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Forecast for 2024

“Right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time.”
― Fyodor Dostoevsky

cooker.jpgHumanity is in the pressure cooker. From the disparity between income and basic expenses; and other economic issues. To constant conflicts on a global scale and on an interpersonal level. To collapsing relationships and relationship structures. To a world that is ever increasingly oppositional to human health. To the taking in of more information than we are designed to process. To doom scrolling and being constantly bombarded with news of crisis after crisis. To never ending 'need to do' lists. To the stress of being tethered to phones and laptops. To the amount of effort self-control requires. To the increased sense of danger in the world. To the constant connection with people through technology juxtaposed with the lack of in person physical connection. To the complexity of modern life. To the uncertainty and fear people feel about the future. To the pressure that is being put on humanity by the universe at large to create a collective awakening. And people feel like there is no way to actually bring about relief.  

So many people feel like nothing they have put energy into has worked out. Many more people feel like they are in a rat race that will get them nowhere and therefore keep them in stress and pain. The system feels oppressive. It doesn’t caretake the wellbeing of its people. It takes advantage of the people. It feels like every man for himself in a game designed for failure. There seems to be no way to create improvement. And so, there is a desire for destruction. There is no desire to maintain a system that is against you. We are seeing two classic responses to this. The first is: Shut Down. When this happens, someone stops engaging and wastes their time because there seems to be no point to trying. This is the passive response. The second is: Destruction. This is an active response. When this happens, someone is engaged in damaging and eradicating whatever it is that they perceive to be against them or not working. This feels like relief.

destruct.jpgThe dominant theme for 2024 is: Destruction Lust. To be consumed, even at a subconscious level, with the desire for destruction of that which a person perceives to be against their best interests. In 2024, you will see this urge towards destruction on a microcosmic level in the personal lives of people you know. You will see it in the workplace, especially with employees. You will see it on a macrocosmic level in countries and societies the world over. If you are self-aware, you will catch glimpses of it in yourself. And this destruction lust is likely to determine the fate of global politics.

9.jpgOver the course of history, what you see is that when a society feels frustrated and failed enough by the very society they live in, they tend to elect and/or support a leader that promises to create drastic change and fulfill their destruction lust regarding whatever is causing them that frustration and pain. And these leaders, who are poised to satisfy this destruction lust, are the very ones who instead bring about negative change motivated by self-interest rather than positive change motivated by actual care for the people. These leaders exploit and manipulate the people’s pain and subsequent destruction lust for their own personal agendas. Throughout history, people have fallen into this trap again and again because the relief that destruction promises, blinds them to the consequences. And what it often takes to get elected, is the exact opposite of what the people actually need.

Aside from this theme of destruction lust, one of the biggest shadows you will see in people in 2024 is: Endurism. Endurism is when you stay in a situation that is against your best interests and continue to endure it for any number of reasons, rather than create a change so you are not in that situation anymore. In 2024, a lot of this endurism will be because of this perception of powerless, specifically the perception that there is no way to make an improvement. The way out of endurism is to recognize that you are in the pattern of endurism and to see that it isn’t going to get you anywhere. Instead, it will keep you in a holding pattern of pain. Disengage from continuing to do what isn’t working and follow the path of least resistance. Live your life and prioritize according to your values and your joy. And anytime you run into a perceived limitation, start looking for the loopholes and alternatives. 

2.jpgIn life, every decision that you make and every action that you take is altering and determining your future. This is true on a global level as well regarding the decisions we make as a human society. But every so often, this truth is magnified. And it is definitely magnified in 2024. 2024 is a pivotal year. It is a year which especially dictates our direction and therefore our future. It is a year for decisions. In fact, decisions play such a role in 2024 that it was a contender for the dominant theme. 2024 will be decisions, decisions, decisions; and important ones. Many of you will notice that you are stuck in a holding pattern in your life. The only way out of these holding patterns is to make a decision, rather than to passively wait for something to change. When it comes to making decisions this year, each and every one of us must gather all the information possible, without only seeking information that confirms our biases. We must deeply know our values. We must evaluate each potential decision from the perspective of how we imagine that we will feel about looking back on having made each potential decision after we are dead. And we must become as aware as possible of all the positive and negative consequences of any decision that we make before we make it.

1.jpgWith those few big themes out of the way, here are some more themes for 2024. On a lighter note, the shopping experience is changing. With companies all over the globe switching to online sales, with the exception of small boutiques, many physical stores will be shifting their focus entirely towards the in-store experience. Rather than the focus being about selling a product in stores, they will focus on selling their brand, their brand experience, their culture and the specific flavor of social element they want to offer.

On top of this, 3-d printing of clothing specifically has the potential to start a revolution in the clothing industry; one that holds the potential to solve the human rights crisis of sweat shops.   

This is yet another year for medical breakthrough. Again, many of these breakthroughs involve the human genome and the ability to customize medication and medical treatment according to an individual’s genome. There will also be advancements in bio-electrics for things like treating arthritis. And some notable advancements regarding prosthetics. The ability to bring sensation of feeling to prosthetics is chief among them.

popo.jpgIn 2024, there is a lot of universal buzz around police forces. There will be a lot of confusion and mixed tactics in the police force. Police forces will be adopting technologies and programs and strategies that are in alignment with the idea that they are protectors of the peace and are there for and on the side of the people. While at the very same time, they will continue to militarize, in alignment with the idea that they exist to protect the powers that be against the people and also protect against extremist threats. From local interactions between police officers and civilians to more global terrorist attacks, especially in Europe, the contradictory nature of the police force will be showcased.     

At the same time, you will see even more of a split regarding the use of AI in predicting and preventing crime. This could lead to a full-blown controversy regarding using AI to identify crime patterns, including locations and people who are likely to commit a crime. The good news is, the expansion path of the entire justice system is in the direction of employing strategies to prevent crime rather than catching and punishing people. 

8.jpgFactory farming will take a huge hit in 2024. There will be a number of heart-wrenching and heartwarming stories and scenes regarding animal welfare associated with this. Ultimately, it is going to be a business that is looked back on with horror in future generations. It brings into focus the deep importance of making one’s livelihood in ways that don’t harm others or harm yourself.

oc.jpgIn 2024, humanity is going to be receiving a huge calling… Our focus must go to the oceans. Humanity is being called upon in a MASSIVE way and on a mass scale to pour our care and focus into the oceans. Our future on earth hangs in the balance of water. This means any action you can take to support the oceans, will make the most difference this year. And this means that global initiatives and agreements that protect the oceans have huge non-physical backing. Also, water is a keeper of memory and information. How we treat the water is a message we are encrypting into the water about us and about our relationship to the earth. When you feel this calling, answer it!

landslide.jpgThe potential for landslides stands out in 2024[1]. This is a year when the potentials for landslide must be recognized, drainage must be improved, slope angles should be reduced, protective berms should be introduced. On top of climate changes, the vibration of insecurity emanating from the lifeforms on earth is like a form of energetic pollution that is causing a destabilization of the surface layer across earth.

Taking all this into account, there is a powerful antidote to much of what is happening and what will be happening in 2024. And that is to highlight the best of humanity and the best of the world. In stark contrast to inundation with bad news and our sore spots being used in the game of politics and messages of destruction, we need to consciously celebrate and remind each other of the best of human nature and the best of what happens on earth. This is not something to be done in the name of denying or negating the negative. It is to prevent humanity from losing sight of goodness. Share those inspiring and heartwarming stories. Post those beautiful images that remind people of the magic of life on earth. Commemorate positive events. Restore someone’s faith in humanity. People need to be reminded of the positive potential of us. And the positive potential of life on earth. In 2024 ask yourself each day: How can I highlight the best?

Human potential may not always be obvious. And yet, it is always there, ready to be called forth in response to conscious choice.  


[1] California storm updates: State of emergency in effect as flooding, mudslides hit Southern California

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