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A two day event where people who are looking for genuine friendships and connection can come together to learn about connection, develop relationship skills and form lasting meaningful relationships.

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Date: APRIL 15-16 2023 (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Genuine connection is something that we all need; in fact it can be said that connection is a human being’s #1 need. Our happiness depends on our ability to meet our needs and to get those needs met in healthy ways. The pain of the current human condition is that we walk this earth with multiple billions of other people and yet each of us feels alone. Because of the trauma of our own disconnection, we perceive ourselves to be disconnected from anything we see as “other.”
It’s enough that this disconnection causes us pain. But the truth is, it doesn’t stop there. This disconnection causes pain across the planet. If you are truly connected to something, you cannot cause it pain without causing yourself pain too. When we perceive ourselves to be disconnected, we no longer feel the ripple of oneness that is our fundamental truth. With true loneliness, it doesn’t matter if you are technically in the room with another person or with a group of other people. You feel like you are living your life behind a one-way mirror or a pane of glass… A separation that ensures that you can never quite feel that togetherness you crave. On top of this, when you are lonely, it seems like you are a match to watching everyone else get to have connection, but not you. Sometimes it feels like we’re just never going to find a way to make a true connection with other people. Besides, in our busy lives, how are we supposed to find the time or place to meet like minded people in person?
This is what I am here to change. I know what true loneliness feels like; when I was 15 years old, I remember what it felt like to have literally no one I could feel close to, no one I could talk to and no opportunities to practice connecting and forming relationships with other people. I made a promise to my 15-year old self that we would find a way one day to make sure that there is a way for people to have the opportunity to connect and to form relationships. That is what The Connection Factor Event is all about!
During this two-day weekend together, here’s what you can expect:
  • To meet and connect with new people with the chance to develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships
  • Experiential exercises designed by Teal Swan specifically for each group of attendees which will help you to deepen your connection and relationship with the other attendees. 
  • To discover and break through fears and barriers that stand in the way of you having the authentic connection and relationships you want
  • To receive valuable insights and learn new things about connection and relationships, which will serve you for a lifetime 
  • A place where every person in attendance, like you, is looking for the same thing… connection
  • To rapidly grow in your personal development journey in the sector of relationships
  • To go beyond the surface level of connection to learn to create genuine intimacy
  • An experience that will be both fun and emotionally intense, one to remember
The Details:
  • ➤ Date: April 15-16, 2023
  • ➤ Location: San Francisco, California Area (exact location sent only to ticket holders)
  • ➤ This event is an all day event that will take place over the course of two days.
  • ➤ Tickets starting at $899. Your ticket is valid for both days of the event. Accommodations, meals, travel, food, beverages are not included with your ticket.
  • ➤ Any questions? Email
  • ➤ Get your ticket now! Spaces are limited.
    • Ticket Types:
      - Entry (Total $899)
      - Entry + Tea Time with Teal (Total $1555) - Admission to both days, closest seating to the stage + includes 1 hour of Tea Time with Teal on Sunday, April 16th from 6pm - 7pm (exact times may vary). Light snacks and tea provided while engaging in connection time with Teal, and also a photo with Teal. (Note: no personal questions will be asked during this hour)
      - For people who really want to come but need support to do so we offer some part scholarships for the event. For a scholarship request please write to and she will be sending you the options we offer.
What Others Are Saying... See what those who have attended Teal's workshops are saying.
"It was an incredible experience, full of people looking for a place to be understood, and Teal's energy reading of the crowd was spot on." - Alex Jensen
"Teal’s workshops are like nothing you have ever experienced. The awareness and validation and insight given to each person will help you as if Teal is directly working with you herself. The energy is indescribable." - Ashley
"My favorite thing is the energy of the space. It feels like a safe, expansive and all embracing field of energy filling and containing the room." - Nikki Yother
"Teal is so raw that’s why I love listening to her and her teachings. She teaches me not to fear and to get inside of myself. " - Hera Kalaydjian
"I liked that you are bathed in the transformational energy. You can’t avoid being affected." - Zana Gujic
"I think the workshop was a very loving space. My favorite thing was listening to others and Teal because she shows fearlessness when it come to emotion." - Brenda