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brick-wall-3136104_640.jpg.d980d4c66d1f42681f8788cb308f6d84.jpgI am sitting in my hotel room on the 19th floor, staring at thousands of man-hours of brick laying labor out the window.  It is slightly painful to think about how much effort it must have taken to build this extraordinary building years ago.  This building burnt down during the Great Chicago Fire.  It was re built and now it stands like an old miser in the middle of the modernized city. Chicago is like a southern gumbo soup, you never know what you’re going to get.  There are so many “ingredients” and they vary so greatly that the flavors don’t necessarily go together but there is something wholesome about the experience of partaking in it.  This city truly is a cultural hub.  There is no monotony anywhere to be found.  No monotony amongst the people, no monotony amongst the architecture, no monotony amongst the experiences that one can have here. 

When I go places the first two things people want to know are 1. What the dominant negative vibration of the city is and 2. What the dominant positive vibration of the city is.  In Chicago, the dominant negative vibration is: Rage.  Rage is the undercurrent of the shadow side of people’s psyches in Chicago.  There is this collective vibration of “fed up”.  It is as if people want you to give them a reason to “snap” and let go of the tension.  Anger radiates off of the people here.  It is a seething heat that exists just under the surface and leaks out through the angry facial expressions.  Upon landing, there is a feeling that you need to buy some armor and mind your own business.  It is an improvement upon the powerless depression inherent in some cities.  But you definitely feel like you entered a kind of emotional battleground here.  The congregation of emotional heat that comes from the anger here actually creates its own auditory noise for an extrasensory.  If you can’t audibly hear it, is felt in the body as a static sensation.  People here are secretly afraid of the world.  The contrasting side of Chicago is that there is an emotional hostility here, not necessarily aimed at anyone in particular, but projected outwards like an electric current.  Growing up in that environment of hostility makes children first enter a state of grief because the world is not loving and soft, but because grief is seen as incapacitating and therefore a vulnerability, it is quickly covered over and thus the child eventually joins the ranks and perpetuates the very hostility that caused their original grief upon coming into this environment.

architecture-boat-ferry-boats-2535631.jpg.2e7af39da6ce069733993194b6d28f4c.jpgThe dominant positive vibration of Chicago is:  Innovation.  The contrast of anger has created great motivation for change.  This city has a revolutionary energy.  The energy coming off of the impoverished areas of this city are as powerless as anywhere I’ve seen in the modern, first world cities, but leaking from them is a craving for a solution.  And this drive towards better and towards solution is what has made Chicago the capital of industry.  Between the art and the food and the cultural expression and the business advances etc. this city is moving.  The people in it are moving and it is determined to move forward.  The struggle that is inherent in any fight either for or against something, like sweat has stained this city.  But beautiful creations have come from the intensity of the desires born from here.

Chicago, as far as American cities go, is an aesthetically pleasing city.  It is littered with parks and architectural art.  This city looks and feels like Gotham city from the Batman comic books.  The skyscrapers rise, seemingly at odd angles into the clouds.  The low mist clouds loom over and around them as if something epic is about to happen.  Looking up at them, one can’t help but feel as if they might catch a glimpse of some superhero is swinging from building to building.  I was not expecting it, but masonic energy is the power foundation of Chicago.  All over the city, woven into the architecture are masonic symbols and design elements.  It gives the buildings a very old world patriarchal power kind of energy.

chicago-cloud-gate-maple-leaves-1823729.jpg.bb81d3933fcfc041d00ae5c035aa5363.jpgLast night, I walked into a city park nearby and walked beneath the iconic Cloud Gate sculpture while a brilliant cover band was playing Led Zeppelin and tourists were taking pictures of each other against the mirrored sides of the structure.  I walked into a garden area close by it and found myself staring at a field of salvia and Echinacea flowers.  I thought I was “seeing stars” in my visual field from being dehydrated but then I realized that what I was looking at was actually a field full of fireflies.  I have only seen them one other time in my life, when I was a child.  We do not have fireflies where I live.  Like a child again, I stood there staring at them sparkle sporadically like little sparks or pixies above the buds and blooms of the flowers.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  Behind this magic, fantasy like garden that was overgrown with rich greens and pinks and purples and sparking fireflies, the megalithic skyscrapers rose in the background, reaching far into the lilac colored twilight sky.

Zach-and-Teal-copy-2.jpgHaving filmed a podcast on obesity here already, tomorrow is the main event of this trip, the synchronization workshop.  Seeing as how we are in a mercury retrograde, it should be very interesting to see how this grand scale communication event will go.  I can say that mercury retrogrades set a brilliant stage for shadow work, so there will be a lot of that on stage tomorrow.  I am going to settle myself and express my love and gratitude tonight by cooking for a group of people.  Chicago is a capital food city.  And so, it is fitting that I am in Chicago both for an obesity podcast.  Until we graduate to a society that does not take in its energy from anything else, we have the opportunity to celebrate the unanimously precious art form called food. And now I’m off to explore more of the city and the people in it.

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