their concrete crumbling.  Their rebar protruding like broken bones.  Once upon a time, there was so much money to be made here.  Men built factories and businesses everywhere they turned.  Eventually, when business went bad, the factories and buildings were abandoned.  With no one to upkeep them, they became like weathered ghosts.  Deteriorated memorials harkening back to a better time. 

construction-4221176_640.jpgConstruction is happening all across this city.  Slowly, the old is being torn down and replaced by new.  And in between the modern projects being carried out by cranes and the skeleton of what this city once was, brilliant murals scream to the passerby; but silently.  This is Philadelphia, the hub of the founding fathers.  The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed here.  As far as American cities go, there is lots of history here.  However, the city is not actually as haunted as people think it is.  The concerns of modern life (especially poverty) have distracted people from the past enough that the majority of the thought forms (ghosts) have dissipated.  People have been telling me that this is the second largest city on the East Coast.  Oddly, the city feels relatively empty.  It does not feel as frantic as cities usually do.  It feels like a small city in fact.  Philadelphia is what I expected Chicago to be before I actually went to Chicago.  A city of industrial sprawl. 

I was hired to give a talk here for the Philadelphia I Can Do It Conference put on by Hay House.  It was the first time that Hay House has put on one of these conferences here.  Whenever you bring a conference to a brand new city, it is a bit of a shot in the dark.  One can never know exactly what the response is going to be.  This time, the response was terrible.  The attendance at the event was so low that the conference center was like a ghost town during the days of the event.  Usually, a Hay House conference is so well attended it is like being in the New York subway; except surrounded by spiritual self-help addicts ;)  

The dominant negative vibration of Philadelphia is: Bewilderment.   A deep, painful perplexed confusion about life itself.  Let me explain what I mean.  Most places you go, people have created meaning for why bad things have happened to them.  For example, if a black man in New York doesn’t get a job, he may come to the conclusion that he didn’t get a job because of racial prejudice.  He then becomes convinced of it.  Or if a woman in Alabama may decide that she had a miscarriage because she wasn’t virtuous enough to carry one of God’s children so he took the baby away from her.  Meaning allows us to feel certain.  And even if the certainty is painful, it creates less stress than uncertainty does.  It creates cognitive closure.  It allows us to make sense of our world and to take action accordingly.

why-2028047_640.pngThe people of Philadelphia lack the ability to assign meaning to the negative things they experience.  In other words, they don’t know WHY bad things happen to them in the way that they do.  Even when they tell you why they think bad things have happened to them, it is only skin deep, the conviction of knowing does not penetrate to their core.  Only uncertainty does.  They don’t know what they did to 'deserve' elements of the life they are living.  They don’t know what to do in order to make things go their way so they can avoid these painful things in the future.  Being so uncertain about why bad things happen to them, they take it personally; but silently.  Deep down they wonder if they are being singled out by the universe.  If they are being singled out by the universe, they come to the conclusion that something must be bad/unlovable about them.  So the people of Philadelphia stay silent about their darkness as a result.  They really keep it only for themselves.  It can be felt like a shady undercurrent in most people here.  All of this creates a perplexed bewilderment among them and this perplexed bewilderment is heavy amongst the collective. 

People’s solar plexus chakras are very out of alignment here.  This dominant negative vibration of the people in this city causes a constriction around the pit of people’s stomachs.  It also causes visitors to start to feel confused.  And I have to say it… Irony struck when William Penn named this city Philadelphia, which is essentially an amalgamation of the Greek words for brother and love.  The city may have started on this foot, but the city could not live up to the name much past the early 1900s. The city of brotherly love is not a profoundly friendly city.  It is also not a particularly safe city.               

macro-1452987_640.jpgThe Dominant Positive Vibration of Philadelphia is: Manufacturing.  It’s hard to believe that after the economy took such a hit and after so many of the industries shut down here, that manufacturing would still be the dominant positive vibration here.  But it is and it has been for a really long time.  To manufacture is to make something and usually on a large scale.  More so than anything else, this vibration is a dominant residual thought form.  The modern people of Philly are still feeding into it, even though many of the actual things being produced here have changed.  When there is so much confusion (like there is with the dominant negative vibration of the city) and it is so hard to actually control things, there is something you can do to in order to avoid the anxiety and the depression... Distract yourself by pouring your efforts into making something.  That something could be art, food, product or even trained professionals (like taking in a student at university and creating a doctor or engineer).

burger-4217255_640.jpgPhiladelphia is famous for food.  People here LOVE their food with as much passion as many people love sports.  Unfortunately, all of the food they really love is unethical food or is food that I can’t eat due to my own sensitivities.  This is a bummer because when people are this passionate about their food, the food is unbeatable.  Believe it or not, the obsessive making and producing of food here is a byproduct of the ‘manufacturing’ vibration. 

airport-384562_640.jpgYesterday, I ventured into the Reading Terminal Market.  I lasted a half an hour with the overstimulation of it all.  But it is an experience that I suggest all people have when they come to this city.  It is just so uniquely Philadelphia.  An enormous, no longer functioning train station that has been filled to the millimeter with venders.  If you are looking for any of Philadelphia’s specialties, you can find them there.  The unique merchants and displays along with the people milling through them, create a shock for the senses. 

detroit-4060276_640.jpgToday, I am boarding a plane bound for Detroit, the  major metropolitan city with the lowest vibration in the nation.  I have an interview in the airport and then I get to venture into the city.  I deliberately selected it for the site of my Completion Process Training because it has the lowest vibration of any major metropolitan city in the nation.  I often get called out of body in response to emotional pain.  And more often than anywhere else in this country, I find myself in Detroit.  Trauma reigns triumphant there.  I am eager to genuinely survey the area because I have felt a work calling there for years now. 

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Clearly, I need to move to Philadelphia, since I'm a bewildered addict morse so now than ever before and perfectly equipped to help (either) city manufacture more pain. O.o

Detroit is a great place to read about another person visiting. (ideally an in-law and not Teal).   BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, DELICIOUS, and DIVINE are 4 things the city is not. However, it is a superb place to work on your auto-matic writing. 

I've spent much time in my past around there going to college and having a kid in Southfield. (Note: I also developed a promising career as a rapper once I made it out past 8 mile rd.)

["The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.. are the ones that do"]
If crazy is the starting point consensus will be I'm a fast starter.

:love-struck-yahoo-emoticon: Have a great trip, Teal. Love, zEsteban

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loved it, although it is possible that there are pockets of these varying vibrational states everywhere. The contrast of amstedam to england was immense, i felt like amsterdam was much more authrntic on every level, people may not have had the pc correct false demeanour, but when they knew you had depth, they were truly interested...this is the opposite of the vibration i experience and see here in manchester/england. Alos..people in amsterdam were far less imposing and judgemental...i actually resented england when i got back, i felt like it was an arrogant souless vibe compared.

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I live in Philadelphia, and was interested to hear your take on the city. I didn't go to the conference because I was out of town on Sunday and really only was interested in hearing you speak. However, HayHouse could take some guidance from other event venues in the city in steeply discounting tickets in the days prior to an event that is not selling well to drive up attendance. 

I'm on their email lists, as I'm sure is my zip code, and got no specific targeting or special offers for attending. 

Ah well. Hopefully you'll come back as I feel like your influence in this city is just starting to take off. 

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 I have been to Philadelphia several times. It is a sprawling metropolis! I drove for almost two hours west of downtown. I saw an Amish community on my left and a strip mall on my right. I asked a local how far it was to the countryside... He said "this IS the countryside!"

 There are pockets of diamonds in the surrounding areas. As you drift away from the heart of the city, there are points of epic beauty and high energy! Unfortunately, I must agree with Teal though, Philadelphia is a disturbed, painful place.

 As to the final quote from the blog... This would not be the first time I have been told I was crazy! ;)

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Hi teal, im new to your website but I've been watching your YouTube videos for some time, and they have been soooo helpful. I've read ekhart Tolle, Gary zukav , ndwalsch , etc etc and yes, in a way they are very similar to what you are saying but at this point of my life, the format and manner you remind us of these things "we already know" resonates most clearly with me and for that I am so truly grateful!!! Whenever I find myself anxious , stressed or down, your videos never fail to put me in a better space. 

So don't mind your detractors accusing of plagiarism because at the end of the day, the bottom line is : did you help someone or not, and the answer is an astounding YES! (I read some of your other recent blogs and to your detractors I only have this to say : get a life! )

Btw, i also found this to be very synchronistic because just yesterday I bought my 9yr old the first 3 Harry Potter as I thought she way old enough to appreciate it. So I was amused reading your blog on it. Then philly is memorable for me since I lived/studied there for 2 years (long time ago). I was surprised that there were alarm bells/ropes in all the comfort rooms on campus and I guess that speaks for itself in terms of the city's safety! Fortunately I was younger then and was still more fearless and less anxious than I am right now.

Perhaps I was somewhat immune to fear , being from a country where I lived a stones throw from the sites of various coups, disasters and what not. But now, having aged and being a mother, i get more anxious with latest developments in my country and in the world. So, thank you for being a calming presence in my life at a time when I really need it! Thank you, teal! 




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WOW.  I am from Philadelphia.  Suburban Philadelphia.  I spent many of my art inspired days in the city.  These observations are ON POINT! And the synchronicity of the statement regarding the Solar Plexus misalignment is wild.  I only a few weeks ago uncovered this issue in myself.  I recently stumbled on your videos.  I have always been a champion for "digging deep," therapy, talking about feeeeelings, and feeling everything.  Somewhere I lost it, I thought.  But I recently discovered, I was a fake! I had never REALLY known my true identity.  I am excited to embark on this journey.  And anyway, to get back to Philadelphia, and its paradoxical name origins... I've thought that for years.  How funny a name, so opposite its truth.  Around the city you may find periods or moments of "brotherly love," superficially... Philadelphia always sort of felt more like every man for himself.  Both physically and emotionally. 

I am so sorry to learn that I missed an event where you were present.  I hope to be in the presence of your energy another time soon!!

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As someone who has began my healing journey, and a follower of you on YT, I must say you nailed it! Your insight has been a great supplement to my healing process, thank you very much! 

Spot on about Philly though! The culture is totally bewildered. Emotional and holistic health is generally ignored. People sense the pain but are incapable (or too afraid) of digging into why. My suspicion is because there is a toxic tribal, fear-driven, familial culture, thriving on withheld and starved love that no one can admit. Family "values", psychic vampirism, insecurities, personality disorders and traits run rife here, all stemming from deeply wounded inner selves, that generations of people manipulate their subsequent generations and feed their own pain with other's to survive. In coming out of the fog/coming to consciousness and what I've learned myself, This Orwellian cycle of keeping people ignorant, hurting and furious feeds not only the hurting soul-suckers, but anyone else who seeks to dominate, control, and expolit for personal gain, such as giant manufacturing corporations. Neoliberal, cutthroat political economic ideals, despite their hurting of the very people who so blindly hold them, thrive here. It is a self feeding paradox. Very VERY interesting insights from you Teal, as an outsider perspective. In my own healing process one of the things I had to deal with was in fact, "Is the universe out to get me?". This made me so angry, and now I'm seeing that it's not. I was willing to blame everything else for my pain except the people afflicting me externally and my own self-affliction that drew the external to me. Someday, I hope the cycle breaks for all who still wander around in the dark. I just found your blog, and I'm bummed I missed a chance to go to your conference! 


Edited by Awaken
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Thank you for your insights on Philadelphia.  I moved here from the Greater Metro Boston area over 20 years ago.  At first I was good, immune to the undertow, but that's not true anymore.  This place just swallows you up.   I would love to move but I haven't a clue as to where I might prosper.    And I am sorry I missed your talk!  Energetically speaking, you remind me of my niece.  I would love to meet you in person.

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