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Favorite Things

Today I feel inspired to share my joy with you, by sharing a list of my favorite things.  One of my favorite things to do when I’m getting to know someone is to send them a list of my favorite things, and then ask them to send me a list of their favorite things in return.  I love knowing what people find irresistible and worth living for.  So without any further ado, here’s my list:

What I am doing with my life. (My career and life purpose as a leader of the new age movement and spiritual/life improvement teacher)

Cerulean Blue (the color especially in glass form)

Being touched and held (soft, slow tickling)

Smell and sound of horses / anything to do with horses at all really


The feeling of inspiration that is so strong, I couldn’t hold it back even if I wanted to

Going to places with a big view

Doing artistic collages


Intentional communities


Watching someone’s hands and face in movie theatre lighting

Long earrings

High heels


Satin (especially the satin blankie I have slept with since I was 2 weeks old.  I call it my “Danny”)

Watching people in airports

Recurve Archery

The flavor of huckleberry (raspberry and boysenberry is also awesome)

Finding the perfect song to fit my mood

Clouds (especially big cumulonimbus clouds)

Animals of any kind

Foxes (my spirit animal)

Going out to dinner

Raw food/vegan restaurants

Making dinner for a group of people


Love letters

Playing with Cat Tails (a plant)

Painting in the morning before anyone else in the house has woken up

Attending wedding

The feeling of abundance

Picking huckleberries

Healthy living

Gaining new knowledge on a subject that interests me

Sitting face to face with someone while sitting neck deep in lake water

Artichokes dipped in veganaise mixed with soy sauce

Eating a bowl of really good Soup especially when it is cold outside

Trail running

Swimming in pools with goggles.  I like swimming laps but I also love laying on the bottom of the pool and watching bubbles float to the mirror like surface of the water.

The smell of foam mattresses

Heavy pressure on my chest


Ocean foam/ wave break

Sucking on ice chips

Newborn babies

Sitting in hay bales in a barn and reading a book

Going to places in the city where little birds hop around at my feet.

Filling little bottles with things that remind me of somewhere I’ve been


Sand volleyball

Riding the chair lift during the summer (and winter)

Sticking my fingers in uncooked rice


The flavor of slightly burnt toast

Being topless

Listening to Prairie home companion on NPR

Sitting in or by a river

Deep, meaningful conversations

Imax films / movie theatres


Gingerbread houses

Watching someone blow glass

Throwing pottery on a wheel

Blowing milk weed seeds in the air

Mushroom hunting

Sautéed zucchini and yellow squash

Baking pumpkin seeds

Building igloos

Blowing eggs and painting them

Making treasure hunts for children

The feel of bubbles on my hands

Big downy flake snowstorms

Rain in the middle of warm summer

Sweet corn on the cob cooked on a grill

Old west festivals

Native American powows

Stuffed green peppers

The feeling of having a friend that takes no effort to be friends with, that makes you feel at home

Import stores

Driving around to see Christmas lights

Christmas markets (Christmas everything really)

Re arranging rooms

Receiving packages in the mail

Warm almond milk

Sitting on the edge of cliffs

Riding on trains/ trains in general

Playing on a sail less wind board / paddleboards



Rhubarb pie

Wearing Uniforms (like sports team uniforms that make a person feel like they belong)

Fluffy comforters

Aspen forests

Documenting my life with writing, photos and videos

Visiting other psychics and card readers

Looking through 100 year old news papers

Fancy Hotels

Ski films

Watching half pipe ski competitions (my favorite spectator sport)

Secret hideouts, (like rooms behind the book shelf)

Silk Clothes

Decorating Christmas trees

Ice. I love playing on it on frozen lakes

Hockey games (my second favorite spectator sport)

Eating pomegranates seed by seed

Grandfather clock noises

Toasting marshmallows over a fire (even though I can’t eat them)

Board games.  I love games of any kind

The intense intimacy between a man and his woman, when she is giving birth

The way water balloons feel

Little trapped worlds (like snow globes and sugar eggs and ships in a bottle)

Victorian houses


The Olympics (especially winter Olympics)

Spray bottles to mist myself with

Vanity centers (antique are best)

Moonstone / Spectralite

Any stones (or jewelry) that are translucent, ethereal and magic looking

The feel of blush brushes against my skin

Old, curvy 1950’s (or so) ford trucks

Corvette stingrays

Skipping rocks

Target practice with my rock sling

Eating snow out of a cup

The summit house, Park city resort

Light dancing on the bottom of pools

Pink roses

Stargazer lilies

Boxes of chocolates ( can’t wait for the day they make one that I can eat)

Big vegetable trays with dip for dinner

Rainbows (only the real kind)

Giant sprinklers in alfalfa fields

Frost on spider webs

Leaf skeletons

Tasteful and meaningful tattoos

Giant toy stores

Popping tar bubbles in old roads

Navajo fry bread

Mashed potatoes

Green Beans

The feeling of falling in love with someone who loves me more than anything


Watching my son sleep in the morning kissing his plump cheeks and sniffing his neck and hair (so Peaceful)

Jim Gaffigan (my favorite comedian)

Good Guided meditations

Running downhill on a trail while listening to motivating music

Natural, vegan, cruelty free makeup

Photo shoots that produce epic, time stopping photos

Shadow work

Going to a grocery store after dinner for the sole purpose of buying a large assortment of desserts (obviously not sweetened with sugar because I can’t eat sugar) to bring home and eat.

The music of Thomas Newman (my favorite musician)

Craft stores (I could get lost in them for hours dreaming about things to create)

Painting murals on walls


What is your list of favorite things?

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