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How To Ground Yourself (All About Grounding)

To ground yourself means to fully connect and phase with the perspective of your physical dimensional aspect.  Your consciousness is not as much a finite clump of energy as it is an infinite current of energy.   For this reason, it is easily compared to electricity.  Removing the excess electric charge from an object is called grounding.  Removing the excess emotional charge that is the result of getting lost in the non-physical dimensions of thought is also called grounding.

When we pull our focus back to our physical dimension aspect, we entrain with the frequency of the earth itself.  We allow energy to move through our root chakra.  We allow ourselves to be fully present here with our physical bodies and physically incarnated perspectives.  Grounding is the perfect remedy for anyone who is feeling stressed, triggered, regressed, rushed, overworked, confused, overwhelmed, panicked, angry, clumsy or drained.

In this ask teal episode, Teal shares 11 tips for how to ground yourself.

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