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Conscious Creation, The Wave Of The Future

When we become aware of this aspect of life, we begin to live our lives differently. We begin to allow the qualities of that consciousness to penetrate through our lives. We become living embodiments of that consciousness. This is what the concept of living Buddha or living Christ or becoming an embodiment of the higher self is all about. This incorporeal, united consciousness is imbued with certain qualities such as unconditional love and awareness and spaciousness and presence and creation and destruction and stillness and expansion etc. Spiritual teachers are here to help people to allow these specific qualities to shine through them. But spiritual teachers tend to focus on or specialize in teaching other people to embody one of these qualities, whichever one they determine from their individual identity is most important to embody. This would not be a travesty if this united consciousness were straightforward. But it is not. It contains many contradictions. For example, one of the qualities of source is stillness; the other is expansion (which is a kind of movement). A teacher of stillness can teach stillness to the degree that their disciples reject expansion and thus disallow themselves from embodying the expansion aspect of their higher self and experiencing the beautiful gifts inherent in that experience. A teacher of expansion can teach expansion to the degree that their disciples reject stillness and thus disallow themselves from embodying the stillness aspect of their higher self and experiencing the beautiful gifts inherent in that experience.
It is in the merging of these beautiful dichotomies that the progression of this world and human consciousness lies. The dichotomy that holds the most potential for right now is still presence vs. creation. You are familiar with the concept of embodying the creation aspect of universal consciousness. This is the idea taught through so many channeled entities. It is the ability to create your own reality with the mind; to achieve all of your desires and to use your wanting along with your emotional guidance system to get you there. Creation causes expansion… movement within the united consciousness. You are also familiar with the concept of embodying the still presence aspect of universal consciousness. This is the idea taught by so many yogis and meditation experts. It is the being completely present in the now, in a way where one dis-identifies with thoughts, which halts the momentum of thought and allows one to exist in a state of pure being, experiencing oneself as the stillness or space in which thoughts and emotions take place. Teachers of both disciplines tend to reject the opposing discipline, arguing that it takes disciples further away from becoming the true embodiment of their higher self. In other words, many teachers of still presence argue that creation causes one to become completely identified with the wanting of the ego and thus ignorant to the eternal self. Many teachers of creation argue that still presence causes one to exempt themselves from participation in life and more importantly participation in universal expansion. Both can be correct about the other because each is sitting in a perspective where they can clearly see the unconscious or shall we say shadow aspect of the opposing discipline. But what each is missing is the gifts inherent in each other’s discipline. Each holds the key for the other because each dichotomy holds the key for avoiding the shadow potential in the other. We are not meant to live our lives in a state of waking meditation any more than we are meant to become consumed in endless seeking by the ego.
In other words, it is the practice of still presence that enables the practice of creation to occur without a practitioner falling into completely identifying with the wanting of the ego and thus becoming ignorant to the eternal self. It is the practice of creation that enables the practitioner of still presence to practice still presence without falling into exempting themselves from participation in life and expansion. Call this a marriage or a union of opposites.
We can see what the beautiful union of dichotomies would practically look like by witnessing the natural progression through the practice of spirituality in the following 3 steps. 1. First we become interested in embodying the creation aspect of universal consciousness. We learn that we can create our own reality and so we go to town intentionally using our mind to create what we desire. But we are creating almost entirely from the ego. This was the issue with the movie “The Secret”. This is in truth what felt “off” about it to many people. 2. We become aware of the ego, both the light side of the ego and the shadow of the ego. This begins a process of dis-identification with the ego so that we have a direct experience, not just a conceptualization of the fact that we are two points of perspective. We are the junction of the eternal, non physical self and the temporal self that we call by our name.
3. We now create intentionally, but our ego is used consciously by the eternal self to create in alignment with its omniscient consciousness and as such, we are walking, breathing embodiments of this universal consciousness. We are creators, but we are fully conscious creators. In short, we go from unconscious creators to conscious beings to conscious creators.
I urge you to consider that all of the practices that spiritual teachers offer are in fact merely tools to enable you to allow yourself to become the embodiment of universal consciousness and the various qualities inherent in that consciousness. Becoming attached to a specific spiritual quality or a specific tool to help you to actualize a specific quality could cause you to disallow the others, especially the ones on the opposite side of the scale. This is really what the Buddha recognized when he discovered the middle path. Time will see us learning to developing the choice and thus the flexibility to fully embody all of the qualities of source consciousness equally, even the seeming dichotomies. We will take thought beyond what it has been before, and thus fully participate in expansion. We will also experience pure being in a state of spacious presence. They will take place within us like a perfect blend of stillness and movement, like a beautiful dance between darkness and light.


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