Los Angeles
December 9, 2017

Why does life unfold the way that it does? Most of us have asked this question at some point in our lives. Yet, its often a surprise when we realise others around us are also going through similar challenges in their own lives. Further more we find their answers can be deeply relevant to us, and most of all, that we are no longer alone in our own journeys.



The Teal Swan Synchronisation Workshop in LA is a wonderful opportunity to get clarity on what you're seeking in life and create deep connections with the unknown within you.

Whether you are joining us in person or online (through TEAL SWAN PREMIUM), we invite you to reach out, meet, connect... and heal the world together.


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General Admission to Teal Swan's Synchronization Workshop
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Also available - Self Defence Classes

With Teal Swan's Personal Self Defence Coach December 10th 10AM - 12PM

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Saturday, December 9
9:00AM - 4:15PM

Event Venue
The Queen Mary
Long Beach, CA

The Queen Mary is one of the most notorious landmarks of California, it's also known as the sister ship of Titanic. She's an ocean liner that has sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. You might recognize the ship from famous movies that were shot on board like "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Pearl Harbor", "SOS Titanic", "The Godfather, Part II", "He's Just Not That Into You", "Being John Malkovich", "American Idol" auditions and many more films.

Now Queen Mary is stationed in Long Beach, California and even though her last voyage is long over, she's still very active hosting both visitors and... ghosts! The Queen Mary is well known as "the haunted ship". Join Teal's Synchronization Workshop and experience the paranormal activity with her as she talks about the entities on board.

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