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A Major Misunderstanding People Have About The Law of Attraction

As soon as people learn about the Law of Mirroring (what many call the Law of Attraction) they begin asking the question: How am I a match to this? They begin to recognize that their own personal vibratory energy field and consciousness brings in certain people, places, things and experiences that vibrate at the same frequency. Essentially, your external life experience is a reflection of something within you. For example, imagine that as a child, you were abandoned and that abandonment is not healed within your consciousness. That means you are still a vibrational match to abandonment later in your life. Or for example, imagine that you are someone who does not consider other people’s best interests, only your own. You will be a vibrational match to other living beings that do not consider your best interests, only their own.

You will also see it happen that when someone experiences something unfavorable, a person who knows about the Law of Mirroring will automatically ask them “how were you a match to this?” Of course, when you do this to someone else, it is unattuned and also has a connotation that as if the pain of the experience isn’t bad enough, on top of it, they somehow brought it on themselves and is therefore their fault. But, the tendency for people to ask this question has revealed that many people have a huge misunderstanding about the Law of Mirroring (also called the Law of Attraction).

With this idea that you must be a match to something in order to experience it, comes the idea that the more conscious you become, the more control you have over your reflection and therefore, the less unwanted things you experience. Essentially, people seem to think that the day will come when a person doesn’t have any negative experiences and if they do, it suggests that there is something un-healed in them or wrong with them or that they did something to bring it on. There is also an idea that if you are conscious enough and control and heal and purify your vibration enough, you will no longer be a match to negative experiences, only positive ones. As if the contrast of life somehow no longer applies to you. And this is not true. 

Contrast is the breeding ground for expansion. With no contrast there is no expansion. And everything in life has contrast. What this means is, everything has an upside and a downside. Everything comes with wanted and unwanted elements. This does not change no matter how conscious you become.

At face value, the Law of Mirroring is simple. It’s just the principle of reflection at work. It is an exemplary construct for self-awareness and therefore awareness in general. However, people over simplify the Law of Mirroring by thinking that it is only one thing that is reflecting. For example, they think the only thing that is reflecting is what they, themselves are or do. When this is the case, when they say “how are you a match to this” they are implying that you are or you do the exact same thing as the other person does in whatever scenario you are in and are therefore ‘getting a taste of your own medicine’. Or for example, they think that the only thing that is reflecting is childhood trauma that is still active vibrationally speaking. When this is the case, when they say “how are you a match to this” they are implying that you have an unhealed childhood trauma that is un-healed and that is reflecting yet again in your adult life. Or for example, they think that the only thing that is reflecting is what they think and believe. When this is the case, when they say “how are you a match to this” they are implying that you have some core belief or way of thinking that is reflecting as an experience. 

Any of these things could be the case. In fact, all of them could be the case. So many other things could be reflecting or said another way, could make you a match to what you are experiencing. To give you a short list, some of the things that could be reflecting both positive and negative as a specific experience are: Your beliefs, what you are currently thinking, your resistance, your desires, your feelings, the reality of the choices you made, unresolved traumas, positive memories, ancestral patterns, personal truths, lies you tell yourself and others, things you are avoiding, pre-birth intentions etc. It may be of interest to know that universal orchestration and assistance is a match to you by virtue of your desires being reflected. But the reason that your life experience is so complex and varied is because so many things are being reflected at once. 

The intention for those who have projected into a time space reality based on the Law of Mirroring is that they use it to do a 1-2 step. The idea is that you look at and fully perceive these reflections and become more and more aware by doing so. And then with that awareness, decide what is consciously wanted and consciously create that. When this happens, the reflection changes. The problem is that you have a camp now of people who only use the Law of Mirroring construct to become more and more aware, but never use it to consciously create what they want and deprive themselves of happiness by doing so. And on the other side, a camp of people who ignore the reflection, depriving themselves of awareness and instead, only using it to create what they want to see.

And all that being said, you need to understand that having accepted that there will always be contrast that comes with anything, choices will make you a match to certain contrast whether those choices are conscious choices or not. And sometimes, the only way to ensure that you will not experience a certain contrast is to make a different choice all together. For example, making the decision to participate in life on planet earth, you are going to experience gravity. Or for example, making the choice to be a surfer means you are going to get cold and wet. Or for example, making the choice to be in the public eye means that you will experience projection, be critiqued and be judged. Or for example, making the choice to be a parent means you are going to experience the pressure of the wellbeing of another life depending on you.

I’m not saying that if you choose to be a surfer that you just need to accept that you will be cold and wet and leave it at that. In fact, expansion is so often about experiencing the specific unwanted thing that comes with a specific choice and working to alleviate that unwanted element. Meeting with the contrast that comes with a specific choice in this way creates improvement. 

 For example, this is why surfers have wet suits now. But a surfer should not get wet and cold and ask “why am I a match to this” as if it is expected that they could, if their vibration was high enough, still surf, but not get wet and cold. If this person decides they do not want to be wet or cold at all, it isn’t going to work to try to work on thoughts or beliefs or feelings or traumas or whatever so as to be able to surf and not get wet or cold. They must make the choice to no longer be a surfer. To understand more about this, watch my video titled: Why You Should Consciously Choose Consequences.

It is important to understand what so many people do not understand about the Law of Mirroring (also called the Law of Attraction) … Choices make you a match to certain things. And so, even though it would benefit you to consider any and all things that may make you a match to a specific person, place, thing or experience, recognize what contrast you are experiencing simply because you made a choice that lined you up with it. When this is the case, often the only way to not have that experience is to make a different choice entirely.


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