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London, The First Days

None of us could sleep on the plane, so we flew from the darkness of night in Minneapolis for just over seven hours straight into the morning light of Europe.  We made our way by taxicab to the hotel Blake had booked for us.  It is so unsettling driving in England.  Because they drive on the opposite side of the road, every time they turn left, my heart stops because I can’t convince my mind that we aren’t driving straight into oncoming traffic.  When we got to our hotel, Blake realized he had made a huge mistake.  It was run down and the rooms were so tiny, we could not move around in them.  I walked into the room we were supposed to stay in and was flooded by images.  The area of town we were going to stay in, was built near where the old workhouses used to be.  I saw thought form imprints of children screaming for their parents and siblings as they were being separated from them for good.  I saw images of people being bludgeoned to death.  Crippled, malnourished people deprived of life.  I could hear the screams and cries of despair.  Those cries used to be referred to as “the workhouse howl”.  It would have been preferable to die on the streets than to be an inmate in one of those workhouses.  I can see that now since coming here and interacting with London’s thought forms.

architecture-buildings-cathedral-804126.jpgIt is VERY difficult traveling to cities with this amount of history.  I am inundated with thought forms and energetic imprints everywhere we go.  Eventually, we found a hotel in the business district of London.  Right across from the London Bridge.  The business district of London is like a mini New York, only even more people wear black and grey here than they do there.  At night, the pubs are full of people just off work and the sound of drinking songs drift into the street.  When we were on our way here, there was an absolutely colossal Shi’ite rally along the side of the road and in the park.  The Shi’ites are the opposition to Al-Qaeda.  President Bush (knowing NOTHING about the Shi’ites), backed them up against Al-Qaeda after the September 11th attack on the twin towers.  It was a shock to see the hatred in their faces.  The men yelled chants as they gathered in circles and hit themselves as hard as they could against their chest with one fist and then the other.  The cab driver, who was from Syria, explained that the demonstration would progress and that later, those same men would cut themselves on their heads with swords, allowing copious amounts of their blood to spill as an act of worship to show their mourning for the murder of Husayn, the grandson of their prophet Muhammad (I'll spare you the pictures of that part of the demonstration).  As I watched the sheer number of them, I was reminded that the most dangerous thing on the face of planet earth, is the very same thing that heals the most on planet earth… Belief.  

It is hard to claim to be American when traveling to other countries because of how our government presents us worldwide.  We are like a bully on the playground of life.  We think we can insert ourselves into foreign conflicts that have gone on since before we were even recognized as a country.  The depth of these people’s Muslim beliefs, drive them to engage in violent public demonstrations.  You cannot reason with people who have been touched so deeply by belief.  It is so much a part of them; it has made its way into their cellular memory.  The cab driver, was visibly upset and yelled at them; “empty minds” he said.  I agreed with him that the indoctrination was obviously so deep, they could no longer think beyond their culture and that culture’s beliefs.  But at the same time, I could not be so quick to write off the amount of pain and obvious personal meaning that was evident in their very real feelings.  I wanted to understand them.  Their emotions were so thick you could breathe them.  The experience was jarring, even for me, and that says a lot because I spend a great deal of time in the Middle East out of body.

muslim women.jpgIt is heaven to look out the window at castles.  I was laughing this morning because there is nothing in America that is as old as just the wall that still stands below the window.  It has stood since they were still using moats to protect castles.  The rather intimidating building they call the “shard” is glittering in the sunlight.  This skyline is so unfamiliar to me.  The last time I lived a lifetime where I came here, the city looked nothing like this.  In fact the lifestyle was so quiet and slow that drama was wanted, anything to break up the monotony.

I managed to sleep last a fair amount after finding myself awake at 1:00 am.  We were all awake (Blake, Graciela and I) in the dark, hungry and talking.  I am more than thrilled that I got some authentic English breakfast tea.  Its warmth and cozy flavor was heavenly.  It is hysterical to watch Graciela.  She’s never been to Europe and seems to be constantly amazed at all the different aspects of both travel and the trip.  None of us can figure out the light switches here, which has reduced her to hearty laughter more than a few times.  This morning, I watched her dip into the fresh juice selections at the buffet and sample each one, like a child or extraterrestrial experiencing it for the first time.  I love being able to give her this experience, and her warmness of character is a major source of security and support for me.

Today, I am spending the first part of the day, before our pre- workshop party, with Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters).  I’m so excited to see what he has to show me in this city.  And seeing as how he is (in a cosmic sense) an old friend, I cannot wait to interact with his calming, high vibratory energy.


  Here is the London Bridge

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