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Do Angels Exist?

Angels are the supernatural spiritual beings that have captured perhaps the most attention amongst theistic religions and spiritual communities across the globe. Traditionally, they are considered to be intermediaries between God and people. And they are also traditionally seen as spiritual protectors and guides for people. Yes. Angels do exist. But the story of what and who they are is different to and is more complex than the standard narrative.

When it comes to discourse about angels, something that is challenging is that people use this word to represent all kinds of beings. For example, a person who is Christian might use this word to describe the specific spiritual beings that were said to be created by God to serve his purposes. Specifically, the beings that are named in the bible. A person who is Muslim might use this word to represent beings created from light. A person in the new age spiritual circles might use this word to represent celestial spirit guides.

So, let’s define what an angel is. An angel is a being that was created to hold an intermediary point of perspective between source perspective and temporal perspective. As they are between the physical and nonphysical points of perspective, they hold a very unique perspective… One that is able to align both temporal perspective and non-temporal perspective. They are the keepers of alignment. This is why the mission of angels so often revolves around keeping a temporal being, such as a human, in alignment with the bigger picture of the purpose of their life on earth. Angels know a being’s intention for their life. As well as their desires and their path of expansion. And they influence a temporal being’s life into alignment with those very things. Angels are one type of spirit guide.

Some angels, including the arch angels that so many people are familiar with, are guides for humanity itself, rather than for specific individuals. Some of them have been focused on humanity since the dawn of humanity. And each has a very specific way that they serve the human race, assisting the human race to stay in alignment with the original intention for their very existence, their collective desires and their collective expansion path.

The thing is, the form they take is variable according to who they are interacting with. They appear in whatever way gets the message across and is likely to be met with the least resistance in the being they are interacting with. This means that they are likely to appear in a different way to a holy man on a spiritual pilgrimage in mid fourth century Rome than to a native foraging in the Amazon Forest, than to a person sitting in a modern hospital in America in the year 2023. For example, some of the ways they may appear are as winged people. As beings of light. As orbs. And as deceased loved ones.

Angels are not actually humanoids with wings. They are much less ‘human’ than that.  They simply choose to project forth an image or associate themselves with an appearance that holds special meaning for people. For many reasons that you can probably ascertain without explanation, when you are interacting with humans, it usually works better to assume the image of something human.

So, you might be asking, why would they appear as a humanoid being with wings? Way back in history, many people associated God and heaven with being up and with being above. What was up and what was above was the sky. The only beings that people would have seen that could reach the sky were birds. Birds have wings. Because of this, wings were associated with God and the heavens and therefore divine power. People envied what could fly. They believed that if a person did what was right and virtuous in this life, living an ascetic existence, they would be given wings, which would allow him or her to soar to heaven. Because of this, wings were seen as what allowed something to ascend to the heavens… To everything that was better and more. To everything that was good and right and powerful. They were symbols that someone had gained eternal life, had supernatural powers, had reached heaven and had reached the perfect state of being that they aspired to.

This was only further enhanced in the days where messages were sent over long distances in human society via birds such as carrier pigeons. Wings became a symbol of messages from afar. Given all of this, the image of a celestial looking person with wings, was an effective and symbolic way of communicating to the people back then that they were what they were… An intermediary between this temporal world and the non-physical plane of existence; what the people at that time called God. And that they were also a messenger and guide. 

Some angels are and some angels are not able to take physical form. Those who do live an embodied form of life are called ‘Earth Angels”. When this happen, they bring their multi-dimensional awareness into this physical life and they do the same thing for other living beings as any other angel experiencing a non-physical existence would be doing. 

As a consciousness and as a group and as individuals, angels have A LOT of energy. They are being fed with energy directly by universal source consciousness and also by the collective consciousness of temporal beings (including humanity). Angels do not control what happens on this earthly plane. They are not playing people, places and things like chess pieces. They are participating in this consensus reality, just like we are. But from a totally different point of perspective. The reason that to us, it seems like they have more power than we have is because they hold a perspective which, depending on the angel, can accommodate anywhere from 5th to 11th dimensional awareness. Their perspective is not limited to the four dimensions where a person is typically focused. They can conceptualize and perceive anywhere from the multitude of potential life paths and time lines that could branch out from at any given moment in this universe. To being able to conceptualize and perceive of all possible branches for all the possible time-lines of all the possible universes. And anything in between. 

They are learning and gaining expansion from us, just as we are learning and gaining expansion from them. They are able to effect perception and they are able to influence things and events. This is why it is better to think of them as guides. Just like any other guide, they do not make decisions for you and act out your life for you. You are not a marionette doll on their strings. They don’t seek to make you dependent on them. They seek to empower you towards being able to achieve and maintain a state of alignment. And this means, they work WITH your free will. They want you to find a sense of self that is in-alignment. They do not want you to be governed externally.

Most people are totally unaware of angels. But when you are aware of angels, you are more open to their influence and to the messages that they have for you. Angels don’t just communicate through words. In fact, outside of dream space or out of body work, very few people have multidimensional perception enough to visually see them, much less to convert their messages into verbal messages. They mostly communicate through what people call “signs”. Things like certain numbers appearing and re-appearing, songs with specific lyrics that apply directly to what we are experiencing, rainbows, people that you “randomly” meet, ringing in the ears and synchronicities etc.

At one time in history, angels were more interested in visually appearing to and talking to people. But that has changed recently. Many of the people who wish to see them and talk to them, have a resistance to their temporal life and use spirituality as an escape from their temporal life. Many of them also have trauma involving other people and relationships and so, they want to see and talk to angels out of resistance to building relationships with other incarnated people here on earth. As you can imagine, this makes seeing and talking to angels against their best interests and out of alignment.

At this point in time, the best way to develop a relationship with angels is to operate in your life with the knowledge that the greater universe is always trying to communicate with you and “show you the way”. Therefore, keep yourself in an open and ready state of listening, watching, smelling, tasting, intuiting and feeling for whatever might come.

The guidance and influence of angels does not have to be seen or heard or felt in order for it to be happening. It is happening all the time, beyond most people’s notice.


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