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How to See Auras

I was born extrasensory. I did not teach myself how to be extrasensory. For this reason, I usually have no idea how to teach people how to perceive things that are outside the range of the normal human senses. It would be a bit like you trying to teach a colorblind person how to see the color red. However, over the last two years, I have had so many people asking me to teach them how to see auras, that I took it as a sign and I went out of body to communicate with a few of the beings that have chosen to facilitate incarnation on this planet. I wanted to gain enough knowledge about the difference between those who see auras and those who don’t that I could teach those who don’t see them, to see them. The article that is to follow is the result of my learning. The first thing you must grasp before moving on is that you do not have to be “special” or “gifted” to see auras. All people have the capability of experiencing auras. The aura is essentially a field of subtle, luminous electro magnetic radiation surrounding a physical thing. The word surround gets us off track when it comes to understanding auras because in reality, your aura is entirely in and of you. When you are observing the physical body and the aura at the same time, the aura merely appears to surround the body. Really, it is just another dimensional layer of a being and the body is an overlay of sorts. We associate auras with only living things but in truth, all things that are physical (whether they be living or not) have an aura.

Now here is the thing most people don’t understand about auras, even though you can emanate or radiate energy, you are not in fact giving off or creating your aura as much as your aura is giving off and creating you. When you see an aura, you are seeing a multi dimensional aspect of someone. The aura is projecting itself into the physical dimension as the person you see in the mirror every day.
An aura simultaneously contains information that it puts off, and has highly sensitive perception of information that it absorbs. This electromagnetic energy field is constantly lending to as well as emanating from your physical body and to anything you interact with in the physical. You could think of it like an electromagnetic form of consciousness that both transmits and receives. Some people with energetic vibrations that are high enough to find resonance with thought forms can interpret them through their normal senses. Most people think that auras are just about the colors. But someone like myself will tell you that auras can be interpreted as having different sounds, sizes, shapes, patterns, textures and colors. They vary greatly in color in terms of hue and value. The aura colors are perceived because the distribution of light particles versus the wavelength in an electromagnetic field varies greatly and is therefore perceived differently by the human eye. Any or all of these characteristics of an aura can tell a practitioner of energy work what areas need to be focused back into a beneficial resonance. They can tell a nearly complete story of who you are and what led to you being who you are. Your aura will respond to the thoughts you are thinking and change its characteristics to match those thoughts. If you are thinking a negative thought with enough regularity, it will show up in this “thought form” we call the aura first, and then it will show up in your physical body.

You could think of your aura as the visible blueprint mirroring the thoughts you are thinking and the feelings you are feeling (plus the thoughts you have thought and the feelings you have felt) that lead to your current manifestation in this moment. This includes attitudes, memories, beliefs, experiences etc. Basically the aura displays anything this life, as well as past lives, have caused you to become.
The aura contains all colors within it. But when we say something like “your aura is blue”, that means blue is the color that appears the closest to your skin. That color is the most essential to who you are and authentic to who you are. It is your energy signature. That color most reflects your manifested being and life intention. A person’s primary aura color is usually the most dominant color in their auric field, unless they have had to suppress their authenticity in order to fit into their culture, family or social group.

So why should we learn to see auras? For some people, seeing auras is really about being able to feel special and more legitimately spiritual. For some people, it is just about the excitement of how cool it would be to see those kinds of things. For some people, it is a promise that there is more to life than meets the eye. No matter what your reason is, whether it comes from a shadow aspect of yourself like an insecurity or whether it comes from the conscious aspect of yourself, it is important that you know what your reasons for wanting to see auras are and to be very honest about that with yourself. So, for those of you who want to see auras, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: Why do I want to see auras?

If I were to make a case for why it is a good thing to see auras and for why the human race will evolve to the point that everyone sees them, I would say that not only does it make the world even more beautiful and even more colorful to behold, it allows you to perceive the multi dimensional universe. Not only that, it allows you to really see into others. We are playing a guessing game with each other because we do not really know each other well enough to see the full picture of what is going on. There is too much room for projection in a state like that. Seeing auras, allows you to develop greater levels of intimacy with all people. It allows you to fully understand them and see the effect you have on them as well. Most of the conflicts in today’s world are the result of misunderstanding between people. Most of the inability to heal chronic illnesses is because we do not see beyond the physical body. Let your mind ruminate on the implications of a world where people perceived the unified quantum field, perceived the multidimensional aspects of each other and understood each other completely. So why can’t we all see auras? For the sake of understanding this concept, we need to think of the physical dimension (the place where our consciousness is currently focused) as a 360-degree, panoramic learning hologram. Like a video game designed by source for the purpose of it’s own self-actualization. It is one thing to conceptualize of connection, it is quite another to fully experience it physically through a first kiss. Also, the only way to really comprehend oneness is to become so separated that we are separate physical individuals. The best way to fully learn from this hologram or video game is to forget that anything outside of it exists. This is the difference between watching a movie in a movie theatre and temporarily forgetting your own life and watching a movie in your own house in the middle of the day when there are distractions everywhere, so you can’t forget your own life. Which experience causes you to feel more? Which experience causes you to care more? I rest my case. In order to fully participate in this physical dimension, we have to close our awareness to the other dimensions in the same way that to fully participate in a video game, we must close our awareness to the room we are sitting in and the cars outside etc. Only in this video game called life, we become the avatar. It would be like being able to literally become the character in grand theft auto that is stealing cars and running away from the bad guys. This process of focusing physically begins before conception and it merely intensifies throughout our life. As a baby, your senses though they have the capacity to perceive the physical dimension fully, need to be exercised into perceiving. At first the world is fuzzy. Most babies see auras and other dimensional things still, but as their mom or dad begins to teach them to call things by certain names, like this is a ball or this is a dog, they learn to see the object by ignoring the rest of the quantum field. In order to see the pen, you must ignore what is not the pen. In order to distinguish a pen, you must stop seeing it as potential energy and start seeing it as a static object called a pen. This is when most people stop seeing auras and stop perceiving things that vibrate at any other frequency than physical. It’s like most people turn their radio dials to the channel called physical and all the other channels are no longer received.

As the frequency of the physical dimension increases or as our awareness of the multi dimensional reality comes back, we begin to tune our dial so that we can receive other radio channels besides the physical and we learn to see what we learned to ignore. Some people, like myself, have chosen to come into life but not focus purely physically. In other words, my radio dial was never committed to the channel called physical life on planet earth. I’m in the earth video game, but I’m the player who never became involved in it enough with my consciousness that I ignored the room I was sitting in so to speak. This is a pre-birth decision. An intention that had a lot to do with the purpose I intended for my life. But that pre-birth decision (being a point of attraction) then attracted many conditions that disabled me from closing my awareness to the other dimensions of this universe; conditions like zodiac arrangement, genetics, the way my brain and body was formed and the list goes on.

It is funny that from a physical perspective, those like myself, who are born clairvoyant, are considered to have a special ability where as from non-physical perspective those who are born clairvoyant are seen to have chosen a convenient disability. Disability is not seen as a misfortune though from a non-physical perspective. In the years to come, science will point to a great many factors that cause people to be extrasensory. In truth, these are all just manifestations of the choice to not close the eyes to other dimension in order to open the eyes to the physical dimension. Of course the fully story about why we collectively felt the need to close our eyes to other dimensions and be fully physical goes much further than what I have just described. But it is important to know that from source perspective, nothing has gone wrong if you can’t see auras, in fact, something has gone right. We are only now evolving into the collective desire and need to be able to perceive multi dimensional realities.

Whenever we want something that is not coming to us, we must ask ourselves if there is something in our way. There is always a subconscious positive intention for the negative things we are experiencing. So we need to step way outside the box to see that not all of us may really truly want to see auras. For example, someone might be afraid that if they start seeing auras, they will go crazy or be seen as crazy by their family and peers. Someone else might be afraid that they wont be able to succeed at a corporate career. Someone else might be afraid that if they see auras, they might start to see scary things along with it too. So before you watch the rest of this video, ask yourself honestly, why might I not want to see auras? What is the subconscious positive intention I have for not seeing them?

So, you’ve done all of that… Now, let’s explore how to see auras.

  1. Let’s differentiate between seeing auras and perceiving auras. All people incarnated on this earth come with a predisposition towards perceiving things that are beyond the senses in a certain way. The primary ways people perceive extrasensory information is by feeling it emotionally, feeling it physically, seeing it, and knowing it. It is best to figure out how you already naturally perceive extrasensory things and to capitalize on that. What I mean by this is that some people find it natural to feel auras emotionally, some people will find it natural to physically feel them, some people will find it natural to see them and others will find it natural to know what they look like and contain without even seeing or feeling them. As you get better and better at perceiving auras, you will be able to perceive the aura in all of these ways. But people, who are obsessed with seeing auras, often close themselves down to perceiving auras because they are so focused on seeing them that they ignore the way they already do perceive them. We can capitalize on the way we already perceive auras and practice perceiving them in that way more and more and when we do that, a funny thing happens that I call “the spill over effect”. Once we have allowed ourselves to fully perceive the aura in the way that comes most naturally to us, our other faculties of perception begin to open and we begin to perceive the aura in other ways as well. For example, when we notice that we feel auras and so we practice feeling them even more, we may one day suddenly see our first aura because we have become so open that the only way for our being to become more open, was to become clairvoyant.
    Seeing the aura is just one way to perceive the aura. Look for the ways you most naturally perceive energy and get even better at that. Work with the ability you already have. Develop that talent even more and it will spill over so that you will begin to see auras. Most people feel the aura long before they see the aura.
  2. There are some techniques that will help you to see auras easier. Using these techniques will help you to become familiar with the feeling of “tuning into” auras. Doing these exercises first will help you to be able to “tune into” auras all the time and see them, no matter what the circumstance is. So to begin with we’re going to be very controlling about the variables. Have someone stand 6 feet to 10 feet away from you and against a white background. When you are just starting out, auras are much easier to see against a white background. If this is hard, try a black background because some people find it easier to see them against black instead of white. The key here is that you do not want to try to observe the aura against a backdrop that has any patterns in it.
    The eye is designed to focus. It is through this focusing that the eye learns to ignore what is in its peripheral vision. Usually, like a camera, whatever you focus on is clear whereas whatever you don’t focus on is blurry. In order to begin to see auras, we need to become aware of what is out of focus to our eye. To do this, we pick a spot on the person’s upper body like a person’s third eye or a person’s Adam’s apple or their sternum. I find that focusing on the third eye, or the middle of their forehead works best for people learning how to see auras. Practice focusing hard on that one point on their body and then relaxing your focus with your eye muscles by mentally repeating relax in your head while consciously letting go of any tension in the muscles behind your eyes. It is much easier for the beginner to see auras when the muscles behind the eye are relaxed.
    Now, without shifting your focus and without shifting the actual position of your eyes, shift your attention and awareness to what is out of focus. Shift your attention to what you are seeing with the periphery of your eyes. The scientific theory about why this works is that because of the shape of your eyes, you can see a different spectrum of light with the periphery of your vision than you can in your straight line of vision. The edges of your eyes can see a higher frequency of energy. I think this explains why it’s easier to see auras for the beginner in this way, but I can assure you that the better you get at perceiving auras, the easier it will be to look straight at auras and you will soon be able to perceive them in your straight line of vision, no matter how tense of relaxed your focus may be. When you do this exercise, you will begin to see a transparent energy, an electric buzz or a cloudy fog around the person’s shoulders and head. Most people see this energy as clear, whitish, silverish or bluish when they first begin. What you are actually perceiving is the mantle of the aura. The mantle of the aura is the perimeter of the auric field, which is like a white light. And most people only see this as a thin inch or two of energy around the body. Hues that are close to the blue spectrum and white spectrum are the easiest for the eye to see. Keep in mind that at first, the aura will look very transparent, like heat waves on a hot summer day. Once you see that transparent halo around a person, keep your attention exactly in that place and keep looking at it in exactly that way. Just notice and observe it. At first, this may feel tiring to your eyes. This is normal. As you keep looking at it, you are tuning into the frequency of perceiving it and in this universe, anything you give your attention to, you will get more of and so what you’ll start to notice is the aura will come more into focus and the mantle will begin to expand outward, making it seem like the aura is growing in size and you may start to see color appear closer to the skin as the mantle of the aura moves outward. Color may not be the only thing you perceive. You may start to see different textures or movements in it or patterns in it.
    Some people can see the aura straight away with this technique; others take a few minutes to see it. Don’t get discouraged and stop trying if it doesn’t happen immediately. Learning to see auras is like learning to walk again. Turn it into a meditative practice, where you are open to observing for as long as it takes. Whatever we resist persists and this will help you to release enough resistance to not seeing the aura that you will begin to see it. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you and it doesn’t mean you are any less spiritual if it takes a long time for you to see auras.
    You can learn to see your own aura by using this exact same technique, to begin, extend your hand out in front of you fully in front of you in front of a white or black background with your fingers comfortably apart and focus in the center of your hand then relaxing your focus and keeping it there while shifting your attention to the periphery until you begin to see that same haze in between your fingers and around your hand. You can also pull a mirror to a place where you are able to stand in front of a solid white or black background and repeat the exact same technique for seeing someone else’s aura, but with your own reflection in the mirror.
  3. Seek to become as healthy and as present as possible with yourself. The more emotionally and physically and mentally healthy you are and the more present you are with yourself, the greater your level of peace. The greater your degree of peace, the more you will become like a pond of still water where you can see the world clearly reflected in it. The distortions will go away and there will be nothing between you and your perception of others. Most of my teachings and most of the spiritual teachings in the world are dedicated to teaching you how to do this. But seeing auras is only a party trick unless it becomes a part of a much deeper and more meaningful spiritual practice. You have to raise your frequency to be a match to frequencies that are vibrating at a higher and faster frequency than the physical dimension and a faster frequency than the subconscious mind. So ask yourself this question… What do I know I need to do to become healthier?
  4. Let go of negative and positive judgment. If you wish to see auras, this is probably the most important spiritual practice you can commit to. Every time you criticize or judge something or say it’s no good or it is good, you are quantifying the world around you and as you do that, you restrict it to your expectation of it. You cannot see anything beyond it. The best way to say this is that the minute you judge something, you’ve become attached to whatever you are observing and thus you cannot be objective about it. This judgment is how you learned to ignore the non-physical world in the first place. Practice receiving energy from people and perceiving information about people without being affected by it. If you observe something impartially, you disengage from the physical world and so you can really see it.
  5. Let go of the idea of right or wrong. This goes hand in hand with the last tip because right or wrong is a judgment. But it needs to be it’s own point because so many people discourage themselves back into a state of non-perception by wondering if they are seeing an aura right, or if they are seeing the right color. According to a person’s own vibration, they will perceive different things about the aura, even color. And guess what, they are all right.
    For example, because of one person’s inclination, they may see the emotional aspect of someone’s aura as dominant and perceive a lot of orange in an aura where as another person, because of their inclination, may see the spiritual aspect of someone’s aura as dominant and perceive a lot of purple within an aura. The more objective you become in and of yourself, the better mirror you become for others and the clearer you become about them. You will then have a much fuller picture of the comprehensive totality of someone’s aura. But you are never wrong about what you see in an aura.
  6. When you are ready to try to see auras around people or things no matter what background they are behind, go outside at dawn or dusk and pick a tree or a person that isn’t moving. Stand 30 yards away from them and look at the person’s third eye or at the top of the tree. Then move your eyes slightly to the right of the person or tree about where one o clock mark would be if they were standing in front of a clock. Then, staring at the area at one o clock mark around the person or tree, without moving your actual eyes, move your mental attention (that is mind’s eye only) back to the person’s forehead or back to the top of the tree. And you will see the aura of the person or tree emanating from them. Essentially, you are receiving light at a different angle and because of this, you will be able to perceive different dimensions of energy.
    Practice this technique for as long as you need and then begin to practice it at different times of day and practice it inside and outside. Doing this will cause you to become adept at tuning your own frequency to the frequency of auras and then gradually, you will be able to see these energy fields all the time without needing to do any specific technique.

The more you practice becoming aware of the aura, the more clearly you will perceive the aura. Like anything you practice, your ability to see auras will just keep getting better and better. And then, auras will become a muti-sensory experience, which will expand your understanding of, and wisdom about the universe around you even more.


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