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What is the meaning of life? Are we here because of Creation or Evolution?

In this episode of Ask Teal, the topic of conversation is the meaning of life. In other words, the role that life plays in the universe at large. Teal explains that the purpose of life is the expansion of the universe. The instrument of life causes this expansion in a way nothing else does.


We, in our physical lives, are a thought which Source (which we are an extension of) thought into existence. We are a thought which now... thinks. And it is our thoughts (which hold a vibration of desire) which inform Source what to become the vibrational equivalent of.


Evolution is the natural byproduct of life. So how does one evolve into the new place so that evolution occurs PHYSICALLY (what we call manifestation)? By following our emotional intelligence. By choosing to think the thought that feels good to think.


Because emotion is your indication of what energetic vibration the thought you're thinking holds, which is either in line with your desires and therefore source. Or out of line with your desires and therefore source.


Once you emotionally line up with your desires, they manifest into your life. Life is a different type of energetic expression within the universe. An expression designed so source could CREATE . An expression designed for AWARENESS and EXPERIENCE OF ITSELF (Because oneness is the ultimate truth to this universe, awareness of self is really all that can ever become of experience no matter how external the experience appears).

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