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The Perspective Process (A Tool For Awakening)

We are universal consciousness that is temporarily projecting itself into the physical dimension as a person and as a table and as a plant and as a dog. Because of this, your perception that you are separate from the things in your environment and separate from your environment itself is just that… A perception. It is a perception designed to enable universal expansion through your individual expansion. This means ultimately, you do have the capability of literally stepping into the shoes of anyone and anything in your reality because at the most fundamental level, they are all you. You have to understand this concept before you can grasp the reasoning behind the method I am about to teach you.
This is a multi dimensional universe. Because of this we need to approach the reality we are facing from different dimensional perspectives. From one dimensional perspective, we need to learn to stop projecting onto others and fully receive other people as separate beings. To understand more about this, you can watch my video titled: Projection (understanding the psychology of projection). But from an entirely different dimensional perspective, your entire reality is nothing more than a projection and so, instead of trying to step outside of our own projections; we need to consciously indulge them. This is what we will be doing for this awakening process. Think of your entire reality as a projection. So you can either think of the world like a movie screen and that every image that appears on that screen, is a reflection of something within you. Or you can think of the world you live in as a 360 degree mirror. Everything that you perceive to be separate from you or external to you is in fact just a reflection of an aspect of you. This reality is designed in this way so we can have total and complete self-awareness. What better way to become aware of what is within us than for it to manifest physically and externally to us so we can look straight at it? Given this understanding, you can see how in order to gain awareness in general and awareness of yourself and clarity about an entire situation, you could choose to step into the perspective of the projection or reflection in the mirror and view the situation from there instead. Everything in your reality… is you. So you are actually capable of stepping into the perspective of anything and anyone else in your life.
A while back, I posted a YouTube video titled: Dreams (What Are Dreams and How to Understand Them). In that video, I explained that all aspects of the dream are in fact the dreamer. I then explained the best process for interpreting a dream. In this process, you write down your dream as if it were happening in present tense and then you go into the perspective/become every significant aspect of the dream and then explore and express your perspective from there as if it were taking place in present tense. For example, let’s say that I had a dream about an alligator in a swamp and there was a broken down shed by the swamp and the alligator ate my father. I would first record my perceptions and feelings as Teal. Then, I’d switch into the perspective of the swamp itself and say my perceptions and feelings like this… I am the swamp; I am ancient and full of sorrow. I am lonely and people are repulsed by me and I want Teal to wade into my waters, the alligator is my only companion etc. Then I’d switch into the perspective of the shed and state my perceptions and feelings. Then I’d be the alligator, and then I’d be my father being eaten. Do this with as many elements as you can to form the whole picture. See how this changes your perception of the dream. Every aspect of your dream is in fact an expression of yourself or your perception of life. But guess what? So is your waking life. So, to employ this process, you do exactly what you would do with a dream; except you do it with the waking life situation you are in. For example, let’s say that you are walking on the beach and you see a seal. You can consciously choose to go into the perspective of the seal and note your perceptions from there, especially your perceptions of the human that is standing on the beach (you).
Another example is this; say you are in a situation at work where there is a conflict between several people involving a business decision in a company. You could consciously go into the perspective of each and every person involved in the conflict. Then you could go into the perspective of the room where the conflict took place and perhaps into the perspective of the stapler on the desk in the room where the conflict took place and then into the perspective of the company itself as if it was it’s own entity with it’s own desires. Allow the awareness that you gain as a result of doing the process to naturally come to you. You’re not going to see the full picture until you experience these perspectives. So instead allow the puzzle pieces of understanding to fall into place naturally to form this whole picture instead of trying to get to the full picture by trying to find these puzzle pieces and force them to make a picture. To do this process, intend to suspend your own perspective as much as you can. Try to dis-identify with your perspective to such a degree that experiencing the other thing’s perspective is like literally becoming that other thing and leaving your own life and feelings and thoughts behind. This is a much more aggressive practice than “How would I think or feel if I were them”. This is “I am not myself, I am them instead”. At first this will simply feel like you’re imagining it all, like you’re pretending. But with enough practice, you will feel like you are literally taking off your perspective like a skin and stepping entirely into their alien perspective. On a vibrational level, you’ll develop the ability to literally match the vibration of the “other” and thus be able to fully perceive from that perspective accurately.
You can use this technique as a general meditative practice with any aspect of your life simply to gain more awareness and awakening. But I have to say that I have seen this technique literally change lives when it is applied to a situation in your life that is causing you to feel negatively, especially where there is conflict. Don’t expect yourself to immediately feel at home doing this process. Like anything it takes practice to suspend our own perspective. It takes practice to make use of the higher truth that we are all one. It takes practice to address your reality as a reflection of yourself. So practice!


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