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What are Spirit Guides?

In this episode, Teal explains what spirit guides are, why they are here and how to communicate with them. She explains that a spirit guide is an incorporeal being who is gaining personal expansion and benefit from their intention, which is to assist in and learn from another being's physical life from their specific (more objective) vantage point. It's a mutual symbiosis. An invitation and Acceptance.


Teal discusses the five basic types of spirit guide:

1. Your Higher Self

2. Light Bodies (what many call angels or ascended masters)

3. Archetypal Guides

4. Ancestral Guides

5. Animal Guides


Teal then explains that one communicates with spirit guides through thought. When you think a thought, it creates energy. That energy can be received and understood by guides, angels, higher selves, source... basically anything that is consciousness. It is only in physical life that we experience the separation between thinking and communication.


She also goes on to explain that spirit guides will respond energetically, the same way they received your communication. So if you're not able to tune in to their frequency, you won't hear their message. So communicating and perceiving your spirit guides is all about raising your frequency to the range where you can perceive them.


Teal then offers some suggestions as to how one can go about inviting a meeting with and interacting with their spirit guides so that the relationship can be a mutually beneficial one, based on co-creation.

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