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Pore Breathing

The conscious control of your breathing induces various mental, emotional and physical states. This is the basis for the therapy modality called breath work. Today, I’m going to focus on one method of conscious breath control that is my own personal favorite. Breathing through the pores. You can use this technique as your daily meditative practice.
It is common knowledge that as humans, we breathe through our lungs. But what the average citizen is unaware of is that we also breathe through our skin. It is called cutaneous respiration. We can use our skin to breathe in much more than just air. We can use our pores like mini chakras to pull non-physical energy into our embodiment. Our skin also exhales. It helps the body release toxins. It sweats. This is wonderful on an energetic level because it means we can use our pores to inhale any positive vibration and exhale any negative vibration. The baseline technique for pore breathing is to begin by watching your breath as it is drawn in and out of the lungs. Then gradually, shift your conscious focus to your skin. Begin to intend that your skin take on the quality of a sponge. See the breath coming in as energy. Consciously focus on your skin beginning to soak in that energy with every inhale so your whole body is breathing it in, not just your lungs. Feel it accumulating inside you. This is a Prana practice. You can keep the practice like this. Or you can add the element of exhalation.
To add exhalation to your practice, intend that with every exhale your skin exudes whatever energy is stagnant, negative or unneeded within the body. Alternatively, you can imagine that you inhale energy through your skin which accumulates and with each exhale, the un-needed, negative or stagnant energy is exhaled like a channel through just your your lungs, throat and mouth. Keep in mind that this technique works better when you are in warm conditions unless you specifically want to work with the cold or vibrations that directly involve corresponding cold temperatures. Now that you have the baseline technique, you can modify it any way you intuitively feel guided. My favorite use of this technique is to breathe in and breathe out specific feeling signatures. Every feeling state is unique, like a signature. The way it feels for you to be kissed by someone you have a crush on feels a very specific way in your body physically and emotionally. And it feels differently to be kissed by someone you have a crush on than it does to be hugged by a friend as they are saying goodbye. These individual feelings, though we may give them names, are ultimately something we feel. We know and remember them by how they uniquely feel inside our body. I call these feeling states, feeling signatures. To learn about feeling signatures in depth, watch my video on YouTube titled: How To Feel Better (Feeling Signatures).
To use a feeling signature in tandem with the technique of breathing through the pores, you imagine an experience or circumstance that creates the feeling signature of your choice in as much detail as you possibly can. Make it real to yourself as if you were experiencing it right now. When you feel the sensation of that specific feeling signature strongly, imagine it spreading out into your aura so that it is around you like a cocoon. From there, imagine your pores opening wide to suck in this feeling signature every time you breathe in. Imagine that each time you breathe in with your lungs, the suction created internally functions like a vacuum and sucks the feeling in through your pores so it accumulates inside you.
The sky is the limit with breathing through the pores. Allow yourself to be creative with how you want to use it in practice. Here are some suggestions of ways to use this practice:
Breathing in and out states of being. Such as breathing in peace and breathing out confusion or breathing in joy and breathing out grief or breathing in health and breathing out illness.
Breathing in and out the location you are in. Such as breathing in and out Chicago or breathing in and out the beach or breathing in and out the concert.
Breathing in and out the elements such as breathing in fire or water or earth or air.
Breathing in the essence and personality of people whom you wish to understand so you can “walk in their shoes and see through their eyes” so to speak.
Breathing in the energy of people who inspire you and whom you want to emulate in specific situations. They could be living or not. For example, breathing in Buddha, or breathing in angels or breathing in Jesus. Or breathing in my grandmother or breathing in Ghandi.
Breathing in and out thoughts such as breathing out the thought “I am a failure” breathing in the thought “I don’t have to accomplish everything this red-hot minute”.
Breathing in nutrients your body needs or breathing out things your body is excessive in. For example, breathing in Vitamin D, breathing out toxins. Or breathing in water, breathing out fever.
Breathing in the essence of specific herbs or minerals or natural things that would assist you. For example, breathing in frankincense or moonstone or mountain or tree or glacial lake.
Breathing in light and breathing out shadow
Breathing in consciousness and breathing out unconsciousness
If you are struggling with this technique, you may want to try a full body relaxation technique first before attempting to breathe through your skin. Though simple, you will find this technique to be particularly powerful. So go ahead and add this powerful tool to your repertoire.


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