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How to Open your Earth Star Chakra

There is a very dramatic trend since 2020 of people’s Earth Star Chakras being profoundly out of alignment. For a great many people lately, their Earth Star Chakra is so closed, it appears dime size. Or in some cases, much smaller. This is also a growing epidemic I’m seeing in more and more children today. So, just like we’ve done for the other chakras, I’m going to teach you about this little known chakra (such as where it is and what it does) as well as teach you how to make sure it is in a state of alignment, both emitting and absorbing energy. 

At the most basic level, your body is made up of energy.  That energy organizes itself into the physical body. But before that energy organizes itself into physical body parts, it organizes itself into meridians and chakras. These chakras are centers of energy that lie along energy channels and each one holds a very specific vibration and has a specific purpose.  Each chakra is a specific expression of Prana (otherwise known as life force or source energy).  The chakras look a bit like funnels of energy or vortices.  They both absorb and emit energy.    

When a chakra is out of alignment, meaning it is not letting life force in or is out for any number of reasons, it starts to affect your equilibrium. It becomes a serious imbalance within the system. When chakras are out of alignment, they appear small and do not absorb or emit much energy. They also change in their color, patterning, texture and sound. 

The Earth Star Chakra, sometimes referred to as chakra zero or Vasundhara is located in a person’s energy field, about half a foot to a foot below the feet. It is traditionally associated with the color amber-brown. It can be compared to the color of coca cola when it is held to the light. 

The earth star chakra is in fact an anchor for the entire energy body/chakra system. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the “super root”. It governs a person’s connection with and commitment to engaging in their external, physical environment. For a physical human, this has meant physical existence specifically on earth. Because of this, you can think of this chakra as the bond between a person and the external, physical environment. At this point, the bond between a person and Earth. The Earth Star Chakra is even more important for grounding than the root chakra is. It excretes unneeded energies from the rest of the chakra system out to the external world, including to planet earth. And it pulls in energy from the external world, including the planet earth itself. The Earth Star Chakra is also very deeply linked to cause and effect, which includes Karma.   

When it is open and in alignment, this chakra brings deep levels of attunement to your environment, brings energy from the environment (including from earth itself) into the whole of the chakra system. It helps you to stay present with your day-to-day physical tasks. It causes you to feel grounded and stable. It causes you to be reliable. It causes a feeling of connectedness with your environment and life on earth, as well as a sense of being an integral part of it. And it makes it so you can recognize resources that exist as well as take in needs from your environment (the external world). You will feel ready to take on the challenges of life. You will feel committed to engaging in and with all elements of physical existence. It brings a zest for life. And it compels you to take your place and role within the bigger picture of physical existence. 

When it is closed and out of alignment, you will be out of touch with your surroundings, struggle to be present, unattuned to your environment, ungrounded and unstable, disconnected from all things external (be it other people, places and things). You will feel uncommitted to physical life and struggle to take in needs from your environment (the external world). The lack of intake of energy from one’s environment can leave you fatigued, undernourished and frail. There will also be a build-up of unneeded and even toxic energies within a person’s energy system that are not being released. The disconnection as well as pent-up negative energies can cause constant agitation, eating disorders, leg issues, severe phobias, what people are calling autism spectrum disorders, mood swings, circulation issues, vestibular system disorders, depression, anxiety and a whole plethora of long-term illnesses. 

To give you some ideas of what can cause the Earth Star Chakra to go out of alignment? It could happen as the result of any traumatic experience that causes you to fear or de-commit to life as a physical person on earth. The decision to disconnect from others. The refusal to engage in physical sensory experiences or the deprivation of physical sensory experiences. Resistance to being a human. Dissociation. Being too lost in the realm of thought and emotions rather than being embodied in the here and now. Inserting too much of your consciousness into alternative nonphysical worlds, such as out of body work, medicine work, video games, online worlds, movies or virtual reality etc and not spending enough time in nature.           

  Knowing that, here is what you can do to open your Earth Star Chakra and bring it into alignment:

  1. Deciding to really engage in physicality with all of your focused attention is by far the best way to connect to your Earth Star Chakra and bring it into alignment. This means, whatever task you are doing, be completely present in it with all of your senses. Rather than allowing thought to pull you away from what is happening in the here and now, let thoughts arise and fade as you engage in the experience fully. For example, if you are doing the dishes, feel every little sensation against your skin. Such as the weight of the dish, the slipperiness of the surface, the rush of water against your hands and the temperature of the water. Take note of every scent, such as the smell of the soap. Notice the sounds, such as background noises, the sound of the water rushing from the faucet, the clank of ceramic etc. Let yourself soak in and be impacted by the sights that are in front of you, notice how the colors make you feel emotionally. Notice the various textures, like the holes in the sponge and the shine of the metal. Make the whole goal to be completely present with all of your sensory faculties in the here and now, engaged entirely in whatever you are doing or whatever is happening in the here and now. 
  2. Sensory experiences. Seek out and design sensory experiences for yourself. Imagine the kinds of experiences that would not be available to you in the non-physical and do those things. This can be things like seeking out the G-force experience of riding in a roller coaster to sticking your hands in a bucket of un-cooked rice to smelling all the spices in your spice rack one by one or all the essential oils in your essential oil collection. To having your lover go over your skin with a dry brush. To blasting the music and letting your body move to it.      
  3. Mindfulness mediations that center around awareness of the here and now. Any meditation that causes you to have awareness of the environment/the external world works wonders for the Earth Star Chakra. 
  4. Exercise and body work. Physical exercise commits more of your energy to the physical. So does body work of any kind such as yoga, breathwork, kinesiology, acupuncture, massage and somatic healing etc. Physical movement and sports can go a long way towards the health of the Earth Star Chakra.
  5. Consciously put energy into recognizing and resolving any trauma(s) that may have weakened your commitment to living life as a physical person on earth. The goal here is to re-establish your commitment to being present in life, committed to life and engaging in your external, physical environment.
  6. Grounding exercises and immersion in nature. The very same grounding exercises that benefit the Root Chakra, benefit the Earth Star Chakra. This can include grounding meditations, cold plunges and walking barefoot on the earth. Spending time immersed in natural environments and surrounded by nature, is one of the best ways to bring the Earth Star Chakra into alignment.       
  7. Clear your Karma. The super simplified idea of karma is that your actions in this incarnation, as well as previous incarnations, decide your fate in this life as well as in future incarnations. To witness karma is simply to witness that in this universe, there is cause and there is effect. And it is to recognize that we will be a match to a reflection (external experience) of whatever we ‘are’. For example, if we hold a pattern of creating transaction in relationships, we will be a match to people who also hold this pattern and who are transactional with us. Or, if we push people away, we end up alone. And when we make decisions and take actions, in our life in the here and now, it affects everyone in the past and everyone in the future. The word karma is a Sanskrit word that means “act” or “deed.” In Hinduism and Buddhism, the word has come to mean any decision or action that brings you good or bad results, either in this lifetime or in a reincarnation. It has also come to mean “fate” or “destiny.” Therefore, to clear up Karma, you are going to identify a decision that you made or an action that you took. Specifically, one that brought about bad results. And you are going to “clear some karma” by making a different decision, taking a different action or righting the wrong… Pulling yourself in a different and, corrective direction. For example, imagine that you know you were unkind to someone in high school. Seeking them out to apologize and make amends for what you did or volunteering as a mentor for high school kids that are being bullied or are bullies themselves are some simple ways of clearing that Karma.  
  8. Use mineral energies. In my opinion, the very best for the Earth Star Chakra are: Dravite, Bronzite, Enstatite, Lodestone, Picture Jasper, Staurolite, Sandstone, Hilutite, Rhodonite, Petrified wood, Petalite, Botswana Agate, Jasper Hematite, Obsidian (especially Mahogany Obsidian), Andalusite, Citrine, Amber, Smokey Quartz and Tiger Iron.
  9. Use sounds and frequencies. This could be as simple as going out into nature and bathing in the sounds that are happening there. The planet earth itself has a sound. By going into nature, this sound is able to vibrate more purely through your whole being. Aside from this, the sounds which I notice have the greatest positive impact on the Earth Star Chakra are: The pure frequency of 68.05 Hz and 432 Hz, Stone drums, Forest Sounds, Desert Sounds, Cave Sounds, hand pan music, Birdsong in general, but especially the low-tone birdsong birds such as the Ring Dove, Kiwi, American Bittern and Cassowary bird song. Also the sound of a cat’s purr. 
  10. Practice attunement with what is external to you. The best way to imagine attunement is to imagine sitting in your car and reaching out for the radio dial.  If you want to hear the music being played at a specific frequency, like 98.2 FM, you need to tune your radio dial to 98.2 FM.  And then you will hear the music.  Your own radio dial needs to be brought into harmony with or become one with the radio channel you want to receive in order to perceive that radio channel. It’s no different with other beings, including people and it’s no different with the environment you are in. To be able to perceive other people and to feel and see and hear them and understand them and communicate with them, you need to attune to them. You need to tune into them as if you are them so as to be able to feel or imagine the other person’s emotional experience and to understand what they are feeling. You need to be able to fully perceive what is about any person, place or thing or environment you encounter in the external world. This is what allows you to know what to do in any given situation. To learn more about attunement and how to practice it, you can watch my video titled: Attunement (The Key to a Good Relationship).    

The lesson that the Earth Star Chakra teaches us is that it is possible to be here living a human life on earth without being truly committed to being here, living a human life on earth. And to be that un-committed to physicality is to abandon, reject and disown a big part of yourself. To be that disengaged is to not make the most of the incredible opportunity and exceptional experience of physical life on earth.            


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