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Who or What are The Ascended Masters?

At our most fundamental level, we are all one. The universe is a vast and endless ocean of energy. When energy begins to take shape (like it does when this universal energy desires to become a singular perspective) it becomes thought. That thought then becomes more singular… It becomes thought form. And that thought form then becomes physical form. When we die, we withdraw our consciousness from physical form and we also withdraw our consciousness from thought form. We then watch the energy in the physical form diminish. To us here on earth this looks like decomposition. You also watch the energy in the thought form diminish. To those of us who can see the dimension of thought form, this looks like a ghost turning into an ectoplasm or imprint and then disappearing all together. The thought form is in fact the level of a being where personality exists. These aspects of being diminish because there is no longer a stream of source energy feeding them or activating them.
The best way to think of this is to imagine that a snake is a stream of universal consciousness and that it comes into 2 layers consecutive of skin to come into life and then pulls out of these two layers of skin when it dies. But these snake skins still have enough energy that they do not disappear completely; they dissipate over time as they begin to lose energy.
Now imagine that whenever it serves the universe, it can project forward a stream of consciousness into one of those snake skins and re-activate it. This is a metaphor for what is happening when we are dealing with a spirit guide. The personality structure (thought form) or identity of a being is being activated by a steam of source energy. How does this apply to ascended masters? They are essentially thought forms (personalities) that are being fed by universal consciousness for the benefit of the ascension and expansion of mankind. Think of them like the ultimate spirit guides. Re-activated snake skins. They have enough energy that they take on the appearance of pure light. To understand more about this, you can watch my video on you tube titled: Do angels exist? This video is important because many of what people call ‘angels’ are in fact ascended masters.
Source uses these specific thought forms or personalities because we relate to them. We have a collective desire for assistance and a collective association with these beings and assistance. And we identify with them to the degree that they are even being fed by the focus of our individual and collective consciousness, making these very powerful discarnate beings. The ascended masters assist the expansion of the consciousness of the human world or mankind at large as a spiritual guide would assist a singular human. We choose to incarnate into life after life until incarnation no longer serves our own expansion of the universe’s expansion at large. Then, we either remain part of universal consciousness or we choose to incarnate in other time space realities, or we choose to take on the perspective of assisting other beings in their expansion process.
It is common that once one achieves the ability to line up with universal consciousness (often referred to as source mind) at will, this is the point at which a soul stream opts to make this transition out of the cycle of death and birth. We often call this enlightenment. But it’s not like this is the goal for us all and once we achieve that state of living consciousness, we get a reward and that is a get out of jail free card for life at which point we now assist other people to achieve the same. The ascended masters are personalities that have left the cycle of death and birth, which is why they are referred to as ascended. When viewed through the lens of linear time some of them are seen as recent additions, some are ancient and some are so old they have been forgotten. In truth, there are thousands or more of these beings called ascended masters. But some are the most active and widely recognized in today’s age. They spend the majority of their time focused in the 6th dimensional frequency. An example of just a few of these ascended masters are: Saint Germain, Buddah, Jesus, Sana Kumara, Serapis Bey, Quan yin, Metatron, Moses, Sitatapatra, Lanto, Innana and Guadalupe. Because they are guides that assist mankind, like what we call a spirit guide would assist an individual person, you can expect to run into them over the course of your spiritual journey in one way or another. Their specific energies call you into ascension and progression on whatever level they are associated with. Because humans are attached to the idea of “levels of achievement”, each ascended master is traditionally associated with a different level of ascension. These levels of ascension are called “rays”. And each ray is associated with a specific color, number and spiritual quality. For example, Jesus is associated with the sixth ray, which is devotion and the abundance of god and is represented by the color violet. But no expert can agree on these rays or the colors associated with them, or who belongs to which ray. And I think it is fairly useless to think of ascended masters in this compartmentalized and status oriented way. But by all means, feel free to study this class system if it calls to you. In my opinion, hierarchy no longer belongs in spiritual practice. I think it is best to receive the special frequency of any of the ascended masters as a unique experience. Greet them as an unclassified being separate of some kind of spiritual hierarchy and receive them as they appear to you, specifically. After all, they show up differently for different individuals according to what you resonate with specifically.
As part of the collective whole of human consciousness, every person including you is connected to an ascended master; we call this your principal ascended master. Their energy most closely aligns with your expansion and your life purpose. For the sake of understanding, we could call this an assignment. But you cannot make this a matter of logically guessing which ascended master is your primary ascended master. The ego will become involved in the process of selecting which one is your primary guide and for want of significance; you may completely miss your actual primary ascended master. I agree with the traditions that teach you to ask the question and then go about your life allowing your principal ascended master to reveal himself or herself to you. This means, you’ve got to ask the question then pay attention to signs.


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