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Integrating The Future Self

The aim of this work is to bring the optimal version of your future self into the now so that your current self may merge with it. Before we dive right into this technique, I must give you a bit of fair warning. I have avoided offering this technique to the public for a few years because of the sheer intensity of this work.
When you are bringing a child version of the self into the now, it almost always feels amazing because you are taking an aspect of yourself that vibrates at a lower frequency (what you would call negative emotion) and you are exposing it to your current higher frequency aspect of self in the now. This causes it’s frequency to rise significantly and you experience this as positive emotion. On the other hand, when you are bringing your future self into the now, it doesn’t always feel amazing in the short term. Sometimes it can cause extreme effects mentally, emotionally and even physically. What you are doing is bringing a higher frequency version of yourself into the now with you, where you are currently in a lower frequency version of self. When you expose a lower frequency energy to a stronger high frequency energy, the lower frequency must find entrainment with that frequency. This means that anything that is not a match to that new higher frequency must be exorcized from your being. For example, things have the tendency to be flushed from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and you experience an intense ‘shedding’ process in your inner and outer aspects of life. Doing this process forces this growth and to put it lightly it is not always comfortable.
But the merit of this technique is obvious and self-explanatory. This is a way to accelerate timelines, force healing, adopt a radically progressed perspective and considerably accelerate growth and expansion. Imagine the implication of embodying your optimal future self… now.
Your optimal future self is like your higher self. This is a more mature, wiser, more aware, loving, free, accepting, open, successful aspect of yourself. It is a self that is not suffering and is no longer experiencing your current problems and limitations. It is important to note that your optimal future self will never abuse you and will never be judgmental or critical of you. If you experience a future self like this, it is merely a projection of the fears your subconscious mind holds about the future as a result of the self-hate you feel in the now. If this happens, you can merely learn from this projection and start the process over from the beginning so that a genuine optimal future self enters the scene. Even if your experience of yourself is that you are not good at imagery processes, don’t despair because the most important aspect of any process is to have a felt perception experience. So even if I merely ask you to see your future self, you can choose to feel your future self instead.
You can use this technique as a general practice, allowing yourself to embody your future self for the sake of embodying the future self, or you can invite the future self into the picture any time you are facing a specific problem that seems insurmountable or you have a goal you want to reach that feels out of reach or any time you are not feeling clear about a situation. After all, they say that hindsight is 20-20. And for your future self, anything you’re currently experiencing will be hindsight. Whatever your intention is for doing this work of calling the optimal future self into the now, hold this intention as you engage with this technique and feel your open willingness to your potential being actualized in the now.
Just like you do with meditative practice, you are going to sink into a receptive calmness by watching your breath for a few minutes. Then, with your eyes open, but completely relaxed to the degree that you have lost focus, you’re going to imagine inviting or calling your optimal future self into the room. Whichever future self is the most perfectly suited to assist with the intention you set before sitting down to do the exercise will enter the scene. For example, if you are an athlete wanting to win a gold medal, perhaps the future self that is most optimal and thus will come to you is the one who has already stood atop the podium. But I do not want you to force this process and choose which higher self is going to come into the now. I literally want you to invite the optimal future self and let whichever future self that wants to come, come. Let any mental, emotional or physical impressions you may have of your future self arise. Imagining this future self in front of you, does he or she have a smell? What does he or she look like and feel like? What is different about him or her than you in your current state? Become aware of your reactions to this self. Do you have any resistance to this future self? What do you find attractive and want from this future self? What kind of person is he or she? Just let yourself notice and experience this self.
When you feel ready, begin to breathe deeply and intentionally. As you inhale, imagine breathing this aspect of self in with each in breath. Imagine inviting this future self to merge completely with you. So at first you experience yourself being inside your future self and then you become the future self. Your body is the body of the future self. You see the world as the future self. Your listen with the ears of the future self. Notice the difference between your perception of reality as the higher self. Experience yourself without the current problems you are facing. Imagine yourself in the space of already having the success you seek. Feel the love, acceptance, maturity or any other quality that belongs to the future self, belonging to you now. Do not try to think about this experience too hard. Let go of pre conceptions and expectations and just notice how it is to be your future self… now.
Experience this merging as deeply as you can to the degree that you claim this new future way of being as the new current version of yourself. If anything rises to the surface to be shed, let it shed itself without resistance. Allow anything within you that is not a match to this higher frequency energy, to be released. Allow insight about you or your life to come naturally to you as a result of merging in the now completely with this future self. Anything you experience is a valid experience while engaging this technique. You do not need to worry about getting this right or wrong. Anything that occurs while you are integrating the optimal future self is exactly right and what is meant to occur. Without having to know what is going to happen, just let this experience unfold within you. Allow yourself to do this for as long as feels good and right. Try to sit with it for at least 20 minutes.
When you feel ready, remain merged with this future self aspect and simply allow your eyes to come back into focus once more and slowly go about the rest of your day from this new perspective.
You may notice that as a result of doing this process, you will feel guided to make changes to your life, take different approaches to problems you may be facing or physical changes may seem to simply “happen to you”. This is a good thing. Just let those changes happen. Once you merge with one of your future self-aspects and allow the inevitable shifts to occur internally and externally as a result of it, you have integrated with the future self. You are now on an accelerated timeline. If the journey of self-growth came with seat belts, I’d tell you to put one on. But alas, it does not. Never the less, try out this process for yourself and watch what happens as a result.


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