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heaven-2138568_1280.thumb.jpg.5190568780748105b3d267fc57dc6f75.jpgI was not tired last night.  Instead of sleeping, I deliberately went out of body.  I felt my cells shake apart.  This time it felt as if my consciousness slipped out between the cracks in them.  I floated upwards.  I was pressed against the ceiling.  And I floated like that with my perception pressed up against the ceiling until I could decide where I wanted to go.  When the sky is no longer the limit, it gets more difficult to choose what experience you want to have.  I decided that I wanted to look at the collective consciousness of mankind.  It is one of my favorite things to check in with.  It is like a large blue print continually projected forth and altered by the human race.  To find it, you find the layer of consciousness of the planet earth and then, like flipping through horizontal layers you sort through the collective mineral consciousness, then the collective microbe consciousness, then the collective plankton consciousness, then the collective plant consciousness and then the collective insect consciousness, it is at that point that you will hit areas where the human consciousness bleeds through.  The human consciousness, like all units of consciousness, is like its own infinite library.  A library whose material begins the minute our race begins.  It contains far more than the knowledge that we are aware of today.  It is there that you can see both the beauty and the distortions within mankind’s collective mind.  A great many of my teachings come about as a result of looking at the aspects of human collective conscious that are distorted.  You could say that these aspects need healing.  I would say that they need integration.  The reason that I would say they need integration is because there is something which sets human consciousness apart from other forms of consciousness… Denial.  Around many of the negative distortions of human consciousness, there is a vibrational film that separates them from the positive aspects of human consciousness.  This film is created by the desire in people to not perceive what is negative.  It is a “self preservation” vibration.

woman-2068125_640.jpg.779e43c22ab548887447ef2a40791efb.jpgMankind is one of the species that is the most objectively self-aware.  This has its upside and its downside.  The upside is, with such a strong sense of “self”, enlightenment is often realized in human form.  The down side is, with such a strong sense of self, there is strong motivation to have a positive sense of self, this means anything about the self that is perceived as negative is often denied.  The human consciousness becomes unaware of it because the human consciousness has developed many beliefs which have made negative not ok.  When we make something “not ok” we cannot admit to its existence.  We must think we are good to such a degree that we cannot open up our vision wide enough to recognize aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment.  Denial prevents us from moving forward as a species because we cannot even admit to what there is to transform.  Denial is so much a part of the human consciousness since our species gained the ability to objectively conceptualize of identity, that denial is now a self-preservation function of the human brain.  Denial is a defense mechanism.  It is fascinating to me (when I am not directly suffering because of it) that human consciousness tries to protect itself from itself.

Why are we unable to admit to an obvious truth?  I suppose I should say, Why, (when we are in denial) is obvious truth not obvious to us?  Denial  allows the ego to protect itself from things that the ego is convinced it cannot cope with.  For example, if we are attached to the idea of being the best mother, we usually develop extreme resistance to the idea of not being a good mother.  We feel as if we cannot cope with the possibility that we are not a good mother.  This is where denial kicks in.  The ego protects you from objectively seeing yourself because of the potential of pain.  It sweeps the times you were a “bad mother” under the rug and only allows you to selectively remember the times when when you were a “good mother”.  You have stopped seeing the truth of yourself objectively.  Your reality now consists only of what you want to believe.  You have whitewashed over everything unsightly.  Denial is a big part of spiritual bypassing.

Many of our spiritual practices are in fact not spiritual practices, they are excuses not to see or feel certain things that down deep we are afraid exist or are true.  We call this spiritual bypassing.  Selective focus for the purpose of manifestation is not the same thing as denial.  But selective focus for the purpose of manifestation serves as a very good excuse to go into a state of denial.  When we teach people to use their emotional guidance system by following their joy, people do set themselves free to create the reality that they envision.  But the trap of this particular path is that all other emotions become “unacceptable” and one runs from unacceptable feelings.  Denial keeps these unacceptable feelings out of one’s consciousness.  Denial is not only about flat our rejection of an evident truth.  It is also about minimizing the importance of something that is evidently true.  Truth is of course its own subject.

If we are denying or suppressing something, it means we are resisting something.  So by encouraging someone to deny or suppress, we encourage them to resist.  We need to allow and explore whatever we feel the need to deny, even if it is just a possibility.  The longer we are in denial, the harder it is to come out of it.  It is possible to positively focus on something without denying the negative.

The rule of thumb is… If we have extreme resistance to the idea of something being true, we are probably in denial about somethingAnd the more committed we are to AVOIDING our painful emotions, the more in denial we will be.  Yet another reason that spirituality 2.0 is so crucial to our progression.

There is a very big difference between creating the kind of world we would prefer (which involves admitting to the truth of how the world is currently) and covering a murder scene with yellow paint so it does not feel so bad.

It is time to see beyond the façade.


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