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Air Travel

bird-4265093_640.jpg.0e0e7b345507ca8480e403636c0afcb2.jpgThe glassy green of the sea, folds itself again and again into white foam against a glowing golden shore.  The pelicans, like feathered dinosaurs float through the air in twos towards the surface of the water.  They land and sit on the swell of the waves, which lift the tops of the heavy kelp beds.  The beach is lined with tall palm trees.  The way the wind filters through their feathery leaves, makes them look carefree.  I am in Carlsbad, California again; this time not even for a day.  In the early morning tomorrow I am doing an interview for the upcoming Hay House world summit.  Once the interview is filmed and completed, I will fly home again.  The manuscript for How to Love Yourself is being edited as we speak. 

travel-82917_640.jpg.9856de10af9d873e1809e9e294eb1624.jpgIt is so freeing to get on a plane and be in a totally different environment and then fly home again all in one day.  There is a kind of freedom inherent in an accessible world.  I wish that all people on earth could experience it. One day, in the far future, it will be like that.  Our modes of travel will be so radically different and efficient that people in Michigan, US will be able to make dinner plans with friends to go to sushi later the same night.  But instead of going to a sushi restaurant in Michigan, they will go to a sushi restaurant in Japan.  And this ease of travel will make it so that economy must change and passport regulations and visas must change.  The world will be forced to become united as people begin to define “earth” as their home instead of a specific town or city or country.  Air travel was once a luxury only for the truly wealthy.  As time goes on, it has become more and more accessible to people from many walks of life.  This trend will continue.  It will happen at a rate beyond belief once the governments of our world quit deliberately blocking the creation of free energy technology.  Then money cannot be such a prerequisite for worldly experience.  Imagine such a world.

plane-4280299_640.jpg.4d5bdbb094f7260a5cea6230a056bc78.jpgI’m excited for alternative modes of travel.  Flying in a giant metal aircraft thousands of feet in the air, feels like a death trap to me.  It feels like archaic technology.  However, it is a marvel that aircraft technology is where it is today given that the first powered flight of an aircraft took place in December of 1903.  Never underestimate human innovation.  The human species is one of the most curious species of all.  People seem intrinsically motivated to achieve and to discover and to learn and to invent.  I find this their most lovable trait.

Today, I did not feel like I was in an airplane, I felt like I was thousands of feet in the air, inside a giant metal golf cart.  The plane we took to get here was a very old passenger jet, old enough that the paint on the outside was peeling away from the metal underneath.  Even as the plane was taxying to the takeoff runway, it was squeaking and creaking like a rickety old cart over the bumps in the runway.  I was in an exit row for the flight.  Half way through the flight, I started to feel a drip sporadically falling on me.  I discovered that condensation was making its way from the exterior of the plane to the interior of the plane and was dripping on me through the exit door hatch.  I thought to myself, “This is not increasing my confidence about the safety of this plane”.  The landing was so hard it actually hurt.  The passengers were all exchanging glances afterwards with slightly shocked smiles that said “Can you believe we actually made it here alive?”

I went to lunch at the Lotus Café in Encinitas.  It is one of my favorite lunch restaurants in the area.  It is a conscious fast food restaurant, but it doesn’t feel like a fast food restaurant.  It specializes in planet friendly Vegan and Vegetarian food.  I’m so full of fresh guacamole right now that I’m uncomfortable.  It isn’t good for the body to eat past the point that food looses its flavor.  If food looses its flavor when you eat it, it means you are full.  But you know how it is.  That last bit of food just sits there on that plate, calling to you as if it feels rejected.  And it’s so damn good and so, you eat it anyway.  Then regret it for the next two hours.

I have decided that I am going to spend the last two hours of sunlight on the beach.  I want to wade in the salt water and let the ocean tell me what my next teaching should be.

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