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How to Have an Out of Body Experience (Episode on Astral Travel)

Teal explains that conscious control of OBE is an invaluable tool for one to use to expand awareness and knowledge as well as increase one's own personal frequency.


All matter in this physical plane we call "reality", is Energy. It is only the density of the vibration of physical reality that obscures this from our understanding. We exist on/in and of multiple dimensions simultaneously. This is why we must let go of our notions of distance and here or there.


What separates these dimensions? The frequency and density of the energy within each dimension. Frequency is an expression. So each dimension is a different expression of universal energy.


Physical objects have NO attributes separate of the observer who is in his observation, creating their form. The brain is a biological interface between the physical and the non physical. It is a tool a lot like a computer.


Physical matter is not the center of the universe, instead it is the furthest extension, expression or projection of non physical energy.


To experience a specific dimension one must change their own frequency to match the corresponding dimension. Like one would tune a radio dial to be a match to what is being broadcast on a specific transmission channel. How does one go about doing that?... THOUGHT.


All energy in this universe is molded and directed by thought. Thought and focus of thought is not only what is creating the different dimensions, it is also your vehicle of travel in the multiple dimensions.


All kinds of factors influence your ability to have an out of body experience, such as fears, intentions, self concepts, your beliefs about out of body experience, your religious beliefs, and your expectations. Your firm intention, your commitment, your openness and practice coupled with shifting your thoughts to reflect the most beneficial beliefs is really the key to doing this successfully.


In this episode, Teal explains how one can go about inducing an out of body experience by utilizing the different stages of OBE which are:

The vibrational stage

The separation stage

The exploration stage

The re-entry stage


She then explains that there is no limit to what you can experience and learn while one is out of body, no longer restricted by the perception of space and time and physicality.

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