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How To Do Automatic Writing

Way back when, psychics used to consciously allow beings to take control of their hand and write messages, letter and even books. This is when automatic writing became well known. Perhaps you are familiar with channeling. When someone channels, they are allowing the frequency of another being to come through their physical body and being. It works in a similar way to receiving a channel on a radio station. If you “tune into” the frequency being broadcast at 98.7 FM, you receive the channel and you can then hear it in your car radio. People can receive channels like that only they are specific streams of consciousness within the quantum field. When people dis-identify with themselves, those streams of consciousness can then speak through them or write through them. Some examples of famous channels you may know today are Bashar, Helene Smith, Neale Donald Walsh, Ramtha, Abraham Hicks, Theo and Seth. Automatic writing is the written form of channeling. And even though some people are particularly clear channels, whose own thoughts do not interfere with the signal of another being’s stream of consciousness, all people are technically channels who can learn the art of automatic writing. And it is one of the most useful therapeutic tools to access and become aware of your own subconscious mind. To begin, 1. Sit somewhere with a pen or pencil and paper totally free from distractions in a place where you are not going to feel tension. To begin with, you may wish to use the hand that you do not usually write with. The hand you write with is wired to neural pathways that are already set up within the brain according to thoughts you are used to thinking and things you’re used to doing. We want none of these neural pathway filters to interfere in this process. When you get more skilled at automatic writing, it will no longer matter which hand you use. 2. Adopt a position that feels “freeing” sort of like energy can move through you easily like a river. Relax all the muscles in your body, beginning with the top of your head and moving all the way down your body to your toes. Many people prefer to have the paper on their laps while sitting at a slight recline. Many people also prefer to do this process naked. 3. Put the pen to paper and consciously imagine letting go of control. Let go of all your inhibition. Just give it away, knowing that you can gain it back at any time you wish or if you wish to stop the exercise. It actually feels good to totally let go. Let go also of thoughts. If you need to meditate for however long it takes to clear the mind chatter, do so. In other words, meditate long enough that the gaps between thoughts become wide enough that you feel a kind of inner spaciousness. Do not think about the process of automatic writing. Simply allow your pen to begin to move. Letting anything come through the pen, no matter if it makes sense of not. It doesn’t need to make sense. Do not interpret what is being written, you can do that later. It is normal for the mind to butt in and try to take control. If it does this, simply stop writing and consciously let go of control again like you did at the beginning of the exercise. You can either do this with your eyes open or closed. And note that automatic writing can come in the form of doodles, pictures, symbols or words.
4. Allow the pen to move without your conscious will controlling it for as long as it wants to move. And when you’re finished, take a look at what has come out, feel free to assess what has occurred.
5. Become familiar with this process of letting yourself channel in general before you try channeling any specific stream of consciousness. Then when you are ready… Decide to either open up to whoever wants to come through you at this time (if you do this, you can ask for the to give you their name)… Or select a specific stream of consciousness to channel. Some examples of streams of consciousness you could try to allow to communicate through you are: Your higher self, your shadow self (subconscious), your child self, someone else’s child self, someone else’s conscious mind, someone else’s subconscious mind, someone else’s higher self, an extraterrestrial being, your spirit guides, your soul family, Jesus, the ascended masters as a group consciousness, the Buddha, a specific ghost or a deceased loved one. Keeping in mind that some are much more eager to be channeled than others. 6. Tap into their energy, attuning to it as if you were receiving a radio channel. Allow it to consume your being. Lose your identity and sense of separate self as if you’re dissolving into their frequency and breathing them through you. And repeat the same process described earlier, except this time with the conscious invitation for this specific energy to come through you. Imagine or sense or feel this stream of consciousness literally flowing through you as if it was a literal stream cascading through you and through your hand. You can either choose to let the writing flow or you can ask it questions (or have someone else ask it questions) and allow it to write the answers. If at any time you feel yourself listening to the answers and information or wanting to take the control back and answer how you want to answer instead of allowing the information to come through completely separate of attachment to what is said, simply stop and consciously let go of control again, it will feel similar to the feeling of swimming upstream in a river and then suddenly letting go and letting the current take you, limp and with no resistance whatsoever.
7. Come back to conscious awareness, reminding yourself of who you are in this current life and where you are and what year it is and then look over the information that was written.
It must be said that we are still subject to the law of attraction; if your frequency is bogged down with low frequency emotional wounds etc. it is not unheard of to attract a very low vibrational entity to come through you. This is usually what is happening when people are interacting with an entity that feels malevolent or when people allow possession. If this occurs, there is no need to slip into fear and panic. Just realize that this entity is reflecting an unhealed aspect of your being. If you are terrified of malevolent entities, watch my video on YouTube titled: Do Demons Exist? But the fact that we attract entities of like frequency means that it is absolutely crucial that anyone who wishes to develop the skill of channeling commits himself or herself to becoming the clearest channel that they can be. Adherence to a purifying diet, the practice of dis-identification, activities that raise your personal frequency and meditation is critical. For this reason, I want you to watch my videos on YouTube titled: How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration, Is There a Spiritual Diet, Dis-identification (the practice of non attachment), and Meditation to Release Resistance and Allow. Remember that if at any point in the process you become uncomfortable, stop. You can resume with the help of someone you trust to assist the process, such as a more experienced spiritual teacher, psychic, healer or occult practitioner if you wish.
Practice, practice and more practice! Certain things in our world become conductors of electricity. In the same way that electricity passes easily through them, with more practice you will become like a conductor of spiritual energy. The process will become more natural and effortless and the writing will begin to sound less and less like you as your thinking mind gives way. You will eventually be able to step out of the way for information coming from a non-physical dimension to come through you. It will be the most “in the flow” writing you’ve ever done. In fact, many of the greatest artists in history are in fact channels, who do not create art or writing, but instead, who allow the art to come through them.
At the very least, automatic writing sparks some serious creativity. But feel free to smile, I’m giving you full permission to become your own personal Ouija board and to get much more than a simple yes or no answer.


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