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Denver, Colorado (Yes I Can)

denver-767050_1280.thumb.jpg.f45d902c9398da22fe054c0613219d84.jpgThe city was immersed in low hanging rain clouds yesterday.  Atypical of Denver (which is usually sunny), walking from building to building, one couldn’t help but feel like they had meandered into a real life replica of Gotham City (The fantasy city which was the setting for Batman).  Denver sits on the high rolling plains, 12 miles east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  It owes its birth as a major US city, to the gold rush.  Admittedly, I have spent a great deal of time in Denver.  My father’s side of the family lives there and so does my only life-long friend Lauren, whom you will probably be seeing on the upcoming documentary about my life ‘Open Shadow’.  Denver is not a particularly cohesive city.  Perhaps it owes its lack of cohesion to the fact that it is surprisingly rich in ethnic diversity.  The various areas of it have a completely different feel.  Driving around the city can be overwhelming at first because it’s like quickly driving into and out of pockets of completely different energies.  The best simile I can make is that driving through Denver is a bit like swimming in a lake where little pockets of water are either a completely different temperature or where the water is moving a completely different direction.  It is a jolt of abrupt change to the system unless you expect it.  Ready for my energy diagnosis?

defend-444565_640.jpg.5365d1fd96a735e86fd06c04932547fd.jpgThe dominant negative vibration of Denver is: Restraint.  Restraint can be summed up as a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits.  I have been unable to find an area of the city, despite the ethnic diversity where restraint is not hanging in the air like a form of energetic pollution.  And I have found that if someone is not adhering to this restraint, there will be someone else there to remind him or her or to literally restrain him or her.  If we dive deeper into this dominant negative vibration, what we find is that under restraint is a huge level of self-distrust and other distrust.  One only feels the need to keep things under control if one doubts that one is actually in control.  So we could say that deep down in the collective subconscious of the people of Denver is a fear that “I’m out of control" and/or "If I don’t keep myself in control, god only knows what could happen.”  This is the reason that Denver is a match to all its various breweries.  Beer (along with other alcohols) are the public escape.  Obviously this is not solely Denver's issue as alcohol is the collective human escape around the world.  But Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation.  The reason this is a vibrational match to Denver is because lets face it… you can’t live in an atmosphere of restraint for very long.  And so, people must find a way to lose control of themselves for a bit (let that suppressed energy out) but in a ‘safe’ and ‘socially acceptable’ way.  As a side note, I have also noticed that it is not actions that the Denver-ites feel the most out of control of.  It is their thoughts.

The dominant positive vibration of the city is the positive form of: “Settle Back”.  This is a difficult vibration to make clear to the intellect.  But to settle back is to finish dealing with something or come to rest or to get comfortable again or to end a conflict or put something back into place.  The people of Denver know how to settle back and each demographic does it in their own way.  This makes for a very interesting dichotomy energetically because there is at once this internal feeling of being out of control, as well as an external feeling of “chill” (chill as in relaxed or at ease).  The country would do well to send some Denver-ites to cities like New York, where no one has any idea of how to come to rest in order to recharge.  Or Chicago, where conflict never seems to come to an end as a result of the rage brewing in the collective subconscious.  The thing I like most about Denver is that most of the available attractions around the city, from local restaurants (especially the brunches that Denver is so famous for) to sporting events to recreation are almost all designed to provide people with the opportunity to do just that… Settle back and put themselves in a state of ease where they can finish dealing with whatever it is that they are dealing with, at least for a time.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-18-at-6.33.53-PM-300x156.png Downtown Denver felt empty and devoid of usual activity this weekend.  Most of the action was happening in the heart of the Colorado Convention Center.  A buzz of seekers, all here to attend the Hay House “I Can Do It” event.  

Teal-and-Mike-Dooley.jpegOn Saturday night, there was an author cocktail party.  I met my fellow Hay House authors.  Barbara De Angelis, Mike Dooley (we took a picture together which is posted at the bottom of this blog), John Holland, Anita Moorjani, Mike Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Lynn Mctaggart, David Kessler, Davidji, Sonia Choquette, Meggan Watterson, Kyle Gray, Kate Northrup, Tara Stiles, Liana Werner-Gray, Alberto Villoldo and Sandy Newbigging to name a few.  A collection of us went up to a bar/cafe at the top floor of the hotel and continued our conversation until almost midnight.

I flew home yesterday to stay for one night so I could spend time with my son because later today, Blake and I are boarding a plane bound for Prague.  The smell of the airport is now as familiar to me as my own house.  Seeing as Prague is my favorite city I’ve been to in the world so far, I am torn.  I am at once very happy to be back in a place that I resonate with so strongly and also feeling a good deal of unhappiness about leaving the people whom I call home, especially my son.  It does not feel natural within my body leave my family members at home for this trip.  Perhaps in the future my entourage on trips will be very large indeed!


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