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A War Called Belonging

Some of us are lucky.

We see ourselves in the faces that look back at us.

We are not strangers.

Some of us are lucky.

The stars of us belong in constellation.

We are not strangers.

Some of us are lucky.

We feel the warmth of our connection.

Its comfort is not worn thin by wariness.

We are not strangers.

Some of us are not so lucky.

Our cry is a wolf’s cry in a chorus of bleating.

We are strangers.

Some of us are not so lucky.

We recognize ourselves in people we have never met

and places we have never been to.

We are strangers.

Some of us are not so lucky.

The pith of connection fails us

again and again.

As inconsistent and as short lived as a dream.

We are strangers.

We are strangers in this world. 


458_connection.jpgSome of us are lucky.  We feel a sense of belonging.  We are born into families and societies that we feel like we are a part of.  Others of us feel like strangers in our own families and societies.  We do not feel like we are a part of anything.  We feel fundamentally disconnected. 

Belonging is one of the highest frequency vibrations in this universe.  In fact, we could consider oneness, love and belonging to all be different “tones” of the same color.  But it is not simply that.  It is also a basic human need.  So many people in the spiritual field believe it is not only possible but also good to transcend human needs.  They use their spiritual practice to work against their own biology instead of with it.  But it is not possible to un-need something that you need.  It is only possible to meet that need in a different way.  Humans are social creatures.  Human beings that are isolated die in a similar way that a plant dies if it is not given water.  But the sad thing is, without a sense of connection and belonging, a person will die even if they are surrounded by other people. 

To belong is to be a part of something.  But true belonging is to be so much a part of something that you can’t not be a part of it, even if you wanted to.  For example, to belong to a club you simply have to be a member of that club.  But that is not true belonging because you can decide not to be a member of the club and then, you don’t belong to the club anymore.  With true belonging, it doesn’t matter if you leave or if you don’t want to be a part of it anymore, you are.  The best explanation I can give you is to see that you are a human.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be a human, you are.  You belong to the human race and the only way out of that belonging is death.

In true belonging, you are held and contained by something.  It is the most positive expression of ownership in existence.  In this kind of ownership, all parts are indivisible from the whole so you cannot do harm to a part without harming the whole. For example, if someone belongs to you and with you, you take them as part of yourself and so you cannot hurt them without hurting yourself.  This is the complete opposite of the form of ownership where something doesn’t belong to you, you simply possess it and so you can harm it without perceiving any harm to yourself because you don’t see it as part of yourself. 

To love something is to take something as part of yourself.  It is therefore obvious that belonging and love go hand in hand.  If you take something as part of yourself, it belongs to you.  One of the problems on the planet is that we get into relationships that are absent of belonging.  Our relationships are entirely conditional.  We don’t ever take the other person in as part of ourselves and so we cannot consider their best interests as a part of our own best interests.  We exclude them from us.

I have decided to do an Ask Teal episode on belonging.  I find it both amusing and incredibly sad that people join spiritual communities that teach members to transcend their highly attached need for belonging, specifically because they get belonging in those very communities.  It is painful for me to watch people look so desperately for belonging because they are starved for it. 

sexy light teal.jpgWhen Teal Tribe was created, it was my thinking that perhaps people who don’t fit anywhere, might just fit in with one another. What it created for people was a sense of belonging.  The sense of belonging with each other that they were missing in their lives.

Conflict is inevitable in this life where we have separate embodiments and perspectives.  Spiritual teachers like myself are no exception.  Besides not fitting in anywhere, Teal Tribers had something else in common… me.  So what happens when someone in Teal Tribe decides they are in conflict with me or other members of the forum?  Suddenly their sense of belonging is at risk.  If they would post something abusive or slanderous in the public forum, the moderators would warn them and then if they did not resolve the issue, ban them from the forum.  The consequence was that they felt separated and isolated again. 

If someone is in this position, they imagine that they have only one choice.  Resolve the conflict.  Or find belonging again… but this time with the other people who are in conflict with me and/or the rest of the tribe.  One of the worst parts about having fans is knowing that the consequence of having unresolved conflict with anyone in my life is that tomorrow; I could see them in the forums belonging to the Anti -Teal groups.    

The reality I have come to see is that one of the main reasons the Anti-Teal groups are so incredibly successful is because they offer belonging to those that have fallen out of belonging with Teal Tribe.  I am a match to people who desperately need and want belonging.  This doesn’t change when they feel they no longer belong with me or the Tribe.  They still need and want it just as much.  But now, their sense of belonging is dependent upon being against me instead of with me.  So the way they get a sense of belonging and connection is through the similarity of their hatred of me/the Tribe.  The stronger their hatred becomes collectively, the greater their sense of belonging.  Now, the war that has been waged is a war called belonging. 

Today, I am looking out the window realizing that they are not aware of the dangers of this state of starvation.  They are not aware of what exactly they are getting out of ‘being a part of’ these Anti-Teal groups.  They are not aware that belonging and validation is the reason they feel so much relief when they find other people who agree with them in the perception that I am horrible.  I cannot argue with the need beneath the way they have banded together against me. 

Today, I don’t have an amazing speech to share with you about belonging.  I have no action I wish to take or that I wish for you to take.  Today I want nothing more than to make you aware of the need you all share… The need for belonging.    


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On 28 June 2017 at 6:14 AM, Wayne Williams said:

After all the anger I have felt towards you over the years, I am still hear trying to hang in.

Wayne Williams




Hang in their Wayne. The Darkeness before Dawn, and all that...
crystal Rob

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On 23 June 2017 at 7:14 PM, Mark Saunders said:

Dear Teal

You are more than your words. You are more than your wisdom. You are more than your actions. You are more than your honesty. You are more than your belonging.

You are a gifted human with more love and light to share than some people can accept.

Let others keep their resistance to change and stay consumed in ignorance with your blessings.

Whilst your door of truth remains wide open.  

I'm so happy I have found you and can see many people feeling the same way.

This door leads straight to your heart and it changes everyone's life for the better and these better life's are your strength and your purpose and your fulfillment so know it, embrace it and thrive because you are wonderful.

Through your amazingly brilliant  work we are all inspired to give more love and share your universal teachings. Love Mark x 

Dear @Mark Saunders Teal understands your sentiment as you do hers and your words ring with truth. Teal is trying to be inclusive as in Oneness of all things. Teal explores these feelings for us as an example of what we all will learn to do on our Way.
I enjoyed your observations and believe like you, Teal is here as a beautiful, poetic example of the authentic side of yours and my true nature. Many people including I, are happy to have Teal in our lives.
Light and Love
crystal Rob

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On 29 June 2017 at 4:30 AM, Raederle said:

I remember the first time I heard Linkin Park's song, Somewhere I Belong, I cried so hard. I was fourteen.

I remember the first novel I ever started writing (at the age of ten) began with the words, "I was alone, and yet not alone." The scene goes on to describe a young girl surrounded by family and friends who feels misunderstood, unseen, by all of them. I transcribed it at the age of eleven and it went on to be some three-hundred typed pages before I moved on to another project.

I dreamed of you again last night Teal. I told you about myself and felt out for others who are part of this same river. Blessings, my love. I include you as part of myself, Teal. 

~ Raederle

My song when I was growing up @Raederle was Simon and Garfunkel's "I am a Rock". I somehow was also very sure of myself not needing too many friends or others to understand me as I was a little unbelievable to myself. In the years 19 - 25 I also played Devil's Advocate a lot - so that kept (adult) people at a distance. But I have always had a connection to children. Since grown-up children have had their children, I have mellowed somewhat. Devil's Advocate no longer is my way to connect (or disconnect) and I enjoy the feeling of connection with people through my singing crystal bowls and Reiki. 

I love your imagery of a river; fits really well.
Have a great day
crystal Rob

PS: try this one Teal Tribe:
For those of you who know of anyone that has a large version tibetan bowl, put it upside down on your head, balanced while you kneel and get someone (or yourself), to strike it softly with a soft bowl mallet. It's like being inside a Gong! Breathe and focus on white energy flowing through your Crown and also golden energy from Gaia streaming up from the earth and into the bottom of your spine and visualise both meeting at your heart, filling it with pure spirit.  
A delight. Focus on love with the overtones running through you, around you and being part of you. 
You are that love, you are that energy, you are that river.

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On 23 June 2017 at 7:58 PM, Ptolemy said:

Okay, this is a really stupid comment, but I just woke up and I had a dream about you and Ale.



Dear @Ptolemy 

A dream is just a dream until you think it so much that you manifest it into your reality. And dying may not be a bad thing. Your fear of dying and also maybe of losing Teal is something you may want to meditate upon?
Teal is a catalyst. Those around her know this and accept it. They are also catalysts. While you dreamt this, it may still be a fear lending itself notice to you for you to then do Teal's questioning sequence about it to discover your Shadow on this and why.

Others in this world have been catalysts...

Jesus still carried on. People love him no less for that decision; in fact we may not have known of him except by what happened.
Some people even say that Jesus created that event to highlight what he was trying to say. That the Religious community did a PR turnaround and described it differently to control the masses, doesn't deflect from the true meaning of what what achieved from the Cross happening because it was all for the quickening of the Christ Consciousness effect. 

When you look at what Teal is achieving, think why.
Teal has a video of the fact she has seen her likely future. If you what it she talks about 3 main directions we all have moment by moment and one will manifest depending of what we manifest for ourselves; by what we are thinking and therefore creating. Teal, with her 'abilities' has gone down each of the 3 paths of her destiny and each ended the same. Remember, each path then will split into 3 other paths, depending on choices we make.

Teal said, that if 3 paths are different, then that one thing may not manifest (happen).
- If two paths are the same, then it's likely that it will come to pass (happen).
- If the three paths are identical, it will come to happen.

She has seen the three paths identical, followed each to their conclusion and is now working to manifest something else. This may not change.
We stand at the cliff top and to know what it is to fly, we must take the next leap. Teal can and will fly and take us all to a wonderful place.

Jesus did not baulk at dying because he knew there was more to our truth than this simulation of Reality we call 3D (time and space) here on earth. It's just a playground - our truth and reality is inter-dimensional, free of time and space.
For those that go through their lives unseeing and unknowing, the dying last breath is a sigh - because the person dying finally sees what this 3D has all been about and finally knows there is so much more.

"As in heaven, so on earth. As on earth, so in heaven."

Light, Love and understanding   
crystal Rob

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On 6/29/2017 at 5:01 PM, Crystal Rob said:

My song when I was growing up @Raederle was Simon and Garfunkel's "I am a Rock". I somehow was also very sure of myself not needing too many friends or others to understand me as I was a little unbelievable to myself. In the years 19 - 25 I also played Devil's Advocate a lot - so that kept (adult) people at a distance. But I have always had a connection to children. Since grown-up children have had their children, I have mellowed somewhat. Devil's Advocate no longer is my way to connect (or disconnect) and I enjoy the feeling of connection with people through my singing crystal bowls and Reiki. 

Crystal Rob, this is so much my Dad its uncanny. That was also his theme song for a long time. He, too, is learning to overcome his obsessive need to play Devil's Advocate and learning to reconnect with his emotions. He's sixty now, and over the past three years he's gotten into the best physical shape of his life, walking around on his hands, while simultaneously getting into the most emotionally healthy shape of his life. So, just in case it wasn't obvious, I'm complimenting you by making this comparison. :)

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Oh my goodness gracious... I scrolled through a few of your comments and Teal you really get intense and numerous types of frequencies throwing their impressions back at you. I am concerned and impressed that you can energetically even cope with all these impressions. Jesus Christ Woman, or Magdalen Christ I could say ... what you deal with is absolutely legendary and I hope its not necessary. You're so capable and so advanced, I hope you give yourself permission to stop and break from it all as often as you put it all out. Hugging your heart and really grateful to at least witness your electronic presence for five years now.  I offered for Blake to use my art in your videos btw., I was so sure yall would.. oh well its still an open gift I have only offered to you because you've inspired most of my work. robynchance dot com. Hugs again to you and your guardian angel moderators.



Edited by Robyn Chance
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On 6/22/2017 at 12:29 AM, Lunar10 said:

Interesting read until the haters were brought up. Do everyone a favour, let the haters be haters, and focus on the actual substance.

I'm not in the inner circle, but I believe, that the hate groups don't reserve themselves the realm of the Internet.  It's the 64,000 dollar question, how do you rationalize with irrational people who don't share your worldview.   Our worldview is that 'harming' them, harms ourselves.  We've thought ourselves into a bondage of defenselessness.  ... And it's maddening to force ourselves to think this way, to want this to be reality (to create a and live in a better world that possible) while the current dimensions of reality says, there is division and very real, deadly, conflict in the human race...  I guess the best thing we can do, is A.  Carry our Cross with infinite compassion and forgiveness, and B.  Breed like Rabbits.   Our eventual hope is that they reintegrate into our family with higher consciousness, or they find belong beyond their hate group.... So that would make Option C, Joined the Hate Group - Mingle with the people in the Hate groups and help individuals find belonging elsewhere according to their respective interests.   

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How sad,,, it is easy to see that Teals only intention is to be helpful and share Her gifted insight with anyone that would like to understand and grow, and find with in them selves inner contentment. All that energy wasted, on wanting to control and have the power over everything else. Life comes from around us, not just from within. Just my opinion. Have a nice day:).


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The hell with the hate groups I hope they keep to there selfs and stay the hell away from us. TEAL AWAN You are needed and loved by me and millions of other people out there.Please keep up the good work    I wish you the best CHARLIE.

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