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How to Lose Weight (Weight Loss and Obesity)

We like to use excuses for why we gain weight such as "I have a slow metabolism" or "It's in my genetics" or "I over eat". But NONE of these things actually cause weight gain. If they did for example, everyone who over ate would be fat.

The excess weight is only an outer effect of a deep inner problem. You have excess fat because you are subconsciously convinced that you need that excess weight. And despite all of the steps you try and take to lose the weight, your body is doing its very best to give you what you need... it's convinced you need the weight.

So the question is:

Why do I need the weight? What is the positive intention for it being here?

Spend time sitting with this question and see what answers arise.

The only lasting way to release weight is to release the underlying need you have for it and the underlying reasons for needing excess fat are probably not what you think they are.

Losing weight is about releasing resistance to the current state of where you are by falling in love with it in any way you can. Then, it is about incrementally taking steps in the direction of the body you would like to have. This time from the place of wanting it because you love yourself instead of wanting it because you hate yourself.

I'm going to reiterate this... You will lose weight the minute wanting to lose weight comes from a place of loving yourself instead of hating yourself.

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