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Blood and Soil' They Cried

‘Blood and Soil’ they cried.  ‘Blood and Soil’ etched across banners, wielded like flags on a battlefield.  Only this battle was fought long ago.  Was it not?  So many people seemed to think so.  And yet, here it is… resurrected.  ‘Blood and Soil’, the relationship between man and the land they claim.  A romantic notion that was sold as ink, but that was in fact written in human blood. 

Einsatzgruppe_shooting.jpgThe Nazis believed that purity would be restored to the land by a eugenics program.  They believed that returning to the purity of the land and to the select ‘type’ who deserved it would be the cure for so many of the problems plaguing the world.  Those who deserved it…  A concept infected with implication so dark that no one could even conceive of the implication, until its implication was exacted upon the world.  The implication was that all who did not fit into that idealized category would be eradicated.  The Nazis of Germany targeted many groups of people who did not fit into the box of their ‘ideal race’.  What I am speaking of is genocide.  Genocide of the sick and the healthy.  Genocide of the rich and the poor.  Genocide of the young, the old and everything in-between.  They believed that a person’s characteristics, attitudes, abilities and behavior was determined by their racial makeup.  They believed that it was transmitted like a disease from one generation to the next and that no man could overcome that infection.  They targeted Jews (not for their religion but for the ‘characteristics’ they believed were inherent to the group).  They targeted people with disabilities.  They targeted Romanian gypsies, Poles, Soviet prisoners, homosexuals, Jehovah witnesses, people with black skin (especially Afro-Germans).  And anyone who opposed their ideologies.  They believed that to not eradicate these inferior groups of people, was to be eradicated themselves.

statue-of-liberty-271430_640.jpg"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"  These are the words etched on our statue of liberty…  The symbol of America.  I was born and raised in America.  America is my home.  And as an American, I stand by those words that forged the foundation of the ideology of the country I call home.  But today, watching so many of my ‘fellow country men’ I feel like France should sail here and take the statue back.  Today, we do not deserve it.  We do not deserve to lie to the world like that.  The statue of liberty does not say "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! ... Except if you’re Black or Jewish or Middle Eastern or Mexican "   

On August 12th, a protest was organized by a group of white supremacists intent on asserting the legitimacy of white culture by defending the legacy of the confederacy.  For anyone who doesn’t know, the confederacy was the group of states fighting in the 1800s for the right to keep slaves (black slaves to be exact).  Robert E. Lee was a confederate icon.  The progression of collective human consciousness therefore has recognized him as a villain and not a hero.  As such, the statue of him in Charlottesville, Virginia was going to be removed.  But then, the protesters showed up.  Like termites coming out of the woodwork, they appeared.  And the sheer amount of them was a shock to the senses.  And so did the counter protesters.  They faced off and eventually a state of emergency was declared.  When a group of the counter protesters moved away from the conflict, a Nazi sympathizer rammed his Dodge Challenger into the crowd, killing one and injuring dozens.  In a twist of fate, a state police helicopter called to respond to the conflict, crashed, killing two pilots. 

accident-action-armed-2348809.jpgThe protesters were part of a group that is now calling themselves “The Alt-Right”.  A group of white nationalists, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and radical far right political advocates.  The event has spurred protests across the country.  In a state of mortified shock, the rest of the country has watched as colleagues, family members, employees and acquaintances are ‘removing their hoods’ so to speak and coming out of their closets in support of what we thought no modern man could ever support.  We have watched our own president come out publicly to condemn the counter-protesters and be thanked publicly by the white nationalist leader David Duke.   The shock in this country is palpable and so is the conflict.  It is the atmosphere that has preceded so many civil wars throughout history.       

I have been honest that what we are collectively headed towards in the world (not just in the country) is a collective awakening.  The problem with awakening moments throughout history, whether they are personal or collective is that suffering tends to be the method of awakening.  We had one such awakening in the world 72 years ago, with the Second World War.  The poetic horror of course is that the very same ideologies that led us into that dark night of the collective human soul are the very same ideologies now being held as banners; the very same chants being cried in the streets.  And what we know about universal expansion is that if a lesson isn’t learned the first time, the lesson comes back bigger the second time.  And if it isn’t learned the second time, the lesson comes back bigger the third time.  Those of us who have already learned the lesson are now the teachers.  Teachers who can only hope our voice will cut through the unconsciousness of our fellow men.

Whenever movement occurs towards an expanded form of consciousness, we encounter the ‘protest’.  We experience a polarization.  The old clashes violently against the new.  You can consider it a final revival of what is destined to die in the name of progression.  You can see this in your own life.  And you can see it in the world…  Unconsciousness clashing violently against the movement of consciousness.  It will not cease until the collective experiences an awakening, no matter how many lives that costs us.  This is why awakening is no longer a luxury for the human race.  It is a necessity. 

Many people considered themselves to be ‘awake’ before this recent conflict occurred.  But if we were awake, why were we so surprised?  Why were we so surprised by the sheer number of people who came out of the woodwork to support what we consider atrocity?  As a spiritual leader, I will stand on the side of awakening and say that amidst all of this atrocity, there is something necessary that is arising…  An end is coming to the façade.

man-1461448_640.jpgFor years, these white nationalists, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and radical far right political advocates hid behind hoods, closed doors and then pretenses.  The only people who truly saw them were the people they targeted.  The African Americans always saw it.  They’ve been screaming at the top of their lungs about it for years.  The Mexicans saw it.  The Jews saw it.  Anyone who looked as if they could possibly come from the Middle East saw it.  Racism has lurked in the shadows of the collective consciousness, like a phantom only making itself known to its direct victims.  But now, it is in plain view.  All of us can see it.  Or can we?

People keep asking me “What can I do to help?” about this situation in the United States.  I have two answers.  The first is to make sure you are on the right side of history if you are ever put in a position to have to choose sides (which as a teacher of integration is the last position I would ever want to see any of us in).  Men like Robert. E Lee (or shall I say his statue) found this out the hard way.  The second answer, which is far more important, is to become aware of the racism within yourself and face it directly. 

Something that continues to be an impediment to awakening is the moral superiority of the human ego.  For this reason, I am not concerned with the white nationalists, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and radical far right political advocates.  They already know they are racist.  Now, they are flying banners in support of racism in the streets.  The problem is that they don’t see any problem with being racist.  Instead, I am concerned with the racism that lurks deeper in the collective human consciousness.  This is not the racism that leads to prejudice or lynchings or genocide.  But it is the racism that continues to feed the separation between men.  And this form of racism occurs within us all.  It occurs even within the minds of men who consider themselves to be the very most liberal and the very most anti-racist people walking our planet today.  If we want awakening within our species, we are going to have to recognize the things within us that we do not want to recognize...  The things we defiantly insist aren’t there.  This means if we are going to end racism, we are going to have to admit that it is there.

men-311308_640.pngRacism is no longer a subject that is up for debate.  It has been scientifically proven that even the most ‘accepting’ and ‘liberal’ among us react differently (even if just our heart rate) when we are exposed to different races.  Some of this is simply because for millions of years, our species has evolved to avoid the unfamiliar and dangerous.  Anything that is “unfamiliar” or “other” than us is naturally something we cannot predict or understand.  This makes it a potential threat.  We are not at ease around it.  We may be curious but we are weary.  The natural distrust could stop there.  But it doesn’t.  It doesn’t because the human mind loves to categorize.  We do this so that we can stay safe.  Judgment is a critical part of survival.  If we are being charged by a thousand pound wild animal, we don’t have time to think about whether it is a threat or not.  Our mind takes previous things we’ve been told and previous things we’ve experienced and sorts it into a category so that the minute we see those things, it’s liked to a certain response.  You can consider judgment the thing that helps us navigate our external world.  In alignment with these judgments, what is ‘me and mine’ vs. what is ‘other’ was a very important thing to figure out.  This is how we worked out a sense of belonging, which was also liked to survival.  Our survival depended on 'our group’.

No child is born a bigot.  No child is born a white supremacist.  No child is born hating whites.  They are educated into this judgment.  They encounter life experiences as well that lead them to this judgment.  And whether you like it or not, because the human mind likes to generalize and categorize and stereotype, these judgments exist and they constantly effect how we experience the world.  The path of awakening takes you straight to the mirror.  You become aware of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions…  Every subtle reaction that you have to the world.  

Those of us who identify ourselves as Anti Racists also need to become aware of the racism within us.  We need to face it directly so that we can corrode the separation between us as people.  We need to see that this collective problem is within us all.  It is in you if you lock the car door when a black man walks by you on the street.  It is in you if you feel totally surprised when a Hispanic man turns out to be rich.  It is in you if you are afraid that the Middle Eastern taxi driver you just got into the car with might be a terrorist.  It is in you if the only thing you can think of when you think of taxi driver is a Middle Eastern man.  It is in you if you assume a white woman has lived a pampered and sheltered life.  Any ethnic stereotype is the seed of racism, most especially negative ones, because any ethnic stereotype can and often does lead to prejudice, antagonism, discrimination and the belief that your own ethnic group is superior.  And the reality is, whether we like it or not and whether we express it or not, we can all feel it in each other.  It is like the elephant in the room.         

The problem with our attachment to morality and with that, political correctness, is it puts the ego in the position to sweep things we might judge as ‘not ok’ within us, under the rug of our own awareness.  We might be the person who locks the car door when a black man walks by and the next day, attend a black lives matter rally.  This is a split within our psyche.  A split that we can never remedy and an ethnic stereotype we can never remedy because we can never admit to it within ourselves. 

police-1167101_640.jpgThe majority of the racism we experience is the result of pain we have experienced or pain we anticipate experiencing.  For example, if a child is raised in a house where their parents are constantly saying things about blacks like, “They are like animals.”  “They will replace us”.  “They are dangerous”. “They are dirty”.  And blaming them for everything that is going wrong in their family’s lives, a child is going to grow up anticipating that blacks = pain and even annihilation.  Instead of addressing this vulnerability of pain and fear directly and allowing themselves to have a different experience of blacks, they will unconsciously respond to blacks with attack and defense (prejudice) as if they are a threat. They may grow up to attend a rally like we saw in Charlottesville. 

You need not shame yourself for the racism within you.  Instead you need to find and care-take the vulnerability, fear and expectation of pain inherent within your racism so that you can help yourself as well as others to allow for a different experience relative to whatever you fear.  By doing so, we can come closer together.  We can take each other out of the category of “other”.                 

In the name of genuinely ending racism, I ask you to become conscious of the racism within you today.  Write a list of ethnic groups (including your own) and next to each one, write a list of all the ethnic judgments and stereotypes you hold towards that group.  Allow yourself to do this without thinking about it, as if you are allowing your subconscious to run away with you without any brakes.  When you look at these lists, can you see how the negative racial judgments have already or could lead to prejudice, antagonism, discrimination or the belief that your own ethnic group is superior?  Do not shame yourself for this.  It doesn’t mean there is anything bad or wrong about you.  It means you are becoming conscious of the hidden and suppressed vulnerability within you.  Underneath every one of those judgments is vulnerability.  What is the origin of your racial judgments?  Look underneath every one of them to see if you had any painful experiences that led to them.  Look under every one of them to see if they originated from something you might have been told once.  The vulnerabilities underneath these judgments are real, even if the judgments themselves are not a reflection of what is objectively real.  From there, you can question our own judgments and even challenge them.   

When we separate out the vulnerability that is causing us to form these racial judgments from the validity of the judgments themselves, we can change them without invalidating and suppressing the pain or fear we feel.  There is an opening within our being to have a different and positive experience with people of the specific race that we judged; one that opens us to other people, instead of closes us to them.  If we were willing to hear, see, feel, understand and hold the vulnerability behind these racial judgments for each other, we could heal each other.  We could integrate instead of uphold the segregation we still experience in the world, and bigotry of any kind would eventually end.  But we have to be brave enough to do this…  You have to be brave enough to do this.

“Blood and Soil” we should cry.  Not in support of the superiority of a specific race or even of a specific species.  But in support of every sentient being and the land that gives us all life.    

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Thank you for your thoughtful analysis. We need to remember that we are here to learn from each other and about ourselves. If you want to change the world, start with the person in the mirror.

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Contrary to popular belief, I don't think white supremasist are racist. I know I will probably shock every reader on this site, but I think that there is only one race, the Human race ( skin color don't matter as fur color don't dictate race for cats or dogs ) and if we stop being angry and fear what we hate, we can learn that by "creating" minorities ( by categorising them by their "fur" colors like Mexican or Black), we are "creating" the alt-right also( the people that hate one type of "fur" and love one type of "fur"). Alt-right hate minorities as much as the leftist (us) hate the alt-right ( them ). How is this different? Because we are so self-righteous? Come on!

I don't want any "minorities" (so racist to call them this way in my opinion ) to be hurt. Equally, I don't want any "majorities" ( see my point now? ) to be hurt. All I'm saying is if you go to some alternative school that teach you to love everyone except "these" person ( nazi people to use the worst case ), maybe they don't really teach real love and if you go to a neo-nazi school that teach to hate everyone except "these" people ( friends, famillies ), maybe they don't really teach real hate. Maybe both school teach life.

If you think I'm defending a group or an idea right now and you feel you have to have an opposite opinion than me to feel superior or more gooder ( the goodest maybe ) than me, go for it. I don't care. I just want new ideas to not be old idea in new clothing and that in 50 years a leftist decide to kill all white heterosexual humans ( female included ) because they think being white and not gay is a sickness that need to be eradicated ( Germans also thought it was impossible when they ELECTED Hitler ).


Peace and love everyone!

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Saw this today, written by a black woman:

"There is NO reason whatsoever to fight "White Supremacy" in fact it is stupid.

White Supremacy is dying and nothing or no one can stop the demise.. There is a LOT of "angst" and understandably so because humanity is 'shifting" at an accelerated speed.

What you fight you attract. Talking about racism,attracts racism..

Talking about White Supremacy attracts more..
IF folks had stayed home on Saturday there would have been NO counter protest and no one would be dead.

It would've been insignificant, and not relevant.
WE created significance, relevance and tragic loss of life and injury

it is insane to "fight" the darkness...turn on the "light"

What happened Saturday was avoidable. What can we learn from it? What can we do differently?

Blaming White People gives them power they no longer have and serves to diminish your own power.

Healing must start with ourselves. I know this for sure... Asking someone else to heal when we are not willing to heal ourselves is hypocrisy and scapegoating..

WE are One nation. We ALL are responsible and accountable. 
 RISE and LEAD with an open heart and compassion...


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I would like to ask an opinion. One of my best friends is a cop and he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Now my question is what is the difference between the riots where innocent people were getting hurt and property destroyed but no one was really held responsible. Where is looking at the whole picture where there is a bigger issue in creating energy by saying well blm can do what ever it wants and they are excused. But another group that was violent needs to be persecuted and destroyed. Without looking at the whole picture you create diversity and conflict. Which can stem to prejudice. It should be held in the same regard. The same standard. No ones life is worth any more than another.there is no balance between race or sex and no one seems to want to listen to understand the other

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When I see black people, I feel honor and admiration.  I feel that darkness is what gave birth to light.  

But I have some healing to do with regards to Hispanic men and sexual aggression

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When I see white people I expect them to look down at me and to be racist. When I see black people I expect them to be aggressive and disrespectful and I feel pretty tense. When I see middle-eastern men, I expect them to be sexist and I do my best to avoid them. Today I am facing my racism and I go in the direction of healing, thank you Teal.

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'Blood and Soil' they cried. Excellent blog uncovering the hidden root causes of "racism" -in every person- and the apparent all is well with USA consciousness that the country attempts to sell around the world disguised into well fabricated: "we stand for democracy, freedom, human rights" but it goes without saying "if you follow me". You are either with me or against me; but even if you were not with me, if you have something I dearly need, then I make it appear as i you are with me.

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The hairdresser Tearesa Trywig noticed that the captain had finished reading the book How to copy Harry's Hole-in-one , so she informed him that his pet sea-chimpanzee named Irish Coffee had just 3% genome difference compared to an average 1st class passenger, then recommending a shortcut wig from the french Toulouse producer What2lose ...  

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Ok fasten your seatbelts here I go...:


Every person I see on the street I judge..

."authentic - not authentic"

"scared and following others - confident and idepended"

"smart - dump"

"fat  - thin"

"unconscious - conscious"

I look at how people are dressed and draw conclusions about their amount of self-love and self-care. I judge people who don't  care of their appearance and think they make themselves small and meaningless...

YES....every not-western man I distrust when it comes to man-woman relationships.... I expect them to be sexist, looking down at women..

And I judge western man as well.... "no passion", "not masculine"...

I judge women because of their behavior avoiding conflict..... changing their voice depending on who they talk to.. .alert all the time regarding "what is my social status"....

And so on..

I have an "ideal" picture of how the perfect human being should be.... : in fact not-human.

And at the same time.... I watch myself doing this judging thing and I realize how much work I have to do. I is clear I am  judging myself. There still is so much self-hate in me..not accepting all those parts of me I see I see mirrored in others.  I also act, I also am scared and alert, I care too much about my appearance...I have high goals regarding spiritual development....I am not disciplined..not conscious  a lot of time...very materialistic...very controlling...very not-zen

But I do feel grateful I found shadow work. I am facing all those monsters in me.. and slowly..very slowly something is changing.. I sometimes suddenly realize I feel compassion and love for somebody I would normally judge... I suddenly notice stregth in somebody I always thought was weak... And I see how my confidence is not confidence at all... It is just an avatar personality of mine who knows how to scare the shit of other people by acting confident.. just like my dog who starts barking at other dogs with no reason but to look scary because actually she is the one who is scared..

Very slowly things change...

I feel grateful I have a wonderful partner and together we can have a good laugh at our poor selves.

I feel grateful I found Teal...

Time to get premium membership now!!




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Growing up in the South the former Confederate states in the US I am all to aware of the racism that exists. In a College English class almost 20 years ago the issue of racism was discussed.Most of my fellow students were 18-22 recent high school white and privileged they didn't think it could happen here again it was all a thing of the past. I was the only older returning student and i assured them that yes there were still people who felt that way and who would appear if the economy took a nose dive. It did and here we are.  Thank you Teal!

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14 hours ago, FredericJ said:

Contrary to popular belief, I don't think white supremasist are racist. I know I will probably shock every reader on this site, but I think that there is only one race, the Human race ( skin color don't matter as fur color don't dictate race for cats or dogs ) and if we stop being angry and fear what we hate, we can learn that by "creating" minorities ( by categorising them by their "fur" colors like Mexican or Black), we are "creating" the alt-right also( the people that hate one type of "fur" and love one type of "fur"). Alt-right hate minorities as much as the leftist (us) hate the alt-right ( them ). How is this different? Because we are so self-righteous? Come 


Hello there, interesting commnet. I agree with with you when you said that by creating minorities, we are creating  " separation", or Alt right. However, the rest of your comment was really long  and did not explain why white supremacists are not racista in your view. 

As as I understand, white supremacists, believe the white race is superior/ supreme, above other races; which in turn makes the other races inferior to white race. Now, isn't believing other races are inferior called racism? And. Let's not forget that the idea of being above or below someone is not oneness. Oneness= you and me are  the  same/ equal. I agree with teal that denying to accept that racism exists is a big part of the problem. 



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I have to say racism is a big problem in the USA, to the point that even some religious people are racist. I live in Utah where the majority are mormons and racism here is bad, of course you notice this if you are a minority or if you befriend a minority person. Otherwise, most mormons think utha is heaven.

my first year of college in Utah, one of my roommates (Caucasian) , started dating a man from Colombia. They got engaged and were very much in love. Both of them were mormons as well as their families. One day her family came to pay her a visit to let her know that if she didn't stop the wedding, they would not pay for her college tuition, food, room and board any longer. she had to choose between her man and her family. The family even contacted the bishop in the area to talk to her a about it. In the end , after a  lot of conflict and many days  crying, she agreed to stop the wedding. The family  inmediately transfered her to another university in a  different town far away. I was very upset about this family claiming  to be followers of  Christ when the truth is that they were just super racist. Of course, in their eyes, they saw no problem with this. years have  passed and I have met many racist people in  Utah who find no  problem with harrassing minorities and then go to church the  next day like nothing happened.  The Level of hypocrisy and  unconsciousness is  shocking. 

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 Teal I have followed you for many years but I feel this time you drop the ball on this one. If you are going to talk about politics and social issues, please do your research before blogging about it.  I have a few issues that I will write about in response with links to sources so that you can have a better-rounded perspective on the situation. Just because you are a spiritual teacher, I do not think makes you immune to propaganda.  “We have watched our own president come out publicly to condemn the counter-protesters and be thanked publicly by the white nationalist leader David Duke.   The shock in this country is palpable and so is the conflict.” As much as people dislike Donald Trump, it is not good to mischaracterize him. What happened is that he decried the violence on both sides. In addition, the so-called counter protesters were not simply peaceful protesters they were organized and are part of a violent communist group known as ANTIFA. Further proof of ANTIFA violence. You have been speaking about a brush fire engulfing the country and possibly the world more or less. I doubt and I hope that the brush fire that you have been talking about is not a communist revolution. I doubt I need to link here how much blood has been spilled in communist/socialist revolutions and anyone that supports those ideologies or believes they are better than the Nazis are either stupid or willfully blind. About the statues, yeah that can be up for debate but I do not believe that you racing history is the right way to go. Robert E Lee was originally a northern general. The Civil War was as most wars a multifaceted (banker funded) war and slavery was just a good issue to make sure Americans could willfully murder one another.  It was the white Christian nations that were the first to abolish slavery. In addition, the Middle Eastern countries are and were the last to abolish slavery. “We might be the person who locks the car door when a black man walks by and the next day, attend a black lives matter rally.Black lives matter is just as much a threat freedom and loving one another as white supremacist groups it is simply the other way around and does not make it any less racist. Black supremacy and white supremacy are the same.  This is getting long so in closing if you are going to call out one side and hold one side of an issue to a standard, you must also hold the other side to the same exact standard. In my opinion Charlottesville was a false flag in order to cause further division in chaos in the country; we do not have to play their game we can choose peace instead.

I am open to dialoguing with anyone that is in opposition or support of what I have presented. I do think that Teal does have a decent idea about people recognizing natural predispositions about people of different race. I personally think a better solution is for people to speak to the people from all perspectives, race, nationality, political ideology, spirituality etc. Humans can either fight or dialogue those are the only two options. Much love have a great week.

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Thank you, Teal, for sharing this. As a black woman I have always been aware of the racism and have experienced it myself so I was not surprised at the event but, hope people could finally wake up and see what has always been happening in this country.  When you said, "African Americans always saw it," it brought me to tears. Finally, someone could see the pain and didn't deny it or want to. I can recognize my prejudice against white people, Mexicans, and even blacks because of my experiences but, I am willing to change because I truly want to live in a world where we can celebrate each other's difference and love each other.  Thank you, again.

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