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Homeward Bound

The London workshop went incredibly well.  We had breakfast in the hotel with my new friend Juraj Kocar (the event organizer for the workshop we are planning to hold in the Czech Republic).  Saying goodbye to the people I grew close to here in England felt especially bitter and mournful.  I don’t want to leave them behind, even though I am excited to be back in the harmonious familiarity of my own home.  I’m still eagerly awaiting the invention of the teleportation machine.  It will be heaven when travel from one place to another takes seconds.


My bodyguard showed up at the hotel early in the morning yesterday to escort me to the venue.  I spent the hour before the event in a secluded room with him and Graciela.  I was intending to use the time to decide what I wanted to talk about when I first got up on stage.  But, instead I ended up sitting there astonished after I discovered that he has the exact same birthday as both of my x partners.  Yes, you heard me; it is an absolutely bizarre synchronicity.  Both my previous partners had the same birthday.  The on going joke for the rest of the day after other people found out about the synchronicity was “you know what they say, maybe the third time’s the charm”.

When I got up on stage I looked out into an ocean of people.  The room was littered with smiling faces, over 400 of them.  I felt completely welcomed.   I was absorbed into the vortex that occurs each time I do a workshop.  I am completely in a kind of epic, timeless flow when I’m on stage or in front of a camera sharing what I am the most passionate about with people.  It is truly heaven to me.

It was an especially raw workshop emotionally and as such, it gave rise to intense levels of healing.  There were multiple security guards at the venue.  They were standing outside, keeping watch.  I saw them out of the corner of my eye as they asked the hotel to pipe the sound system into the hallway so that they could listen too.  They gradually all drifted to the doorways to watch what was happening on stage.  I found it incredibly touching that even these men, (whom as security professionals, were not the stereotypical type you’d imagine would have any interest in a spiritual gathering) were intensely curious about the subject matters discussed and exhibited very compassionate body language when there was someone hurting up on the stage.


The hours flew by.  It felt like I was on stage for two minutes when in reality, I was on stage for six hours.  When it was over, while trying to exit, the crowd rushed me.  Security had to surround me and escort me out of the room.  I wished that I could have hugged every single person in the room one by one.  Being rushed by a crowd causes a mix of emotions in me I’ve noticed.  On one hand, it feels intimidating and unpredictable.  On the other hand it is so wonderfully moving to be wanted that much by people.  I was escorted out a back door to a taxi that was waiting and Graciela, Juraj, my bodyguard and I went out to an oriental restaurant while Blake and Pradip (with the help of many other amazing volunteers) closed down the event.

london-1143450_640.jpgAs is usual when I finish my workshops, I had tons of energy after the event.  So my bodyguard (who is native to London) took matters into his own hands and guided us around some interesting parts of London.  When Blake finally joined us, we went out to eat again and we all walked along the streets for hours in the darkness, looking at old historic buildings that boast beautiful architecture.  There is a violent collision of modern life and ancient life in London.  These old colossal buildings, indeed some of the most revered buildings in the world, are interspersed between a multitude of futuristic looking modern buildings that have been erected around them.  Pride and sophistication are etched into the stone of the old cathedrals, palaces and government buildings here.  And yet, as we walked the streets below them, we found ourselves stepping over pee and vomit on the sidewalk (both of which London is also famous for), compliments of the numerous drunken people who stumble with their friends out of the bars and onto the streets.  Nothing though, compared to the contrast of watching a young, black rap artist film a music video on the giant steps of a cathedral building while the ancient, commanding bell sounded off the hours in the background.  At midnight, we said our goodbyes to one another and Graciela, Blake and I made our way back to the hotel room thoroughly exhausted.

airplane.jpgGrey; fog like clouds descended upon the city this morning.  I watched the large international planes take off and disappear eerily into it like sharks disappearing into the murkiness of the water.  In a couple of minutes, I will be on one of them, flying back home.  But I will be back.  I can feel it already.  I love the people here far too much now to stay away for long.


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