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Dear Fractal

I spent last night out of body again.  There is no need to explain where I went or what I was doing because it is our opinion (myself and those I visited with) that those details would serve as a distraction to what I am about to say.  All I need say is that I have returned with a message for you at this time.  It is my wish that you would take these words to heart and let them do what they will there.  And so, without further ado, here is the message:

pedestrians-400811_640.jpg.deceba8fbc3a8c60d4f1cb9d8ee56e7c.jpg“Dearest Being; Fractal of the Whole that you are,

Society exists as a hypnotic state.  A great sleep.  We awaken from this sleep when we are ready because the sleep no longer serves us.  Today, more of you are awakening than ever before.  We are sleeping in different beds.  This bed is called Muslim, the other is called Hindu, the other is called Christian and on and on it goes;  endless separate beds to sleep in.  It is only when we awaken that we realize that none of us were born in separate beds.  You were not born a Christian, You were not born a Hindu, you were not born Muslim.  You cannot be any of these things because consciousness cannot and does not belong to any sect.  The very idea of sect defies the most fundamental truth of our being-ness, which is oneness.  The separation upon separation, upon separation you experience in this physical form was born of the thought "I".  It has given rise to the perception of contrast; It has created for you a daunting world; a world that you feel intimidated by.  You keep looking out into this vast, competitive sea of people.  They all seem to be doing fine.  They all seem to be succeeding.  Deep down, you feel like you are in over your head.  You feel as if you are not up to the task of living.  You feel like something is wrong with you because you don’t feel the way that other people feel about being here.  Whilst they seem to be thriving in this world, like fish in the sea, you feel like a fish out of water.  This world is too complicated, too hard, too harsh, too lonely and too against you… Lend me your ear so I may tell you a secret.  THE SECRET IS EVERYONE FEELS THAT WAY.

mental-health-3285625_640.png.4e2baf0fdef7d55156c392363de7bf31.pngSome people are more adept at the internally damaging act of acting as if they are at home here.  They have perfected the art of suppression and denial and they have adapted.  But in the adaptation, they have abandoned the truth of themselves completely.  The truth is, we are all fish out of water because this particular time space reality was designed so.  This society feels out of our hands.  This lifestyle is too complicated for every person that is part of it, this world is too harsh and everyone feels like they are in over their heads.  Everyone feels intimidated by his or her life here on this planet.  Everyone feels intimidated by each other.  The grand façade is that no one admits that this is so.  But they pray to us both consciously and subconsciously so that no one else will know that they feel so alone and unequal to the task of living.  After hearing these prayers belonging to over seven billion people, we have decided it is time to place a crack in the façade by revealing you to each other for who you really are and how you really feel.  Beyond the façade, you are unified.  Unified in your collective perception that this world is too difficult to navigate.  You try and try to get it right.  You try to figure out how to survive it.  You try to figure out how to thrive.  Your problem is that you assume that you are the only one who came here ill equipped to handle life itself.  Look around yourself.  The billionaire executive projects forth the same prayers as the homeless man on the street.  Deep down they are the same person with the exact same fears.  The only thing separating one from the other is a suit and a tie.  The only thing separating them is their unwillingness to associate with one another.  They are still caught in the dream like sleep.  They are still sleeping in beds that convince them that they are different.

black-and-white-1283234_640.jpg.e31d8ecc77beb59e3d7ef5f10f0006bf.jpgAdmit it to one another.  Admit how you truly feel about this world.  And when one person admits it, don’t run around trying to comfort them or change the way they feel.  This is nothing more than an attempt to get them to put their mask back on.  It is a profound act of self-rejection to comfort someone else about this world and try to make them feel good about this world when you, yourself don’t even feel comfort and don’t feel good about this world.  Admit to where you are and how you feel, knowing that this is a state that is always in flux.  Don’t lie to yourself with affirmations.  Don’t lie to the world by pretending to be who you want to be whilst rejecting who you are in this moment.  You only want to be different than who you really are because long ago, someone rejected the truth of you and you have been trying to mold yourself into something false so as to be accepted ever since.  A beautiful thing happens when you expose yourself for who you are and how you truly feel.  A beautiful thing happens when you admit that you are not up to the task of living in this world… you are set free from the struggle of trying to master it.  You are set free from the prison of pretending that you are so good at breathing air, when really you are a fish out of water.  When you stop trying so hard to maintain the image of success (whatever figment of the imagination that may be), you realize how exhausting it is to live a lie.  You will only create the world that every one of you wants to see, (even those who currently make your world otherwise) when you are willing to wake up to where the world is and start pouring your energy towards a different vision of the world instead. This world is a world of boxes; boxes within boxes within boxes.  The more narrow you become, the more you suffer.  But your willingness to be real is like a box cutter.  It shreds the boxes that separate you from each other.  You are only united in our realness.  But in order to be real and thus united, you must decide that it is worth the potential rejection you will feel from the people who are currently sleeping in separate beds.  You must decide that the self-camaraderie that comes with true authenticity is worth the potential rejection you will feel from people who currently feel safer in boxes.”

Love, Yourself

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