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Go To The Places That Call You

zermatt-3236569_640.jpgI walked across the cobblestone in the evening light.  It was turning purple.  The sun had long abandoned the hillsides, which careened upwards on either side of the village, straight into thin air.  To my right, a table stood littered with various crystals and spiritual relics.  From inside the shop, I heard the faint electric culling of a mineral entity.  This often happens when a stone resonates with you.  They gravitate to you and you to them, in the same way that lovers of the same species do. I decided to go in.  I had to duck in order to make it through the tiny doorway.  Like a hobbit’s shop, every inch of the tiny room was covered in gemstones.  The energy field was so thick; I had to squint to see the individual items.  When I had found the piece that was calling me, I stood with it and held it close to me.  It was a clear, rugged looking crystal garnered locally from this very spot in the Swiss Alps in a crystal bed near the Matterhorn; a record keeper.  It carried the very same energy as this mountain that has been calling me for months.  I turned around to the counter to pay with my pocket full of beautifully colored Swiss Francs.  The woman behind the counter, as tiny in stature as the store, asked me what brought us here.  I told her the truth.  “I have come because I have been called by the mountain.  I have been having prophetic dreams that are repetitive.”  She looked shocked and asked me if I was busy.  I said no.  She closed the door to the street so no one would come in to establish some privacy.  Then she came back and asked me to tell her about the dreams, which I did.  She got chills.  She explained that dreams are what brought her here too and she explained that spiritual people often end up here because the mountain starts to call them and then they have to come with no rhyme or reason to it.  And then she delighted me with stories about sightings and strange experiences she has had since coming to the town.  She told me that more and more recently, spiritual people and teachers have been called to the mountain and they keep running into her.  She asked me if I have a message for her.  I did.  So I wrote it on a slip of white paper and left it with her.  Without knowing it, during the chat, she told me where I was 'supposed' to go.  It was a two-part journey… One to be taken in body and one to be taken inter-dimensionally but within the thought form of the mountain itself.  The crystal that had called to me, and that is now a companion of mine, would act as a “tuning fork” to assist me to tune to the frequency of the place I was supposed to go.  I hugged her and walked back out onto the street with a knowing smile on my face.

globe-2679754_1280.jpgOn an energetic level, the earth is designed with sacred geometry.  There is an energetic grid.  For example, the earth itself has chakras and meridians and a network of ley lines.  Certain places on earth contain inter-dimensional portals and vortexes where energy can come in and go out of physical existence.  Many of these ley lines and portals align with other locations within this universe.  These are the sacred sites that are often selected for worship by humans.  These are also the sacred sites that are often selected as meeting places by non-physical beings.  Mountains have always been my favorite geographical feature on earth.  Their energy, much like their structure, pours upwards out of the earth like a fountain or wave made of rock.  A mountain stands, unaffected by outside influences.  Its lesson is equanimity.  It holds the frequency of eternal perspective.  Watching the world below.  As such, it is an ideal frequency to host a sacred meeting place where perspective is the aim of the gathering.  The Matterhorn is one such meeting place.  One of the ‘key’ sacred meeting places actually.

The Matterhorn, which is part of the Swiss Alps Range, is a king of a mountain.  As far as mountains go, its appearance lacks sympathy.  It pitches 3,412 feet (1,040 meters) into the sky with a jagged and mythical cruelty.  I realized once I came here that there are different species of mountains.  The mountains here in the Alps are an entirely different species of mountain.  Their magnitude and ferocity are breathtaking in a way that humbles you.  Sometimes they are even painful to look at.  The senses cannot fully take them in.

spiritual-1141687_640.jpgThere is a group of beings that physical humans have referred to as the ascended masters.  They are beings of light that assist the expansion of the consciousness of the world at large as a spiritual guide would assist a singular human.  They have left the cycle of death and birth, which is why they are referred to as ascended.  When viewed through the lens of linear time some of them are seen as recent additions, some are ancient and some are so old they have been forgotten.  In truth, there are thousands of these beings called ascended masters.  But twelve are the most active and widely recognized in today’s age.  They spend the majority of their time focused in the 6th dimensional frequency.  And sometimes, they gather to cause an uprising or activation in an energy field so as to assist an ascension of some kind.

I laid the crystal on my chest.  Pulled the covers over my head and let go of my thoughts so as to let the energy in them run dry.  The space between them grew.  Noises in the room started to get louder.  Slipping from thoughts to dark, black, blank space, the thoughts started to feel more abstract.  Like a flash-forward into a different story line.  I was aware that this was the beginning of sleep.  The doorway was upon me.  To go out of body with a large amount of consciousness, all one must do is slip into the presence between the cracks of dreaming and awake.  It even feels perceptually like your body turns to liquid and you squeeze out of this reality.  You just have to avoid phasing with a particular dimension so that it sucks you into singular perspective.  You must remain identified enough with the background of thought that you aren’t pulled into either the thought form of physical or dream scape.  I slipped through the crack.  I was standing by my bed watching my body in the bed.  The energy from the residue of body fluids from all the people who had used the room before lit up like light splotches on the sheets and walls of the hotel room.  I turned around to head for the deck and had to pass through the residual imprint of a particularly bad argument between a couple that was attached to part of the room.  It was being fueled by the electrical current going into the tea maker on the desk.  Looking back at Blake, I could see no energetic cord attaching him to his body, which indicated to me that he was still awake and fully embodied.  This was the fourth dimension.  My identity was still intact.

matterhorn-984128_640.jpgIntentionally, I floated through the glass.  The Matterhorn towered overhead.  Its magnitude concealed by a thick fog that was almost worshipping its cliffs and crevasses.  The town of Zermatt begins to shut down at 8:00 pm. The shops close.  The people go home for the night.  And so, by this time, the town looked like a ghost town.  Slumber and silence had taken over the operation of the town below me.  I stayed at this distance, waiting for an invitation from the mountain.  The invitation crept upon me like an invisible vapor.  It was not a visual experience.  The overpowering deeply epic feel of the Matterhorn wrapped its claws around me from the inside.  I surrendered to it with humility.  I let it pull me through the 4th dimensional aspect of the dense rock comprising its sides and through the ancient glaciers.  The sensation within me became less overpowering and more welcoming.  I arrived in a room, like a cavern that was dark.  I had to focus on making my energy body match the frequency of the room for the figures and features within it to appear.  There were seven wooden chairs.  Two of them were empty.  The rest were occupied...  Each by the thought form of a specific ascended master.  One of them was standing in front of me instead of sitting down.  He was the one who had been calling to me.  He had used the energy of the mountain to pull me from my body.  Dressed in white with unearthly pale skin and white hair that fell to his shoulders. His eyes were so clear in color that they were past the color blue.  His name was Sanat Kumara.  He sat in one of the empty chairs and motioned for me to sit in the other empty chair.  And so I did.

Sitting in the chair, I could not feel the chair below me, it felt instead like I was hovering over space.  The entrance of a portal, being fed by inter-dimensional energy.  I looked around the group.  I recognized each of the Ascended Masters who were present.  Each was dressed in a different color.  In a circle we sat.  To my left, Master Lanto in sunlight Yellow.  Then Master Quan Yin in crimson red. Then Master Hilarion in Emerald green.  Then Metatron in cerulean blue.  Then Saint Germain in rich Violet.  Then Sanat Kumara.  The energy of the place made my auric field burn a pale pearlescent indigo color.  I could actually smell the scent of the color of my own aura.  I watched as the other 5, internally melted to feed the energy in their incarnations into streams that moved downward, out and into the incarnation of Sanat.  He was to be the mouthpiece, which would speak for all of them.  At first, he spoke in images.  He showed me that the “penetration” by the mountain that I had experienced in my dreams, had in fact been him entering me through the heart chakra.  I was being called here to both re-align with the mission I am on and to integrate 'the heart'.  He began to speak.  But the speaking did not happen verbally, it was a telepathic transmission.  I remember the whole message:

earth-1281025_640.png“The Earth is in a state of transition again.  In accordance with this shift, the organisms of earth are in flux.  Mankind is charged to keep up with the transition and make a transition of its own.  Each person is being called to reach a definition of their integrated wholeness.  Each being in this Omniverse has role and purpose in the unfolding of this planet.  There is no either-or in this scenario.  This must be a unified effort.  We are assisting this awakening and stabilizing the planet during this transition by ‘activating the points’ again.” (Side note… This is a bit like the equivalent of a chakra alignment whereby beings call the energy of earth grid points into a “flare” and charge the whole earth with Kundalini as well as themselves by doing so). He continued…  “Those of awakened frequency are called to lend their energies to these points.  And by doing so, be lent energy by these points in order to continue their much needed work.  More and more will come.  More and more will gather until earth is electrified.  Tell them to come.  Tell them to charge ahead. They are the Anchors of the future.”

 My reach makes it so I have both access to and influence on the consciousness of many who are either waking up or who have awoken.  I was shown a physical place in the mountains where I was invited to go ‘further integrate’ in meditation using the energy of this particular “vortex spot” called the Matterhorn.  The conversation continued about my specific role in this transition and my observations since April specifically.  And when there was a sensation of completion, I stood up from the chair and bowed to them.  As I withdrew from the cavern backwards, Sanat’s thought form flashed like a sun burst, consuming the scene and all other various masters into light which flared only to disappear in a collapsing motion like a dying star.

I consciously returned to my body.  But I observed the electrical currents in my own brain.  I decided to chase one.  Not for any specific reason.  I just followed it down the nerve channel.  I willed it to slow down just enough that I could enter and ‘become it’.  I felt myself be pulled into a memory.  I was inside the memory.  It was a memory of dropping a knife on the floor of a restaurant the day before.  I re-lived the place and the experience.  I re-listened to the conversation between myself and Blake.  And I willed my consciousness into a dreamless sleep.  The scene faded. I woke up several hours later, fully embodied to the ancient sound of the town’s chapel bell.

gornergrat-60533_640.jpgAfter two hours of Skype calls this morning, we walked into town to catch the Gornergrat Bahn (Matterhorn Railway Train).  It climbed steeply above Zermatt into the mountains.  It pulled us through dense pine trees and coarse tunnels and through high elevation fields with long hair sheep grazing and napping in the mist.  Each curve revealed a new expanse of scraggy mountain range and valleys between.  At one point, we came out above the low hanging clouds to a place where the mist hit the edge of the cliffs below and thrust upwards like plumes of cold steam.  We exited the train at Gornergrat.  Two monks in orange robes exited the train before us and we all stood at one of the overlooks in total awe of the sight before us.  The intimidating eminence of these mountains inspires complete and total wonderment.

I walked up the pathway and found my way into a tiny catholic chapel at the top of a hill.  I rarely go into religious sites as they usually contain a dense vibration.  But this little chapel, like the places atop the mountains in China, had one of the highest frequencies I’ve encountered.  I let myself be drawn into its warm, transcendental center.  I walked to the front, picked up a candle and a match and lit it while I said a prayer. I repeated it over and over like a mantra in my head, placed the palms of my hands against one another and closed my eyes while I connected to the universe at large.  I breathed in the energy of the place, full of gratitude and hope.  The flicker of the tiny flame ceased to falter and joined the rows of other candles in burning bright.  I thanked the flame that stood as a precious emblem of my intention.  Blew it a kiss and walked away.  Inside a sacred site like this atop a mountain, you feel so close to source or god that you can almost touch it.  It feels like the ears of the universe are listening because they are close enough to hear.


I made my way to the place on the mountain that I was shown the night before, to commune with the mountain.  I sat down on a precipice in the middle of a field of cairns.  It took no time for thinking to cease.  It was as if the thoughts could not challenge the spiritual altitude of the place.  I heard the shutter of Blake’s camera then heard him walk away.  And everything faded.  I mentally introduced myself to the mountain.  But after a few seconds, like a chemical reaction, the energy of the Greenschist crept upwards into my body.  I drank its energy through every cell.  With no provocation, it targeted my heart on an emotional, etheric and physical level.  I have never experienced the thought form of Greenschist before today.  This miraculous mineral is the other reason I was called here.  Like Mica, it has reflective qualities that enable you to recognize the ‘flaws’ in yourself and in the world at large while staying heart centered enough to see in complete enough detail that you can love what you see instead of hate what you see.  The clearer your vision becomes, the more unified you become with yourself and with the world; because the veil of separation disintegrates.  The energy of this wondrous stone behaves like glue, bringing cohesion to the various aspects of ourselves and the multiple layers of our consciousness.  This makes it a superior integration stone.  It mends what is broken or fragmented.  And Greenschist energetically behaves like Mica that specifically targets the heart chakra in living beings.  I felt it climb and wind its way through my emotional body.  I witnessed it softly and slowly suture any fragments that it found.  The relief I felt enabled me to breathe.  It felt a bit like honey sliding into a wound, quieting the pain by answering its cry for comfort and sweetness where it has been touched only by cruelty and bitterness.  My body gave into the mountain; I soaked in the upwelling of the offering I was being given by the mountain.  I can officially say it was the most soothing spiritual experience I’ve ever had.  Before I left, I placed my forehead against the rock in gratitude.


Blake and I ate in near silence at the restaurant tonight.  Both of us were altered by today.  It made no sense to fill the space with words.  I am now in that dizzy, lethargic state that follows deep healing.  Sitting with tea in the downy covers on the bed of this hotel room, I can see the town lights reflecting off of the steep mountain sides.  I can feel the way the mountains hug the town.  I can imagine this town would make some people feel claustrophobic.  But it makes me feel safe.  I have always loved the feeling of being held tight.  It makes a being that lacks boundaries, like myself, feel contained.

Today, I am ending this blog by passing on a message… All those who hear it will begin to feel the call and to answer it in our respective lives.   “Those of us who are of awakened frequency are called to lend our energies to these sacred points on earth and by doing so, be lent energy by these points in order to continue our much needed work.  More and more of us must come.  More and more of us must gather until Earth is electrified.  So go to the places that are calling you.  Charge ahead, even if it makes no sense to the rational mind.  Use the energy you gain from these places, to do your work within the world.  For you are the anchors of the future.”


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