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Forecast for 2016

pocket-watch-3156771_640.jpgI am perusing on YouTube for a funny video to watch.  Out of the blue, one of my own videos pops up on the screen.  Beneath my image is a line that reads: Uploaded one year ago.  I feel a mild shock roll through my body.  From my perspective, I filmed that video what feels like only weeks ago.  Time shows no mercy in its relentless march forward. I feel nostalgia when I realize how fast time is moving.  Nostalgia for the way a life screams with brightness into being only to fade out of existence.

six-copy.jpgAs we all know, the greatest gifts most often come from our greatest difficulties.  I can see what the difficulty of 2015 gave birth to.  I carry it into the future now.  It will be the platform for what is to come.  

Stability was the theme for us all in 2015.  Most of us learned about stability by being brought straight into the storm of instability.  

new-years-day-1021360_1280.pngFrom the fifth dimension, you can see all potential timelines branching off of a single point in time.  The future is just that… a potential.  But as we think and make choices in our lives, we add energy to those potentials and some become more dominant than others; until ultimately only one potential is (consciously or more often unconsciously) chosen into existence.  As people, we tend to be narcissistic.  We do not see that all that is in and of this universe is sentient.  All ‘beings’ in the universe are pre-paving the future vibrationally speaking when they are participating in a linear timeline model of expansion.  This means that the future is a co-creation.

wallpaper-1477870_640.jpgPlanets are one example of sentient being that most humans are not aware is sentient.  They too are ‘choosing’ the future.  And the future can always be changed.  It’s just that most sentient beings create a certain momentum behind their process of creation and thus do not change enough to make their future change.  This is why a fortuneteller can accurately read a person’s future.  They are reading the most dominant potential.  And that dominant potential has momentum behind it.  Someone would have to radically change something in order to be a match to a different future potential.  This is what I love about people who are becoming conscious.  They are more prone to radical change.  As someone is awakening, their life paths are less predictable. They become shifty.  This flexibility makes the job of a fortuneteller more difficult.  But it is beautiful to watch; like a stirring from within a chrysalis.

When attuned to the fifth dimensional awareness, the dominant potential for the future usually sticks out like a sore thumb (common expression).  It has more energy feeding into it and so the best way to describe it is that it has more gravity.  I would say that I spent a long time looking into the dominant potential for 2016.  But that would be inaccurate to say.  There is no “singe timeline” in this dimension so perhaps I spent an eternity looking or perhaps I spent no time at all.  No matter the case, here is what I have seen…

The theme that is the most dominant this year is purification.  Pollution is the presence or introduction of something into something else that has harmful effects on that thing.  When we come to this life, we opt into a degree of pollution on a mental, emotional and physical level.  For example, if we come into an environment where our family believes that we have to work hard to have value, this belief is a form of pollution.  Now we all know that it is the contrast provided by these negative things that fuels expansion.  For example, only a person who is lost can become found.  So from the highest perspective, everything including the negative things we experience, serves us.  This means only that which is polluted can become conscious of the experience of purity.  And it is this consciousness of purity that has been requested by the totality of beings within the universe.  This year will be the year for purification on a mental level, on an emotional level and on a physical level.  You will be provided every opportunity to free yourself from pollution that you have acquired since your birth.  Keep in mind that illusion is a form of pollution and so part of this purification is a process of being stripped of all illusion.  This process that ultimately serves us can be a very painful process if we have any resistance to being stripped clean of what does not match our essence.  Truth will be exposed.  All things will be exposed for exactly what they truly are… Including you.

candle-3133631_640.jpg2016 is the year for cleansing.  It’s a year for observing and reflecting on the aspects that belong with you and the aspects that don’t.  We are going to purge that which is not genuinely our self and our truth.  We must come to the essence of ourselves in order to allow that essence to fully manifest into this dimension.  All things that are subject to the law of attraction are going to be subject to this cleansing process this year.  This includes the planet that we live on.  So that should give you some hints as to what is to come on planet earth this year.  This purification process will also be taking place within the collective conscious.  Mankind is going to be purifying by becoming aware of the pollution within its own species and cleansing this pollution.

germ-1525665_640.jpgAs a living being, you are in the active process of creation.  The desires that have been planted within you like a seed and they are growing into physical manifestation like a sprout that has projected forth from that seed.  But there comes a point where for the full potential of that seed to grow into the tree it is meant to become, a path must be cleared so that it is not choked out by the weeds in its environment.  And so we must essentially weed the garden of ourselves and our lives so that the full potential of that seed can manifest.

This year, metaphorically speaking, you will be weeding a garden you have planted over the course of previous years. The downside is that to cleanse yourself of what does not belong in you or in your space you must become aware of it.  And if you have ever spent time weeding an actual garden, you know how overwhelming that task can be.  This is especially true if we begin to judge those weeds as wrong, bad or a flaw.  This is especially true if we make it mean that the task of weeding the garden is just too much.  We may feel very tempted at times to just give up and scrap the whole project.

stress-3853148_640.jpgOne thing that you must be aware of is that all of us will be dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed this year by our awareness of the pollution in ourselves and in our lives.  The good news is that if you know you’re headed towards a task that causes you to feel overwhelmed, you can practice the art of literally dealing only with the thing immediately in front of your face.  For example, you could stare at a sink full of dishes and feel so overwhelmed that you sit down on the kitchen floor and give up.  Or you can practice just looking at and washing the single dish that is in front of your face and then the next and then the next.  Not judging the dish as wrong for being dirty.  It is simply as it is.  Approaching the task in this way means that you may even be able to enjoy the feeling of the hot water flowing over your hands.  Or the colors of the soap bubbles as they form.  And soon, the sink is purified.

This year, surround yourself with people and things and activities that assist you in the process of purification.  I would suggest spending time with the frequency of the mineral beings Epidote, Dravite, Lepidolite, Petalite, Heliotrope, Herkimer Diamond, Azurite, Selenite and Amythest.  I would also suggest introducing yourself to the energies of lemon, lemongrass, myrrh, white sage, hyssop, palo santo, mint, rosemary, tea tree and cedar wood in any form that feels right to you.  These energies will support the process of purification this year.

Remember this year that if we resist purification, we will be in pain.  But if we can instead jump on board with purification and be willing to be stripped naked by life both internally and externally; if we can instead be willing to allow life as we know it to be stripped to its essence around us, what will be left is pristine and pure and authentic and genuine and real.  Approach this year with curiosity as if you do not yet know what the outcome will be.  You will experience revelation.

Approach this year as if you do not yet see what will be revealed as you uncover your true self.  Approach this year as if you are wiping a layer of mud off the surface of a painting, having no idea what image lies beneath.  Jump on board with refining yourself, your life and the world you live in.  Let yourself and your life be stripped clean.

And whenever you run into a problem or upset this year, ask yourself the following question: How does this apply to purification?  What form of pollution is being purified from what essence in this situation?


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