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Auckland, New Zealand

auckland-216820_640.jpgThe church bells cry out to the city that surrounds them.  The sound is heard by the sky city tower nearby, but it is quickly muffled out by the expanse of surrounding buildings.  I have returned to New Zealand instead of visited for the first time.  When I was a toddler, my parents lived with me in New Zealand for nearly a year.  We spent most of our time on a sheep farm in Christchurch.  I developed a love affair with both pavalova (the national dessert) and vegemite (an intensely salty condiment many people love here).  I learned how to ride a horse here.  I remember so much from that period of time.

My parents like to joke that the first hint of my purpose and future career came through in New Zealand.  They had taken me into a local Maori church.  When they decided it was time to go, I threw a fit.  I got down in the floor and held on and refused to leave.

vacations-2076121_640.jpgI love New Zealand.  Aesthetically, it rivals Switzerland.  New Zealand boasts landscapes that you can hardly believe exist naturally in the world when you see them.  It is overwhelmingly beautiful.  However, with the exception of the Maori culture, there is a neutrality in the culture here that makes the flavor of the people very hard for the heart to taste.  This can lead to a feeling of emptiness when interacting with them instead of palpable connection.  Of all the places to visit in New Zealand, I think Auckland is the last on my list so far.  At the risk of upsetting the people who are identified with the city itself, I will say that Auckland is a city absent of thick personal flavor.  It seems to be a place people just… end up.  I imagine that given enough time here, you would be able to piece together a kind of life that felt good.  You’d be able to find the hidden places and people here that resonate with you.  But the spice of life has not reached Auckland enough that it immediately presents itself to you.

new-zealand-654980_640.pngBefore diving into the diagnosis of the dominant negative and positive vibrations of this city, I will tell you that when we were guided to bring a workshop to New Zealand, I was confused.  I thought to myself, “why the hell would I need to go there?”  After all, my presence is taken to where it is needed in this line of work.  It is not as if I am called out of body at night to New Zealand.  There is no desperate collective misery here or disaster or extreme poverty.  But after a day here, it became absolutely obvious why I am here.  I am here because there is almost no momentum or expansion happening in this part of New Zealand.  The downside to not having to face real struggle or contrast is that no strong desire is born within you.  Instead, a pervasive boredom settles over the being.  There is a sense of un-fullfillment with no real concrete knowing of what is unfulfilled.

This is a problem when the universe itself favors expansion.  Pockets of existence that do not serve expansion begin to serve no purpose universally and are “marked for re-boot” so to speak.  Often it is the earth itself that participates in wiping the slate clean in this way.  For this reason, Auckland is a match to natural disaster in its current state.  Earthquake is the highest potential at this time.

I love so many of the people in New Zealand.  They tend to be sweet so a part of me feels really afraid of hurting their feelings by writing this blog.  So many of the people of Auckland live in a state of animated death.  Very little passion or direction springs forth from their being.

traffic-sign-108779_640.jpgThe dominant negative vibration of Auckland is: Inertia.  Inertia is a kind of passivity, which takes many forms in Auckland; but the most noticeable form is an unwillingness to participate in life in an active way.  The inertia in Auckland is enough to make you want to just take off in a direction running and yelling.  When you have an interaction with the average person, you begin to feel as if you’re acting upon them instead of like there is an exchange.  I have noticed that the members of the team I flew here have felt guilty after interactions more so during this trip than usual.  This is because the general demographic is so passive that you are automatically put in the role of the aggressor during interactions.  Many people here lack a solid sense of self. The feeling in the city is like everyone is just floating through life at the mercy of external influences and is ultimately lost.

Inertia is dangerous to the being.  It is easy to think of it as a state of allowing when in fact; it is a state of resistance.  It is a state of resistance to any change in its state, especially as it applies to forward movement.  Auckland needs to be ‘shaken up’. Momentum and forward movement needs to come to this place.  People here need to find their direction so they are no longer living in the eddies of the current of their own lives.

relax-3506180_640.jpgThe dominant Positive vibration of Auckland is: Repose.  A state of tranquility, which is restful.  There is no tension inherent in the vibration of repose and the people of Auckland are attached to this highly externalized form of peacefulness.  The people here know how to maintain a life that in conducive to calm.  The vibration of repose differs from pure tranquility because it is so associated with its position in space and time.  A large part of the calm associated with repose is the result of having found one’s places of comfort.  This creates a dichotomy in the people of Auckland.  At once, they are lost and drifting through life and at the same time, they are “situated” in their life here.  This creates an internal confusion.

For the rest of us, this dominant vibration offers us a promise of tranquility.  We can come to Auckland as a get away city.  We can interact with a rare demographic of people who are not competitive, fast paced or over stimulating.  I found some places of the city that served as repose for me.  One such place is the “un bakery”.  I fell in love with the food and atmosphere of the place.  In fact the area that the un-bakery is in (Ponsonby) was quite nice as well.  I even wandered by accident into a lovely gem shop there today and met up with an American fan that I was destined to meet in accordance with perfect synchronicity.

This experience in Auckland has been most unusual.  Yesterday after visiting the island of Tiritiri Matangi, I lined up with an odd experience where a very large man who felt lustful towards me went out of his way to physically grab me on the street.  Zach was with me.  When Zach saw what was happening, he said “No”, blocked the man and herded me in the opposite direction. 

wow.jpgThe workshop in Auckland was the heaviest workshop I’ve held to date.  It felt as if we were diving to a level of vibration so compressing in nature that it could rival the pressure of the deep ocean.  The entire audience got present to the truth of the deeply painful emotions that had been residing like a malignancy deep within.  It was as if the ‘elephant in the room’ was being collectively exposed.  In truth, I did not feel confident post-workshop.  I felt as if the flow of the energy and information being called through me took a particularly confrontational form during this workshop.  

I am on my way back to the states tonight.  


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