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Another World, Another Time

cars-crowd-daylight-1464230.jpgThe conflict in the world is heating up.  Every week there seems to be more and more acts of terror.  Every week there is also more and more awakening on the planet.  The polarity is increasing.  It is making the world feel like a pressure cooker.  I think that is the best way to describe the energy of the planet earth, especially amongst the human race right now.  We are all in a collective pressure cooker.  Many of us can feel the inner voice screaming at us “something’s gotta give.”

“Another world, another time.  In the age of wonder.  A thousand years ago, this land was green, until the crystal cracked. A single piece was lost, a shard of the crystal.  Then strife began, and two new races appeared.  The cruel Skeksis, the gentle Mystics.  Here in the Castle of the Crystal, the Skeksis took control.”

Since the very first time I saw it, my favorite movie has always been The Dark Crystal.  The first time I saw it; it was as if some universal force put ropes around my heart that forced me into remembering my purpose here.  It was both captivating and terrifying to watch it.  I was watching my own life.  I already knew the story.  I already knew the purpose.  It was like watching my inner world projected on the screen.

The character Jen, was me.  A special being orphaned in the world, but destined to 'save' the world.  The dualistic play between light and dark.  A feeling of isolation.  A feeling of not belonging.  The great conjunction, a time of prophecy and Jen at the center of that prophecy.  A long journey to try to restore health and balance to what had been consumed by trauma.  The deceptive lure of a dangerous being who belonged to an evil clan.  The dis-identified assistance of the gentle beings who want a better world but whom leave Jen to do it on his own.  Falling in love with his twin flame.  Watching people be tortured and drained of their essence.  The quest for the answers.  Finding the key to healing the world.  Against all odds and death defying resistance, restoring the crystal to a state of wholeness.  Yet good does not triumph over evil.  Instead, good integrates evil.  The light of consciousness integrates its own shadow.  And peace and life returns to the land.

The_Dark_Crystal_Film_Poster.jpgThe Dark Crystal is so rich with metaphor it is painful.  And now that I have stepped into my purpose and destiny here on earth, the reaction I had to the movie when I was young makes perfect sense.  It was a mirror of my own life purpose.  Those of you who are familiar with the circumstances of my early life will immediately ‘get’ the mirror.  I identified with it because it not only mirrored my life at the time, it also mirrored what I wanted most as a result of experiencing the contrast of my early life.  It was alerting me to my own destiny in this life.                             

This is so often how it is with our favorite movie in childhood.  Especially the character we completely identify with.  It mirrors our own destiny.  It mirrors the reason we came into life in the first place.  It mirrors where we are and where we are headed.  When we are children, we are closer in terms of awareness to our purpose than we often are as adults.  We have not been turned completely against our own internal guidance system yet.  Society has not lulled us into ‘reason’ yet.  It has not fit us into the machine.  And this is why it is the things we identify with in childhood that hold the key to our adult purpose.  I have talked about this a lot with my fellow community members.  It usually blows people away to think back to their favorite movie in childhood and to really dissect its metaphor and meaning for your life.  Go ahead… try it for yourself.

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Teal I too loved this film as a child, in addition to the film the Last Unicorn, Labyrinth and Return to Oz (the 2nd movie starring Fairuza balk )...Its hard to remember exactly which was my favourite as a whole but I often reinacted being Dorothy and saving my friends from the Gnome King, the evil witch and her wheeler cronies.  As I got older I began to think  the Dark Crystal had so many parallels with the reality we live in it was crazy...and now here you are basically saying the same thing!  The Return to Oz film now I think of it as an adult could be like going into a parallel universe, maybe like the Quantum Jumping that Cynthia Sue Larson talks about, as could the film Labyrinth too. I know that as a child to all these films I felt a strong emotional connection.  I recently watched Return to Oz for the first time since childhood and it made me cry, not sure exactly why but if felt quite an emotional experience, maybe nostalgia for a childhood now gone? Anyway I love how you enjoyed one of the films that was so close to my heart growing up as much as I did, this really makes me feel connected to you.  Much  love to you Teal.

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I understand you Teal.....very much!
When reading this article I had tingling or shivering all over my body.....for about a minute at a stretch......a few times.

I mentioned my strongest and most interesting spiritual childhood experience several times.....and I also wondered several times "where it disappear" when "it was taken away" from me and the heavens closed (literally). Do you have an idea? 😉

Reunite is know, it is not like snap one's fingers 😚

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I cannot really identify one movie. But the most impactull fiction story that marked my childhood was the book harry potter. I started to read it when I was about 8 years old. It wasnt a rage here in Europe yet. 

Maybe just like me many kids of my generation identified to as Harry:  lost souls in a world of "moldus" materialistics adults, where there was no place for the spiritual and magic side of life. When i got out of one book one day I was so sad that I cried, I had finished the book and my reality was that I was living in a world of moldus, magic existed only in the book...  I also wanted so badly to be found like harry was, to be iniated to magic, to know there was a deeper purpose for me here...


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Pressure cooker 💯.  2020 drama hitting earth like The Darkening over Thra.  Skeksis’s running wild Gelflings divided.  The source accidentally took Jim Henson’s imagination as an affirmation.  😬.  Alright Jen I believe in you.  A part of me identifies as the crystal.  The rest of my parts identifies as the rest of the cast. 

 I watched the Dark Crystal  film and series for first time The night before attending my first synchronization workshop in Chicago research.  I loved/love sci fi/fantasy Genre movies that stood out to me as a kid... 🤔 Mary Poppins, Legend,  He-Man, Sister Act, Ninja Scroll, Fatal Fury, Hackers...  

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I fckin LOVE the Dark Crystal but it terrified me as a kid! I thought the Skeksis were eating Chamberlain when they stripped and shunned him.

When I was little, I adored Stitch from Lilo & Stitch and Jessie from Toy Story. Both characters have issues surrounding belonging & love that get resolved at the end. Can say rejection and not feeling I belong anywhere have been recurring themes for my entire life. It's interesting because that's also what I found my "core negative imprint" to be when I did Teal's exercise! 🤔😯

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My childhood-movie was Star Wars - A New Hope. I watched it when it came out! I was eleven, and sat in the theater and got goosebumps

all over me! The sound of the lightsaber, the dogfights in space, and of course Luke Skywalker!

One thing I remember was how frightening I thought Darth Vader was. And I loved C-3PO and R2D2!

After that, I have been a fan of everything Star Wars! Have all the movies, and figurines of R2D2 and Vader in my bedroom!

I built LEGO-sets of Millennium Falcon and X-Wing. 

I have also played a lot of video-games from SW-universe. My favorite is Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2!


And when I first discovered The Dark Crystal, I was blown away. That was not a childhood experience though, I saw it as an adult.

It made a huge impact on me, to say the least! The ending, when the Urskeks became whole, made me tear up.🥲

Integration in effect!

An interesting note is that The Dark Crystal's spirituality is inspired by The Seth Material by Jane Roberts.

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