We are all comprised of the elements

We are all comprised of the elements. Awaken the elements within you and watch your inner potential unfold as a result. This workshop is designed to help you to connect with what has always been inside you, waiting to come out. Your essence is hidden. It is hidden by the traumas of your past. This is all that holds you back from what you have been wanting. By becoming aware of what is holding us back, we can discover how to access our inner strength and become leaders in our own lives. This doesn't only transform our life. It transforms the life of those around us. This workshop is for all of us who want to step into our own empowerment by becoming aware of and owning our shadows. Our shadows are whatever is preventing our internal essence from actualizing in our physical lives. When we do this, we will come closer and closer to our genuine essence, our fifth element.

This step takes a lot of bravery and commitment to yourself. You have to be ready to be honest with yourself and be willing to accept and be loving towards your shadows when they reveal themselves. This is why it is so difficult to become aware of our shadows and recognize them as something which is holding us back. A part of us knows that this exact shadow or behavior saved our life during our upbringing so we naturally defend our shadows. This is also the reason why so many of us would rather choose known pain than unknown pleasure.

By deciding that you are ready to take the first steps to see your shadows and to venture into the unknown, you have taken the first step towards reconnecting to your own personal truth through your inner elements.

Through the reflection of your team members who attend this workshop, you and the team will develop genuine self awareness. By clearing the shadows that prevent each element within you, you will feel the change as well as the increase of your personal energy. You will come ever closer to the truth of who you are and what you want and as a result, you will be able to take steps towards actualizing those things. This is not about changing you or becoming someone else. This is about getting to know who you really are, understanding yourself, and being at peace with yourself. Each person, yourself included has an essence to be revealed to the world. Within this essence lies your true purpose for being here on earth. Are you ready to discover your essence?

Connect to your BODY and physical senses
Understand and establish healthy BOUNDARIES
Cultivate a strong FOUNDATION for success
Discover more energy, stability and SAFETY within
Connect to your PASSION and purpose in this life
IDENTIFY fear and blockages
Gain clarity, commitment and momentum to MANIFEST your greatest desires
Dive deeper into your SUBCONSCIOUS
Connect to your EMOTIONAL body and re-awaken INTUITION
Unhook from hidden anchors and RELEASE resistance
Reclaim VULNERABILITY and fragmented aspects
Restore FLOW and balance
Uncover your MIND
EXPOSE belief systems, coping mechanisms and mental limitations
Master FOCUS
Experience true SELF-LOVE and approval
Merge with your HIGHEST self
Embody your unique ESSENCE
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June 1-3, 2018


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a wealth of experience

"Teal has such a wealth of experience and wisdom. I feel like she can relate to people in a way that not everyone has the depth to. And that was one of the most healing experiences for me - to have someone understand what I have been through in my own life, validate how I was feeling, support me, that it was ok to feel the way I feel about it and also give some wisdom about how to heal from it. And it really changed my life - right now I feel a lot more capable and confident as a human being. So, thank you!" (Workshop Attendee)
Alexia Fast
Canadian Movie Actress
(Jack Reacher,
The Captive,
Tripel dog)

healed because of Teal Swan

"Your timing for each video has been BANG ON for me. Since Sept. 1st 2015, without one single exception you have just demonstrated every thing that went inside me. I am healed because of you, Teal Swan: The Spiritual Catalyst. Someday, if you need me TRUST ME I will be there for you.
How do you get the timings so right for my life, Teal? I love you beyond the definition of love!" [Facebook post]
Komal Jha
Indian Movie Actress
and Writer

dedication to humanity

"She has helped me more than I can ever put into words - how to understand myself, the human condition and the concept of the existence of the universal energies. Considering I was coming from an atheist, “non-feeling” background this was a challenging transition.
Who Teal Swan is as a person inspires me beyond measure. Her courage, bravery, honesty, integrity, transparency and most of all her love for and dedication to humanity cannot be matched to anyone I have ever known. From my perspective, the highest virtue of Teal Swan is Teal Swan herself."
Dr. Ivana Dzeletovic
Harvard Graduate