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Oslo, Norway

oslo-496592_640.jpg.912b52adad7e53162263c3d1fac25d75.jpgA giant expanse of windows looks out on the Oslo Fjord this morning.  I rented a modern penthouse apartment for this leg of my short European tour.  From here, I can see boats pulling white stripes through the water.  Houses are sprawled through the thick blanket of trees that cover the hilly landscape as far as the eye can see.  Seagulls fly by the window and below me; at a distance I can see tourists walking haphazardly through Frogner Park.

A sculpture monolith of human bodies piled atop one another and struggling to get to the top, rises above the trees; tMonument-Oslo.jpghe pinnacle of Gustav Vigeland’s work.  In Frogner Park, there is a sculpture garden called Vigeland Park…  A massive collection of the artist’s work.  Over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron.  I am sure it would be a treat to behold for a sculpture enthusiast.  Yesterday, I went out for a walk with an umbrella in the freezing sleet rain and ended up in the Vigeland Park.   Focus sets the tone of the collective consciousness of an area.  The main frequency in Vigeland Park (contributed by human consciousness) is confusion, especially around the images of babies interacting in various ways with skeletons. n It would be interesting to find out about the artist’s life because there is a cruelty to his work.  There is a harsh, unforgiving, fascist ideal diffused into the very substance of the sculptures.  It is not what I am used to seeing from artists.  Artists tend to be the liberal forward thinkers of any age.  

It took me exactly 30 minutes after landing in the airplane to ‘energetically diagnose’ Oslo, Norway.  And the days I have spent here since then have solidified my diagnosis.  Oslo offers a very high standard of living.  I am sure than anyone who is not energy sensitive would come here and instantly feel like the quality of life here is very high.  But that is because quality of living does not yet take into account the emotional environment of a location.  I did not know what to expect of Oslo because to be quite honest, I’m almost never called out of body here.  That is usually a good sign.  That usually means the area is not in any state of crisis.  But upon landing, I found this was not the case.  The collective consciousness in Oslo is in what I consider to be a crisis.  The crisis is emotional death. 

The dominant negative vibration in Oslo is: “Emotional Chill”.  It seems to Norwegians, emotions are a burden to oneself and a burden to others.  Because they are a burden to others, it is expected that you do not share them with others.  There is great confusion and distrust here about feeling and this distrust of feeling and reluctance to share oneself with others, creates an arctic chilly coldness in the social atmosphere.  People keep to themselves, even when they are in close vicinity.  To be perfectly honest with you, this is viscerally painful to me.  Regardless of whether or not Norweigians like you, they will hold you at a distance.  This makes the average Norwegian seem very arrogant.  I can’t help but feel that it would take a very, very long time for anyone to ‘warm up’ enough to develop any intimacy.  Because of this aloof ‘standoffish’ attitude, the city feels astringent, like living in a society of emotional germaphobes.  It seems that here, there is a collective dislike of intrusion.  The sad thing is, often times even affectionate gestures are treated as an intrusion.

In America, we have a rather depressing game we play in primary school called “kooties”, whereby the kids pretend someone is ‘infected’ and that if you touch them, you’ll be infected too.  So it becomes a game of keep away.  In Oslo, it feels like everyone is running around unconsciously playing a game of “emotional kooties” with each other.  This is painful.  It is not like the people of Oslo are happy to keep their internal worlds closed off from each other.  Indeed I must just say it like it is… I would not rate the people of Oslo high on any happiness scale.  Loneliness (the kind that exists even in a crowded room) is rampant here.

This fear of emotions, leads people to become hyper controlling.  I have noticed in a great many people in Oslo, this pattern of hyper controlling behavior.  It is slightly obsessive compulsive.  The idea behind it is this: “If I can do things exactly how I want them to be done and in a strict way, I can control how I feel… because the worst thing in the world would be to be out of control.”  One thing I have noticed, is that this need to feel in control, has translated into cleanliness on the physical level.  I find Norwegians to be some of the cleanest people on a physical level, even the hippies in Oslo are clean.  Long story short, Oslo is in need of emotional awareness, emotional expression, emotional messiness, intimacy and serious training in how to connect with one another’s internal world.

girl-160172_640.png.1385671062fe093f842d1241e7d55ecb.pngThe dominant positive vibration of Oslo is: “Scholarship”.  Academic study and achievement reigns supreme in this city.  In America, the view many of us have of Norway is that it is a freezing cold, dark expanse of Fjords and snow.  We’d expect Norway to win a prize for skiing or ice fishing.  It is hardly a place you’d expect to be a hub of higher learning.  I must admit now that I just said made that statement, that the very best Telemark ski racers in the world are in fact the Norwegian National team!  They are awesome at skiing.  But low and behold, it turns out that when a culture feels the need to escape their emotional selves, they often do so by overcompensating with their minds.  I find Norwegians (even the average, every day person) to be highly intelligent, educated, and above all, erudite.  In general, the people here seem always in search of information.  This ‘seeking out of the next best information’ has put Oslo on the map for technology.  I also find Norwegians in general to be a beautiful demographic of people.  I realize on and off that I am making people feel uncomfortable by staring at them for long periods of time, but I find the physical look of people here to be mesmerizing.  It truly is a land of beautiful people.  I’ve never seen a higher concentration of Arian looking people in my life.  I hear that both Sweden and Denmark are the same.  Tall people with crystal blue eyes; prominent bone structures and platinum hair are not a rarity to put it mildly… Nothing short of gorgeous.

ship-32253_640.png.28f82f23f07f6dec9f6f3dd7a2abae4c.pngToday, I am going on a guided tour of the city.  I am also going to take the opportunity now that I am in the heart of Viking territory, to dive deep into the vibration of the Vikings as well.  I’m going to seek out what remains of them and get a feel for them myself.  I feel insatiably curious about them at the moment after seeing and spending time with the modern progeny who have sprung forth from them.  

I am hoping that the people of Oslo will come out of their shell enough to raise their hands and come on stage at tomorrow’s workshop.  I have a fairly rational apprehension that I will ask for the first question and even in an audience of hundreds, no hands will go up.  After meeting this demographic of people, I can see that in general, the experience of coming on stage and exposing oneself would be excruciatingly painful and frightening for the average Norwegian.  Nonetheless, I'm particularly excited to speak to the Norwegians as a whole.  As a teacher, I feel personally compelled to end the age of emotional ignorance.  But I am also a very intellectual person and so I feel a great deal of faith that I can use intellect to appeal to the emotional content of the people here and catalyze a good deal of expansion.  I feel that given the collective intelligence level of the people here, tomorrow’s talk will be particularly intellectually appetizing and many of the confusing nuances that are a part of spiritual practice will be properly sorted as I am pushed (more so than usual) to explain things in ways that the mind finds capable of grasping.  I’m more excited for tomorrow’s workshop than I have been for any specific workshop in a while.   Now, I am off to another adventure.

11150981_10152856374743575_2899631064700464179_n (1).jpg

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